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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1MargeryBensonProtagonist. An insect collector. Aka: Miss Benson.
 TobiasBensonA reverend. Margery's father.
2WendyThompsonOne of Miss Benson's students.
3HoraceBlakeThe map illustrator. The reverend.
 EnidPrettyOne of Margery's applicants.
 CharlesDarwinA naturalist.
 AlfredRussell WallaceCharles Darwin's friend.
4Hazel Margery's aunt. Tobias's sister.
 Lorna Margery's aunt. Hazel's twin sister.
 Barbara Hazel and Lorna's maid.
5MissHamiltonMiss Benson's assistant.
7NormanSkinnerA murderer.
8Taylor The man who joined Margery's table.
10PercePrettyEnid's husband.
13ArchibaldBensonMiss Benson's brother.
 HughBensonMiss Benson's brother.
 HowardBensonMiss Benson's brother.
 MatthewBensonMiss Benson's brother.
 HowardCarterAn Archaeologist and Egyptologist.
14BillSikesA fictional character.
16Mrs.ClarkThe neighbor who came to the police.
 Mr.ClarkMrs. Clarks's husband.
 NancyCollettMissing. The woman who killed her husband.
17ProfessorSmithThe man Margery falls in love with. Margery's boss.
18CaptainCookThe discoverer of New Caledonia.
 Napoleon A French military and political leader.
19Mr.RawlingsThe dog.
21VictoriaPopeThe consul's wife.
 DollyWiggsMiss Benson's new companion. Mrs. Pope's right hand woman.
 PeterWiggsDolly Wigg's husband.
22PercivalCollettNancy's husband. Murdered.
26XavierMontrouzierAn entomologist.
 EmileDeplancheAn entomologist who lived on the island from 1853 to 1897.
Miss Benson's Beetle suggested by Elizabeth Robinson.