Characters - Alphabetical
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EsmeraldaAvocetMiss Peregrine's colleague at Ymbrynes.
Mr.BarronJacob's school bus driver.
JoshBellJacob's classmate.
EmmaBloomAbe's colleague at Miss Peregrine's.
Bronwyn BruntleyEmma's best friend. The amazing, strong girl of Swansea.
VictorBruntleyBronwyn's brother. A boy who has lifting powers.
MissBuntingMiss Peregrine's colleague at Ymbrynes.
KnitCapA farmer.
WinstonChurchillThe Prime Minister.
JeffreyDahmerA cannibalistic serial killer.
ClaireDensmoreGirl with tooth at back of her head. One of the Peculiar Children.
Elder MissFinchMiss Finch's aunt.
MissFinchOne of the Peculiar Children.
Dr.GolanJaco'sb psychiatrist.
Mrs.JohnsonJacob's teacher.
ChadKramerJacob's classmate.
CairnholmManWale's senior-most resident. Aka: The Old Man, Bog Boy.
MissNightjarOne of Miss Peregrine's mistresses.
MillardNullingsAbraham's colleague at Miss Peregrine's.
EnochO'ConnorA dead-riser. One of the Peculiar Children.
MartinPagettThe Museum curator.
Alma LeFayPeregrineAbe's former headmistress.
AbrahamPortmanJacob's grandfather. Aka: Jacob Magellan Portman.
FrankPortmanJacob's father.
JacobPortmanProtagonist and Narrator. Aka: Yakob, Special Ed, Jake.
NormanRockwellA painter.
MissThrushOne of Miss Peregrine's mistresses.
MissTreecreperMiss Peregrine's colleague who was abducted by shadow-beasts.
Ralph WaldoEmersonA famous poet.
MCWormDylan's rapping duo.
MissWrenMiss Peregrine's colleague who was abducted by shadow-beasts.
Bobby Jacob's uncle.
Charlotte A peculiar child who was caught by normal people.
Dylan MC Worm's rapping duo. A beat boxer. Aka: Emcee Dirty Dylan.
Horace A boy who had prophetic dreams. One of the Peculiar Children.
Hugh Boy who had bees in his stomach. One of the Peculiar Children.
Kev Owner of a bar.
Malthus Dr. Golan's partner. A monster.
Marcie A former peculiar child who went away and now lives a normal life.
Olive The levitating girl. One of the Peculiar Children.
Pitchfork Knit Cap's colleague.
Ricky Jacob's friend.
Shelley A store manager.
Susie Jacob's aunt.