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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProSharon A flight attendant.
 Courtland GentryCIA agent. Protagonist. Aka: Gray Man, Violator, Court.
 DougSpanoA CIA officer.
 SuzanneBrewerCourt's handler. A CIA programs and plans officer.
1Zoya F.ZakharovaA former Russian spy.
 WilliamFieldsA security officer.
 FeodorZakharovZoya's father. Head Russian Military Intelligence (GRU).
 MatthewHanleyCIA deputy director of operation. Aka: Matt, Poison Apple.
 DavidMarsA London-based businessman. Aka: Mr. Black.
 Barnacle David Mars's inside man at the CIA.
   SCIF - Sensitive Compartmented Information Facil.
 ArtyomPrimakovA Russian mafia. Aka: Roger Fox.
2Palmer A British CIA agent.
 Scott A British CIA agent.
3AnthonyKentA Nottingham-based criminal.
 DirkVisserA banker that Kent kidnapped.
 Mickey Kent's colleague. Deceased.
 Martin Kent's colleague. Deceased.
 Davy Kent's colleague.
5JaySeekinsThe assistant deputy director of operations.
 MartyWheelerA CIA assistant deputy director of support.
6LucasRenfroA CIA deputy director of support.
7Kim Dong-WooJanice Won's security.
 NamJun-HoJanice Won's security.
9MariaPalumboA CIA senior of executive operations.
10AlexiFilotovA Russisn GRU agent.
   CDC - America's center for disease control division.
11JonHinesFox's personal bodyguard.
12SolnsevskayaBratvaLondon brigade Russian multinational criminal organization.
17NigelHaltonA criminal from South Hampton.
 KevinBallA criminal from Bristol.
 CharlieJonesThe head of the Nottingham syndicate.
 Zachary PaulHightowerA CIA special activities division agent. Aka: Zack, Romantic.
 ArkadyKravchenkoA Soviet airforce pilot. An SVR contract agent.
 NikolaiAsianovSVR's deputy operations chief.
 YuriPopovArkady's handler.
19TonyPalaceA man who runs the largest criminal firm.
 ReggiePalaceTony's son.
20Terrence AlbertCassidyA lawyer who contacted Charlie. David Mars's partner.
22WaltJennerA CIA special activities division (Ground Branch).
25VladimirBelyakovA Russian oligarch. Feodor's best friend.
26MariaPalumboA CIA officer.
 AlfKarlssonA CIA executive operations head.
27GorikShulgaManager gateway shipping & air freight/London. SVR agent.
29Ari Fox's assistant.
33TrinaRenfroLucas's wife.
34FeoFeodorovichZoya's brother.
39DonaldFitzroyA London-based security consultant.
 ClaireFitzroyDonald's granddaughter.
 KateFitzroyDonald's granddaughter.
 Elise Claire and Kate's mother. Donald's daughter-in-law.
40Lou Donald's security man.
 IreneCarsonZoya's mother.
43Stesnaz A former GRU military.
45KatrinaLawrenceRenfro's mistress. Hanley's ex-wife.
 Jason Owner of the Volvo that Court took.
48Siloviki A Russian Oligarch.
51Maurice Court's principal trainer at CIA.
54ChrisTraversOne of the ground branch men from Walt Jenner's team.