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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pre  Lily
 Blanche RossAuzelloClaude Auzello's wife.
 NapoleonBonaparteA French statesman.
 MadameRitzMonsieur Ritz's wife.
 MonsieurRey RitzThe owner of Ritz Hotel.
 MarcelProustFrench novelist.
 SarahBernhardtFrench stage actress.
 AugusteEscoffierFrench chef.
 GioachinoRossiniItalian composer.
 Dame NellieMelba"a Nellie Melba Australian operatic soprano."
1  Blanche, June 1940
 CocoChanel"a Coco Chanel French fashion designer."
 ClaudeAuzelloDirector of the Ritz Hotel.
  ChabatA florist.
 CesarRitzSwiss hotelier founder of famous Hotel Ritz.
2  Claude, 1923
 PearlWhiteAmerican film actress.
 RudolphValentinoItalian actor.
 GloriaSwansonAmerican actress and producer.
 Mrs.CarterClaude's acquaintance.
 MonsieurMarquetThe owner of The Claridge Hotel.
4  Claude, 1923
 Marie-LouiseRitzCesar Ritz's wife.
 MonsieurRenaudinClaude's superior.
 JosephineBeauharnaisThe first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.
 J'Ali English actor of Pakistani descent.
5  Blanche, June 1940
 Cleopatra VII The last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt.
 ElsaSchiaparelliItalian fashion designer.
6  Claude, 1924
 Edward VII The former King of the United Kingdom.
 DuchessePerigordThe former Anna Gould, an American heiress and socialite.
7  Blanche, Spring 1941
 LilyKharmanyoffBlanche's friend.
 AdolfHitlerGerman politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
 FrankMeierClaude's friend.
 MadeleineVionnetFrench fashion designer.
 ErnestHemingwayAmerican journalist.
 ScottFitzgeraldAmerican writer.
 ColePorterAmerican composer and songwriter.
 PabloPicassoSpanish painter, sculptor, printmaker.
 HermannGoringGerman political and military leader.
 Spatzy Blanche's acquaintance.
 GretaGarboSwedish-American film actress.
 MarleneDietrichGerman-American actress and singer.
 Arletty French actress, singer, and fashion model.
9  Blanche, Spring 1941
 Robert Lily's husband.
 JosephineBakerAmerican-born French entertainer.
 Linda Cole Porter's wife.
10  Claude, 1938
 OliveThomasAmerican silent-film actress and model.
 JackPickfordCanadian-born American actor, film director and producer.
 MaryPickfordCanadian-born American film actress and producer.
 BenitoMussolini"a Benito Mussolini Former Prime Minister of Italy."
 ElsaMaxwellAmerican gossip columnist and author.
 Hans G√ľntherDincklageGerman jurist.
11  Blanche, Autumn 1941
 Friedrich A young soldier.
 Katrin Friedrich's girlfriend.
 Carl-HeinrichStulpnagelGerman general.
 Klaus A driver.
 ErichEbertA colonel.
 Astrid Colonel Ebert's secretary.
 JeanPatouFrench fashion designer.
 LucienLelongFrench couturier.
 ZeldaFitzgeraldAmerican novelist, socialite, and painter.
 LeonBlumFrench socialist politician, three-time Prime minister of France.
12  Claude, 1938
 George V Former King of the United Kingdom.
 EdouardDaladierFrench Radical-Socialist politician, Prime Minister of France.
13  Blanche, Autumn 1941
 RichardStrauss"German composer."
 ClaudeDebussy"French composer."
 MauriceChevalierFrench actor.
 Mistinguett French actress and singer.
 GlennMillerAmerican trombonist.
 ThomasDorseyAmerican jazz trombonist. Aka: Tommy.
  BricktopAmerican dancer.
 LouisArmstrongAmerican trumpeter.
 CabCallowayAmerican singer.
 Elise Blanche's acquaintance.
 GeraldMurphyAmerican painter.
14  Claude, Autumn 1941
 HansSpeidelGerman general during the Second World War.
 EdithPiafFrench singer-songwriter.
 FrancoisDupreFrench, hotelier, art collector.
 Charlesde GaulleFormer President of France.
 PhilippePetainFormer French Ambassador to Spain.
 Martin Claude's friend.
15  Blanche, Autumn 1941
 ClementMarotFrench Renaissance poet.
 Greep One of Frank Meier's friends.
16  Claude, Autumn 1942
 Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd U.S. President.
17  Blanche, Autumn 1942
 Astrid Blanche's acquaintance.
 Lorenzo Lily's new lover.
18  Claude, Autumn 1942
 Simone  One of Martin's acquaintances.
 Michele One of Martin's acquaintances.
20  Claude, Winter 1943
 AdolfEichmannOne of the major organizers of the Holocaust.
21  Blanche, Winter 1943
 BertheValeryA plastic surgeon.
 MouleValeryBerthe Valery's husband.
22  Claude, Winter 1944
 HansEmligerClaude's manager.
 Turk Greep's friend.
23  Blanche, Winter 1944
 Heifer Lorenzo's acquaintance.
26  Claude, June 1944
 Bloch One of Claude's acquaintances.
 Raphael One of Claude's acquaintances.
 Jacoby One of Claude's acquaintances.
 BlancheRubensteinReal name of Blanche Ross Auzello.
27  Blanche, June 1944
 JudyGarlandAmerican actress, singer, and dancer.
 MickeyRooneyAmerican actor.
 AbrahamLincoln"16th U.S. President. 16th U.S. President"
30  Claude, July 1944
 HerrEnreichOne of Claude's acquaintances.
 HerrSteinmetzOne of Claude's acquaintances.
   The Ritz
 RobertCapaHungarian-born American war photographer and photojournalist.
 LeeMillerAmerican photographer.
 GertrudeSteinAmerican novelist, poet, playwright, and art collector.
 Alice Gertrude's friend.
 GeorgeScheuerFrank Meier's former lieutenant.
33  Blanche, September 1944
 Jacques A shoeshine boy.
 Victor Blanche's acquaintance.
 MarthaHemingwayErnest Hemingway's wife.
 Mary A reporter.
 BennyGoodmanAmerican jazz clarinetist and bandleader.
 GeneralLeclercFrench soldier.
34  Claude, Autumn 1945
 FoxySondheimNew York fashion designer.
 WalterWinchellAmerican columnist.
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