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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Loomings
 Ishmael The narrator and a junior member of the crew of the Pequod.
2  The Carpet-Bag
 PeterCoffinThe innkeeper who unites Ishmael and Queequeg.
3  The Sprouter-Inn
 NathanielSwainA scion of one of Nantucket's whaling families.
 DanSartainAn American musician.
 Queequeg Ishmael's best friend.
5  Breakfast
 MungoParkA Scottish explorer.
6  The Street
 HerrAlexanderPerformed as a professional magician in Germany.
7  The Chapel
 JohnTalbot1st Earl of Shrewsbury.
 RobertLongAmerican serial killer and rapist.
 NathanColemanA surgeon.
 Eliza A ship.
8  The Pulpit
 FatherMappleA former whaleman who became a preacher.
10  A Bosom Friend
 GeorgeWashington1st U.S. President.
12  Biographical
 Peter the Great Former emperor of all the Russians.
15  Chowder
 HoseaHusseyCousin of the Sprouter-Inn's landlord.
 Mrs.HusseyHosea's wife.
16  The Ship
 Yojo The name of Queequeg's black little god.
 Devil-dam One of the ships.
 Tit-bit One of the ships.
 Pequod A Nantucket whaling ship.
 Peleg A whaleman. One of the principal owner of the Pequod.
 Thorkill-Hake A warrior.
 CaptainAhabCaptain of the Pequod.
 CaptainBildadA whaleman. Owns a large share of the Pequod.
 Categut A whaleman.
 Tistig An old squaw.
20  All Astir
 Aunt Charity Captain Bildad's sister.
21  Going Aboard
 Starbuck The first mate of the Pequod.
22  Merry Christmas
 Stubb The second mate of the Pequod.
 Flask The third mate of the Pequod.
24  The Advocate
 Louis XVI King of France.
 Alfred the Great King of the Anglo-Saxons
 EdmundBurkeIrish statesman.
 BenjaminFranklinOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
 MaryMorrelBenjamin Franklin's grandmother.
 MaryFolgerOne of the old settlers of Nantucket.
26  Knights and Squires
 JohnBunyanAn English writer.
 Miguelde CervantesA Spanish writer.
 AndrewJackson7th U.S. President.
27  Knights and Squires
 Tashtego A Gayhead Indian from Martha's Vineyard.
 Daggoo Flask's harpooneer.
 Pip Pequod's cabin boy.
28  Ahab
 BenvenutoCelliniAn Italian goldsmith.
 Manxman An old hearse-driver.
29  Enter Ahab; to Him Stubb
 Dough-Boy A steward.
31  Queen Mab
 Mr.HumpbackA large bull alligaror.
32  Cetology
 WilliamScoresbyAn English whaler, Arctic explorer, scientist and clergyman.
 Dr. PeterBealeA pediatric surgeon.
 GeorgeCuvierA French naturalist and zoologist.
 JohnHunterA Scottish surgeon.
 Aristotle A Greek philosopher.
 Pliny the Elder A Roman author,Naturalist and natural philosopher.
 UlisseAldrovandiAn Italian naturalist.
 Sir ThomasBrowneAn English polymath and author.
 ConradGessnerA Swiss physician, naturalist, bibliographer and philologist.
 RayCharlesAmerican singer-songwriter.
 CarlLinnaeusSwedish botanist, zoologist, taxonomist and physician.
 GuillaumeRondeletRegius professor of medicine at the University of Montpellier.
 PeterArtediSwedish naturalist.
 RobertSibbaldScottish physician and antiquary.
 Mathurin J.BrissonFrench zoologist and natural philosopher.
 BernardLacepedeFrench naturalist.
 HenryDesmarestFrench composer.
 FredericCuvierFrench paleontologist.
 RobertOwenWelsh philantropist.
 TonyBennettAmerican singer.
 John RossBrowneIrish-American writer.
 FrederickOlmstedAmerican landscape architect and journalist.
 Rev. ThomasCheeverA preacher.
 CharlesCoffinAn American journalist.
 Sir MartinFrobisherAn English seaman anf privateer.
 Elizabeth I Queen of England and Ireland.
33  The Specksniyder
 Nicholas II Former Emperor of the Russias.
34  The Cabin-Table
 Belshazzar The last of the kings of Babylon.
35  The Mast-Head
 NapoleonBonafarteA French general and emperor.
 Louis Philippe I King of the French.
 LouisBlancFrench politician and historian.
 Hercules A Greek god.
 HoratioNelsonBritish Royal Navy Admiral.
 ObedMacyThe sole historian of Nantucket.
36  The Quarter-Deck
 MobyDickThe white whale.
42  The Whiteness of The Whale
 Great Jove The king of the gods in ancient Roman religion and mythology.
 Samuel TaylorColeridgeA British poet, literary critic and philosopher.
 Xerxes I An Ancient Persian king.
 FranciscoPizarroA Spanish conquistador who conquered the Inca Empire.
43  Hark
 Cabaco A seaman.
 Archy One of the cordons.
 Cholo Archy's neighbor.
44  The Chart
 Matthew F.MauryServed as the first Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Observatory.
45  The Affidavit
 Cambyses II The second king of the Achaemenid Empire.
 TimorTomA sperm whale from the 19th century.
 Don MiguelRuizMexican writer and philosopher.
 TomMurrayA New Zealand rower.
 Annawon The headmost warrior of the Indian king.
 CaptainPollardA Seneca leader.
 HansLangsdorffA German naval officer.
 Adam Johannvon KrusensternThe First Russian Circumnavigator.
 JamesWolfeA British Army officer.
 LionelWaferA Welsh explorer, buccaneer and privateer.
 JuanFernandesA Dominican actor.
 Charles WillisDavisA US Army officer and a Medal of Honor recipient.
 PussieHallAn English ship.
 Solomon King of Israel and son of David.
 Procopius The last of the great classical Greek historians.
 Justinian I Reigned as emperor of the Byzantine Empire.
 FlaviusBalisariusA military commander of the Byzantine Empire.
48  The First Lowering
 Fedallah A supernaturally skilled hunter and served as a prophet to Ahab.
50  Ahab;s Boat And Crew. Fedallah
 Tamerlane One of history's greatest military leaders and strategists.
53  The Gam
 SamuelJohnsonAn English writer known as Dr. Johnson.
54  The Town-Ho's Story
 Don LouisSebastianA professional wrestler, a wrestling promoter.
 Radney A lakeman.
 Dame Isabella The eldest daughter of King Edward III of England.
55  Of The Monstrous Pictures of Whales
 Saladin The first sultan of Egypt and Syria. Founder of the Ayyubid dynasty.
 Vishnu One of the most important gods in the Hindu pantheon.
 WilliamHogarthThe first great English-born artist.
 Sir RobertSibbaldA Scottish physician and antiquarian.
 Peter G.PetersonThe former chairman and co-founder of the Blackstone Group.
 JamesColnettA British Royal Navy officer, an explorer, and maritime fur trader.
 Richard III King of England and Lord of Ireland.
 JeremyBenthamBritish philosopher, jurist, and social reformer.
56  Of The Less Erroneous Pictures of Whales, And the True .....
 SamuelPurchasAn English author.
 RichardHackluytAn English writer.
 Harris Leading national mechanical contractor specializing in design.
 AmbroiseGarnerayA French corsair, painter and writer.
 Antonie vanLeeuwenhoekA Dutch tradesman and scientist.
 Henry MarionDurandA British military officer in the Bengal Army.
57  Of Whales In Paint; in Teeth; in Wood; in Sheet-Iron; ...........
 AlbrechtDurerA German painter, printmaker.
 Alvaro deMendañaA Spanish navigator and discoverer.
 ClementeFigueraA Spanish Forrest engineer.
60  The Line
 Edward VIII King of United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Empire.
65  The Whale As A Dish
 Henry VII The King of England and Lord of Ireland.
 Zogranda One of their most famous doctors, recommends for infants.
71  The Jeroboam's Story
 Jeroboam I The first king of the northern Kingdom of Israel.
 Mayhew Jeroboam's captain.
75  The Right Whale's Head-Contrasted View
 Queen Anne Queen of England, queen of Scotland and queen of Ireland.
 BaruchSpinozaOne of the most important philosophers.
78  Cistern and Buckets
 Nimble A cat.
79  The Prairie
 Phidias A Greek sculptor, painter and architect.
 WiliamShakespeareAn English playwright and poet.
 PhilipMelanchthonA German reformer.
 Jean-FrançoisChampollionA French classical scholar.
 WilliamJonesAn Anglo-Welsh philologist.
81  The Pequod Meets The Virgin
 Derick deDeerA German whaling captain.
 DavyJonesA singer and actor.
82  The Honour and Glory of Whaling
 Perseus A Legendary Greek hero and founder of Mycenae.
 Andromeda The daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia.
 Dagon The fowl idol of the Philistines.
 KitCarsonAmerican frontiersman and Union Army general.
 Brahma A Hindu god of creation.
83  Jonah Historically Regarded
 Arion A Kitharode in ancient Greece, a Dionysiac poet.
 JohnJebbAn Irish churchman and writer.
 BartolomeuDiasA Portuguese explorer.
84  Pitchpoling
 Cleopatra Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, and its last active ruler.
85  The Fountain
 Plato Ancient Greek philosopher.
 Pyrrho Greek philosopher and founder of Pyrrhonism.
 Dante BonfimCosta SantosA Brazillian professional footballer.
86  The Tail
 Johann Peter EckermannEckermannGerman poet and author.
 Ptolemy IVPhilopatorA Macedonian king of Egypt.
 Juba II The client King of Numidia and Mauretania.
87  The Grand Armada
 King Porus King of Paurava.
 Alexander the Great The king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon.
88  Schools and Schoolmasters.
 DanielBooneAn American settler.
89  Fast-Fish and Loose-Fish
 Mr.ErskineA counsel.
 LordEllenboroughReplaced Auckland as Governor General of India.
 Mordecai A broker.
 Woebegone A bankrupt on a loan to keep his family from starvaton.
90  Heads or Tails
 LordWardenA ceremonial official in the United Kingdom.
 WilliamPrynneAn English lawyer, author, polemicist, and political figure.
96  The Try-Works
 WilhelmCanarisA German admiral, head of military intelligence service.
 WilliamCowperEnglish poet and hymnodist.
 Jean-JacquesRousseauA Genevan philosopher, writer, and composer.
 FrançoisRabelaisA French writer.
98  Stowing Down and Clearing Up
 Pythagoras Greek philosopher made important developments in Mathematics.
99  The Doubloon
 NathanielBowditchAn early American mathematician worked on ocean navigation.
 NathanDabollAn American teacher who wrote a mathematics textbook.
100  Leg and Arm
 SamuelEnderbyAn English whale oil merchant. aka: Sammy.
 Mr.MounttopBoat owner.
 Dr. JackBungerThe ship surgeon.
 CaptainBoomerThe jovial captain of the English whaling ship.
101  The Decanter
 Amelia A ship.
 Dr.SnodheadA professor of Low Dutch and High German.
102  A Bower in the Arsacides
 Tranquo The king of Tranque.
 Thomas C.ConstableA British landowner and Member of the Parliament.
103  Measurement of the Whale's Skeleton
 Pompey A Roman general.
104  The Fossil Whale
 John G.CreaghA judge of county orphans court and state legislator.
 Pharaoh An ancient Egyptian rulers.
 JohnLeoAn American journalist.
105  Does the Whale's Magnitudes Diminish? - Will He Perish?
 Emil vonBehringA German physiologist.
123  The Musket
 Mary Starbuck's wife.
128  The Pequod Meets The Rachel
 Rachel A large ship.
 CaptainGardinerA ship captain.
130  The Hat
 LuciusTarquiniusThe legendary seventh and final king of Rome.
 Tanaquil Tarquis' wife.
131  The Pequod Meets The Delight
 Delight A ship.