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Christina Hale
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 DorotheaKrasinskyA bookkeeper in Dover Insurance. Narrator. Aka: Dottie.
 Mr.DoverDottie's boss. Dover Insurance's owner.
 AlfieKrasinskyDottie's brother. Joey's twin.
 EugeneKrasinskyDottie's younger brother.
 Mr.RenkeMr. Dover's client.
 Zelda Dottie's closest friend. Perle's daughter.
 AbeRabinowitzDottie's boyfriend.
 Mr.NorquistMr. Dover's client.
 Irene Dottie's workmate.
 Florence Dottie's workmate.
 Mr.HerbertDottie's bookkeeper.
 LindaTewelRalph's girlfriend. Dottie's friend.
 Ralph Linda's boyfriend.
 Mr.BaumDottie's neighbor.
 Mrs.BaumMr. Baum's wife.
 Mrs.AnscherDottie's neighbor.
 Alice Mrs. Kaplan's 2-year-old daughter.
 Mrs. KaplanDottie's neighbor.
 Heshie Dottie's uncle. Rose's bachelor brother.
 FranklynD. RooseveltRoosevelt. Aka: FDR.
 Braddock An American Heavyweight Boxer.
 Mussolini Former Prime Minister of Italy.
 AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party.
 Lana Rose's sewing friend.
 LeftyIskowitzIzzy's friend.
 No LegsGrossmanIzzy's friend.
 SadieKrausA girl Dottie is jealous of.
 Edith Dottie's friend.
 WilliamKleinZelda's cousin. Father of Dottie's baby. Aka: Willie.
 Shirley Zelda's daughter.
 Mr. GimbelA department store owner.
 Mr.KrausSadie's father.
 Mrs.KrausSadie's mother.
 NathanKrausSadie's brother.
 BorisKarloffAn actor.
 MorrisHillquitA leader of the socialist party of America.
 MollyKleinWillie's mother. Zelda's aunt.
 Beverly Dottie's old friend.
 James A waiter at Stork club.
 DorothyParkerAn american poet.
 HaroldRossThe Atlantic magazine's boss.
   JDC - Joint Distribution Committee.
 Mrs.CraneA member of the Museum's board of trustees.
 Fiona Mrs. Klein's servant.
 Matthew Mrs. Klein's house servant.
 Klein Mrs. Klein's house servant.
 Mr. IraKleinWillie's father.
 Mrs.CohenRose's former neighbor who has a drunkard husband.
 Mr.CohenMrs. Cohen's 2nd husband.
 Mr.BechoffEdith's boss.
 PerleGittel-BrudnerMolly's sister-in-law. Zelda's mother.
 Deborah Perle's childhood friend.
 BenKrasinskyRose's husband. Dottie's father. Aka: Tateh, Beryl.
 RoseKrasinskyDottie's mother. One of the narrators. Aka: Raisa, Roseala.
 Yussel Rose's brother. Dottie's uncle.
 Gerda Yussel's wife.
 Yitzak Rose's brother. Dottie's uncle.
 IsidoreKrasinskyRose's son. Dottie's brother. Aka: Izzy.
 JoeyKrasinskyRose's dead son. Alfie's twin.
 WillRogersAn american actor.
 Eta Rose's older sister.
 KateKrasinskyBen's sister. Dottie's aunt.
 EstherFriedmanOrganizer of women's conference re: the high cost of living.
 SenatorCopelandA United States Senator.
 Bayla Rose's friend.
 WilliamFosterThe General Secretary of the Communist party.
 Max Deborah's young son.
 Tatyana Rose's friend.
 Mendel Bayla's husband.
 Shmuel Rose's lover.
 Yetta Rose's cousin. Aka: Ida.
 Jeanette Yetta's daughter.
 Dr.MagnesRose's former teacher.
 Deenah Rose's mother. Dottie's grandmother.
 Freyde Rose's cousin.
 HirshWeinsteinIzzy's boss.
 Mr.RabinowitzAbe's father.
 Mrs.RabinowitzAbe's mother.
 Dr.AeurbachRose's doctor.
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