Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 AndreasPatakisSusan's lover.
 LawrenceTreherneThe owner of the luxury hotel. Cecily's father.
 PaulineTreherneLawrence's wife.
 SajidKhanA solicitor. Lawrence and Susan's mutual friend.
 FrankParrisThe man who was murdered at Lawrence's hotel 8 years ago.
 CecilyTreherneThe Treherne's daughter. Missing. Aka: Cess.
 AidenMacNeilCecily's husband. Aka: Ade.
 StefanCodrescuFrank's killer.
 RoxanaMacNeilAiden and Cecily's daughter.
 AlanConwayA mystery novel author. Deceased.
 Bruce Susan's friend.
 Brenda Bruce's lover.
 LisaTreherneCecily's sister. The Treherne's daughter.
 Bear Cecily's dog.
 EloiseRadmaniRoxana's nanny.
 DerekEndicottThe night manager.
 RichardLockeThe detective-in-charge of Frank's murder case.
 AzraRashidThe judge.
 JonathanClarkeStefan's lawyer.
 KatieRyelandSusan's sister.
 Lars One of the hotel staff.
 MelissaJamesAn actress in Atticus Pund novel.
 Helen The head of housekeeping.
 NatashaMalkThe hotel keeper who found Frank's dead body.
 Marcus The current spa manager.
 LionelCorbyThe former spa manager.
 MartinWilliamsJoanne's husband.
 JoanneWilliamsFrank's sister.
 Jodie Aiden's sister.
 CraigAndrewsSusan's friend. An author.
 JamesTaylorSusa's acquaintance. Conway's partner.
 Jack Katie's children.
 Daisy Katie's children.
 Stavia A volunteer.
 MichaelBealeyAn author.
 Anton The chef.
 JaneCreganThe detective in charge of Frank's murder case.
 GeorgesSaundersThe man who was moved out of room 12.
 CharlesCloverSusan's former boss.
 MelissaConwayAlan's wife.
 Leo A rent boy. Alan's friend.
 KennethBranaghAn actor.
 PhyllisChandlerHousekeeper at Melissa's home. Eric's mother.
 EricChandlerA handyman.
 LanceGardnerManager at Moonflower Hotel.
 MaureenGardnerLance's wife.
 AlgernonMarshA property developer.
 SamanthaCollinsAlgernon's sister. Leonard's wife.
 LeonardCollinsThe local GP. Samantha's wife.
 HarlanGoodisAn American millionaire. Joyce's husband.
 JoyceCampionAlgernon and Samantha's aunt.
 NancyMitchellReceptionist at Moonflower Hotel.
 BrendaMitchellNancy's mother.
 BillMitchellNancy's father.
 SimonCoxA film producer.
 CharlesPargeterOwner of Ludendorff Diamond.
 ElainePargeterCharles's wife.
 DetectiveGilbertThe man in charge of the Ludendorff Diamond.
 DetectiveDickinsonGilbert's partner.
 AtticusPundTh world famous detective.
 MadelaineCainAtticus's secretary.
 EdwardHareThe man in charge of the Moonflower Murders.
1JamesClarenceThe Governor of Jamaica.
 WilliamRailtonThe architect who designed Nelson's Column.
 AlfredHitchcockThe director.
 FrancisPendletonMelissa's husband.
2Mr.HockingThe local electrician.
4MargaretHareEdward's wife.
5HenryChaseThe Pargeter's lawyer.
 JohnBerkeleyThe Pargerter's friend and business associate.
6Mrs.AllinghamOne of Atticus's clients.
 EdgardSchultzA senior partner at William Morris agency.
9Kimba The dog.
 Betty Phyllis's sister.
11Terry Algernon's friend.
14HenryDicksonAn opera singer.
18GwynethEndicottDerek's mother.
 GordonLeithKatie's husband.
 AdamWilcoxA man who specializes in divorced.
 Naomi Gordon's mistress.
 FreddyConwayAlan's son.
 Inga One of the hotel workers.
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