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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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 ClarissaDallowayAn upper class English woman. Richard Dalloway's wife.
 RichardDallowayA conservative member of Parliament. Clarissa's husband.
 Lucy Clarissa's servant.
 Peter WalshClarissa's old close friend.
 ScropePurvisA charming woman who lived next door to Clarissa.
 Elizabeth Clarissa's daughter.
 HughWhitbreakMrs. Dalloway's old friend.
 Evelyn Hugh's wife.
 Sylvia A girl who was killed by a falling tree.
 SallySetonMrs. Dalloway's good friend. aka: Lady Rosseter.
 William Clarissa's uncle.
 DorisKilmanElizabeth's friend and tutor.
  PymClarissa's very kind friend.
  Septimus W.SmithA veteran of world war.
 Lucrezia Septimus wife. aka: Rezia.
 Shawled MollPrattA prostitute.
  HolmesSeptimus doctor.
 Evans A great friend of Septimus.
 CarrieDempsterAn older woman who regrets her youth.
 MillicentBrutonA fashionable aristocrat. aka: Lady Bruton.
 Helena Mr. Parry's sister.
 JosephBreitkopfOld man who played piano and sang Brahms without sound.
 JustinParryClarissa's father.
 HerbertAinstyOne of Mrs. Dalloway's visitors.
 Daisy Wife of the Major Indian Army.
  HooperA lawyer of Lincoln's Inn.
  GrateleyA solicitor of Lincoln's Inn.
 Moody An old coachman.
 Goody An old nurse.
 EliseMitchellA little girl who used to pick up pebbles to make a mantlepiece.
  FilmerRezia Smith's neighbor.
 IsabelPoleA poet Septimus loved before the war.
  OrdeA major who warned Daisy not to marry anybody else.
  BrewerA managing clerk at Sibleys and Arrowsmith.
 Amelia Brewer's helper.
 Agnes A servant.
 MillyBrushLady Bruton's secretary.
 Patty Lady Bruton's pony.
 Mortimer Lady Bruton's brother.
 Tom Mortimer's brother.
  DubonnetA jeweller.
 EllieHendersonA woman who attended Clarissa's party even not invited.
  MarshamOne who invited Ellie Henderson to attend Clarissa's party.
 MargaretHilberyOne of Mrs. Dalloway's visitors.
 EdwardWhittakerA reverend.
  FletcherA retired treasury officer.
  PetersMrs. Filmer's daughter who is expecting a baby.
  BurgessA social barrier.
 Jenny Elizabeth's fox-terrier.
 EllenBarnetA milady.
 WillieTitcombOne of Mrs. Dalloway's visitors.
  BrierlyA professor on Milton.
 EmilyBronteClarissa's daughter.