Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pro   Brenden       Set the timer.
    Emma   Clifton   Chairman of the Barrington Shipping Company.
    Liam   Doherty   IRS bomber.
    Harry   Clifton   President of English PEN.
1   Giles       Emma's brother.
    Captain   Turnbull   Asked to remove the wire.
    Alan   Redmayne   Cabinet secretary.
    Scott   Hopkins   Commanding officer.
    Sergeant   Roberts   Member of the bomb squad.
    Corporal   Crann   Assigned to look for Doherty.
    Alex   Fisher   Lady Virginia's representative to the board.
2   Kevin   Rafferty   Asked to kill Don Pedro.
    Pedro   Martinez   A foolish Argentinean.
    Diego       Martinez's son.
    Luis       Diego's brother.
3   Sebastian       Harry's son. aka: Seb.
    Samantha       Seb's girlfriend.  aka: Sam.
    Admiral   Summer   Voted for Emma as chairman of the company.
    Philip   Webster   The company secretary.
    Robert   Bingham   Priscilla's husband. aka: Bob.
    Jim   Knowles   Mellor's old friend.
    Hayden   Rankin   State representative from Louisiana.
    Dobbs       Board member who rarely offered an opinion.
    Clive   Anscott   Knowles's old friend.
    Peter   Naynard   Voted for Mellor as chairman.
    Michael   Carrick   Voted for Mellor as chairman.
    Derek   Hart   Journalist from the Telegraph. aka: Hartless.
    Grace   Barrington   Emma's sister.
    Cedric A.   Hardcastle   Youngest director in the bank's history.
    Rosemary   Wolfe   Headmistress.
    Jessica       Seb's younger sister.
    Harold   Guinzburg   Harry's publisher.
    Stuart   Alistair   Emma's cousin.
    Phyllis       Emma's deceased aunt.
4   Leonid   Brezhnev   Soviet leader.
    Khrushshev       Replaced by Leonid.
    Nelson   Madela   A terrorist.
    Kirsty       Guinzburg's secretary.
    Anatoly   Babakov   Stalin's personal interpreter.
    Josef   Stalin   A man every bit as evil as Hitler.
    Benjamin   Rutledge   Former partner of the firm.
    Earl   Grey   The butler.
5   Priscilla   Bingham   Bob's wife.
    Lady Virginia   Fenwick   Only daughter of the ninth Earl of Fenwick.
    Leonard   Bernstein   Conducted his overture.
    Desmond   Mellor   Founded the Bristol Bus Company. aka: Des.
6   Humphrey   Tevelyan   Moscow's ambassador.
    Kelly       Mellor's daughter.
7   Mr.   Sullivan   Sam's father.
    Adrian   Sloane   Seb's boss.
    Jack   Benny   Advised Seb not to buy retail.
    Victor   Kaufman   Worked on the foreign exchange.
    Alan   Gard   A jeweller.
    Saul   Kaufman   Seb's friend.
8   Michael   Stewart   The British foreign secretary.
    Alec Douglas   Home   Leader of the opposition.
    Yelena       Babakov's wife.
    Pierce   Bouchard   The conference shairman.
9   Alina       Gave a night to Harry.
    Mr.   Vaughman   Senior partner of Savills state.
    Sarah       Sloane's secretary.
    Dan   Collingwood   Greedy and stupid.
    Rachel       Cedric's secretary.
    Ross   Buchanan   Deputy chairman.
10   Fred   Ramsey   Owner of the Shifnal Arms.
    Sheila       Fred's wife.
    Charlie   Watkins   Wicket keeper.
    Maurice   Swann   Headmaster of the local grammar school.
    M.J.K.   Smith   Willing to help Seb.
    John   Betjeman   Admires the redbrick Victorian edifice.
11   Zurich       A client.
    Stanley   Davis   The night porter.
    Rubens       Attended peace treaty signing between English & French.
    Van   Eyck   A modern-day wedding photographer.
12   Beryl   Hardcastle   Cedric's wife.
    Reverend   Johnson   Rendered the service at Cedric's funeral.
    Arnold       Beryl's son.
    Inspector   Warwick   Can solve every crime easily.
    Ashley   Tadworth   Bishop of Huddersfield.
    Malcolm   Atkins   The bank's chief legal advisor.
13   Bruno   Martinez   Son of an Argentinean arms dealer.
    Bobby   Rushton   Seb's young assistant.
15   Morton       The butler.
    Annabel       Lady Virginia's friend.
    Bofie       Son of the Duke of Bridgwater.
    Justice   Havers   Judge on Priscilla and Bob's divorce.
    Mrs.   Everitt   Represents the plaintiff.
    Mr.   Brook   Represents the defendant.
16   Dave   Perry   The Assistant Manager.
    Mr.   Jopling   Asked to file his boots before retiring.
    Steve   Pollock   Works manager sacked for insubordination.
    Captain   Borwick   Harbor master.
17   Gwyneth       Giles's wife.
    Walter       Gwyneth's son.
    Dame   Elizabeth   Principal during Seb's college days.
    Griff   Haskins   Giles's election agent.
    Jean   Buchanan   Ross's wife.
    Harold   Eilson   Prime Minister.
18   Alf       Giles's driver.
    Clarence       The PM's driver.
    Walter   Ulbricht   East German General Secretary.
    Stellen   Christerson   Swedish Foreign Minister.
    Jan   Hilbert   The Dutch Minister.
    Karin   Pengelly   Interpreter at an international conference.
    Umberto       Not looking for early retirement.
    Walter   Sckeel   West German Foreign Minister.
    Honecker       To replace Ulbricht as General Secretary.
19   Bob   Mellish   Chief's secretary.
    John   Pengelly   Karin's father.
20   Cary   Grant   Told Harry he will vote for him if a candidate.
    Simon   Fletcher   The Liberal candidate.
    Miss   Parish   Regularly accompanied Giles when he was out.
    Andy   Nash   Chairing the debate.
21   Celia   Johnson   A celebrity.
    Ted   Heath   Better in government than in opposition.
22   Leonard D.   Hardy   Town clerk. Returning officer.
    Mr.   Wainwright   One who carefully checked the votes.
24   Lady   Macbeth   Only person in the room who can see the ghost.
    Rick       Worked on Banquo's ghost scene.
26   Jessica   Brewer   Most accomplished artist.
27   Hakim   Bishara   Top notcher in Oxford entrance exam.
28   Mr.   Jessel   Junior flag officer.
    Edward   Makepeace   Lady Virginia's legal counsel.
29   Denis       Foreign secretary.
    Mr.   Craig   Chief compliance officer.
30   Mr.   Trelford   Emma's barrister.
32   Polly       Giles's secretary.
    Dixon       Board member voted for Mellor.
33   Jason   Moreland   Bishara's lawyer.
    Nick   Pirie   Bishara's chief accountant.
    Michael       Samantha's husband.
34   Justice   Lane   Judge on Lady Virginia and Emma's case.
    Mr.   Kosanov   Presented the State's case.
40   Cleopatra       Siamese cat.
    Benny   Driscoll   Fisher's old friend.
41   Nadya       Stalin's second wife.
42   Marsden       Giles's housemaid.
44   Mr.   Foreman   Acts as chairman of the jurors.
46   Isaiah   Berlin   Distinguished philosopher.
    Irving   Berlin   Giles's buddy.