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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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I-1Hugh A. LegatThird Secretary in His Majesty's Diplomatic Service.
 Adolf HitlerThe Führer of the Nazi Party.
   Führer - German word meaning "leader" or "guide".
 Neville ChamberlainBritish Prime Minister.
 Pamela Legat's wife.
 John  Legat's son.
 Diana  Legat's daughter.
 Cecil SyersOne of Legat's colleagues.
 Osmund S.CleverlyThe Prime Minister's Private Secretary. Aka: Oscar.
  Horace WilsonPrime Minister's Special Adviser.
 Miss WatsonThe woman who Legat shared the smallest office.
 Lloyd GeorgeFormer British Prime Minister.
  WrenDowning Street messenger.
 Viscount GortThe Chief of the Imperial General Staff
  NewallAir Marshal.
 Admiral BackhouseThe First Sea Lord,
 DuffCooperFirst Lord of the Admiralty.
 EdwardHalifaxThe Foreign Secretary. Aka: Holy Fox.
 John SimonThe Chancellor of the Exchequer.
 Sam HoareThe Home Secretary.
  GamelinFrench general.
I-2Paul von HartmannForeign Minister of Germany. Legat's old friend.
  RibbentropForeign Minister of Nazi Germany.
  Von NostitzWorked in the Protocol Department.
  von RantzauSupposed to go to London embassy as Second Secretary.
 ErichKordtOffice of the Foreign Service.
   Wehrmacht - The unified armed forces of Nazi Germany.
 Dr SchmidtThe Foreign Ministry's chief interpreter.
 NevileHendersonAmbassador of the United Kingdom to Nazi Germany.
 Ivone KirkpatrickFirst Secretary of the British Embassy.
I-3AlecDunglassParliamentary Private Secretary.
  WoodThe young engineer from BBC.
 Colonel MacFarlaneMilitary attaché, Berlin.
  WalpoleFormer British Prime Minister.
 AnnieChamberlainPrime Minister's wife.
 Joan SackvilleThe fastest typist in the Garden Room.
 Alexander CadoganUnder-Secretary at the Foreign Office. Aka: Alec.
   Luftwaffe - Aerial warfare branch of the German military.
  GöringGeneral in the German Army.
I-4Ernst vonWeizsäckerState Secretary. In charge of the German Foreign Ministry.
 Frau WinterWeizsäcker's senior secretary.
I-5Ralph WigramLegat's former superior in the Foreign Office Central Dept.
 LadyColefaxInterior decorator.
 Stanley BaldwinFormer British Prime Minister.
 Miss MarchantWorked for Sargent as the senior secretary.
 Orme SargentCadogan's deputy.
 Franz FerdinandArchduke of Austria.
 Edward BridgesCabinet Secretary.
 Lord PerthBritish ambassador.
I-6  Völkischer Beobachter - German Nazi newspaper.
 Ludwig BeckChief of the General Staff.
 Theo  Kordt's brother.
 ColonelOsterDeputy head of military intelligence.
 Hans Bernd GiseviusOffice of the Interior Ministry.
 Countvon SchulenburgOffice of the Interior Ministry.
 Hans von DohnányiOffice of the Justice Ministry.
 Friedrich HeinzThe Abwehr man.
   Abwehr - German military intelligence service.
 CaptainWinterFrau Winter's late husband.
II1Dorothy  Prime Minister's daughter.
 Frank  Prime Minister's son.
 BenitoMussoliniHead of the Italian Government.
II-2Rudolf HessDeputy Führer.
 General HalderBeck's successor as Chief of the General Staff.
  Brauchitsch Commander-in-Chief.
  Sauer Foreign Minister's staff.
   Sturmbannführer - Nazi Party rank equivalent to major.
  AttolicoItalian Ambassador.
II-3 Margesson British Conservative politician.
 Winston Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty.
 Queen MaryMother of the King.
II-4 GoebbelsReich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany.
  BismarckConservative Prussian statesman, Germany.
   Duce - Italian leader, especially of the Fascist Party.
 Monsieur François-PoncetFrench Ambassador.
 Edouard DaladierFrench Prime Minister.
 Leyna  Legat and Hartmann's friend.
II-5Colonel MenziesJoan's uncle.
III-1General KeitelChief of the Wehrmacht Supreme Command
III-2William StrangHead of the Central Department.
 William MalkinForeign Office's senior Legal Adviser,
 Frank AshtonGwatkinHead of Economic Relations.
 Yvonne  Syers's wife.
 Commander RobinsonThe pilot of Lockheed Electra.
III-3Heinrich HimmlerReichsführer-SS - highest rank of the SS.
  Ciano Italian Foreign Minister and Mussolini's son-in-law.
III-5Monsieur LégerHead of the French Foreign Ministry.
III-6Joseph HornerPrime Minister's doctor.
 Miss Anderson One of the Garden Room secretary.
III-7HubertMasaríkCabinet Chief of the Foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia.
 VojtekMastnyCzech Minister in Berlin.
   Der Stürmer - A weekly German tabloid-format newspaper.
III-8Baron von NeurathForeign Minister, Germany.
  Blomberg One of the senior military commanders.
  FritschOne of the senior military commanders.
III-10 HoffmannThe Führer's personal photographer.
 Fräulein BrownHoffmann's assistant.
IV-1Geli RaubalAdolf Hitler's half-niece.
   Die Rote Fahn - A German newspaper.