Characters - Alphabetical
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LewisAdamsIsa's former flat mate.
MichaelBakerThe police inspector.
VerityBateIsa's friend and flat mate.
MikeBurdenWexford's assistant. The police inspector.
PhilipChellTeal's neighbor.
WinstonChurchillThe prime minister.
JamesClementsHoward's sergeant.
Dr.CrockerThe police doctor.
Mr.De TraynorGrayson's solicitor.
AlexandraDearbornMelanie and Stephen's daughter.
MelanieDearbornStephen's wife.
StephenDearbornThe chairman of Notbourne Properties.
Tatiana Alexan-drovna KratovDeceased.
DeniseFortuneHoward's wife.
HowardFortuneWexford's nephew. The detective superintendent in Kenbourne Vale.
BrianGregsonOne of Sytansound's engineers.
AlanHudsonWexford's acquaintance.
IvanIvanovitchTeal's next-door neighbor.
Mrs.KirbyOne of Grayson's clients.
JohnnyLamontPeggy's friend and housemate.
Mrs.LyleThe woman that Wexford met. The Vickerses neighbor.
WallyLyleMrs. Lyle's husband.
Mrs.MaitlandOne of Loveday's neighbors.
JamesMonfortAn important family in Kenbourne. Deceased.
ViolaMonfortJames's wife. Deceased.
ThomasMoreA philosopher, statesman and martyr.
Alexnader WilliamMorganThe minister.
HarveyNicholsA fashion designer.
HannahPetersAlexander's 2nd wife.
PeggyPopeA housekeeper. The girl who identify Loveday's body.
RalphRobinsonThe translator.
LouiseSampsonMelanie's daughter. Missing. Aka: Isa, Lulu.
TheShepherdThe shepherd of Children of Revelation.
HarrySladeOne of the men who says Gregson was with him in Psyche Club.
IvanTealPeggy's neighbor.
EdwinTripperThe man who discover Loveday's body.
RebeccaVickersThe vicker's runaway daughter. Rachel/Loveday's aunt.
DoraWexfordReg's wife.
RegWexfordProtagonist. The police chief inspector.
Balder Howard's driver.
Carlyle Wexford's acquaintance.
Dinehart The detective constable.
Edna One of the Morgan brides.
Foster Rebecca's lover.
Gold Loveday's manager.
John Lulu's alleged boyfriend.
Mary One of the Morgan brides.
Nolan A police sergeant.
Pamela Howard's secretary.
Rachel One of the Morgan brides.
Sarah One of the Morgan brides.
Vickers Mrs. Lyle's neighbor. A revelationer.
Winter Harry's friend.