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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 Jujubethe IIOutsider derby. Derby listed at a modest 40 to 1.
 Mark's Mile Outsider's racehorse.
 Santony Outsider's racehorse.
 JerryBoyOutsider's racehorse.
 Clarigold The second favorite racehorse.
 Mildred Luke's aunt.
 WonkyPoohMiss Fullerton's Persian cat.
 MayangStraitsLuke's friend. Palestinian police.
 JohnReedPoliceman in Wynchwood.
 AmyGibbsAshe Manor housemaid. Killer's victim.
 HarryCarterSeven Stars Landlord. Killer's victim.
 TommyPierceBully boy. Killer's victim.
 John WardHumblebyA very good man. The killer's next target.
 LaviniaFullertonAn old lady Luke met at the train who talks about the murder.
2JimmyLorrimerLuke's oldest friend.
 Jessie RoseHumblebyDr. Humbleby's wife.
 BridgetConwayJimmy's cousin.
 Lord GordonEasterfieldBridget's boss. The owner of Ashe Manor.
3Mrs.AnstrutherBridget's aunt.
 Mr.AbbotThe solicitor of Tommy Pierce.
 Dr. GeoffreyThomasDr. Humbleby's partner.
 AlfredWakeThe rector.
 Mr.EllsworthyOwner of the antique shop.
 MajorHortonA man with a bulldog.
4Mrs.RoseThe laundress.
 HonoriaWaynfleteLord Easterfield's former lover. Lavinia's friend.
 Mrs.PierceA woman that sells tabacco and newspaper. Tommy's mother.
 Giles The sexton.
 LydiaHortonMajor Horton's wife. Deceased.
5BenStanburyA 92-year-old man who died.
 JimHarveyA mechanic. Amy's lover.
8AnnaHelmThe nursemaid killer.
 Mr.PierceMrs. Pierce's husband. Tommy's father.
 EmmaJaneTommy's sister.
9Mr.HobbsThe church warden.
 Mrs.CarterHarry's wife.
 LucyCarterHarry's daughter.
10RoseHumblebyJessie and John's daughter.
11Augustus Major Horton's bulldog.
 Nero Major Horton's bulldog.
12HettyJonesThe bank manager's daughter.
 JohnnieCornishBridget Conway's former fiance.
 WellermanKreitzOwner of a research laboratory.
14Mrs.ChurchAmy's aunt.
16ColonelWaynfleteHonoria's father.
18WilliamOssingtonLuke's friend. aka: Billy Bones.
 Elisha The little boy. Deceased.
19Mr.SatcherverellThe coroner on Lavinia's inquest.
 Bonner Policeman.
20Emily Honoria's maid.
23 BattleDetective.