Characters - Alphabetical
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 AbbottOne of the troopers.
JessieArnoldOne of the mushers. Jensen's love interest.
PaulBanksThe bearded musher with the DOG cap.
PhilipBeckerState Trooper Aka: Phil.
KenCarpenterThe sergeant in Detachment D, Nome Post.
BenCaswellThe trooper pilot.
WilburCloseOne of the mushers.
BomberCranshawThe musher who found Ginny.
RonCrossOne of the mushers.
RickEllisOne of the mushers.
Tom FarnellHam operator.
RubyFoxOne of the mushers who helped Mike train his dogs.
JohnGrasleOne of the mushers.
RoyHamiltonRace checker.
T. J.HarveyOne of the mushers.
EmmaHolmanMatt Holman's wife.
MattHolmanThe race marshall.
PattyJakesRyan's partner.
AlexJensenState Trooper sergeant.
 JohnsonOne of the mushers.
EdgarKallandOne of the last survivors of the 1925 serum relay to Nome.
VirginiaKlineOne of the mushers. Aka: Ginny.
GeorgeKoptakVeteran musher.
BobLehrmanHelicopter pilot.
MickLordRace checker and former musher.
TimMartinsonOne of the mushers.
JimMillerThe guy who's feeding Cranshaw's other dogs.
GailMurrayOne of the mushers.
JohnMurrayGail Murray's father.
RedOlsonA logger.
DeanOsmarThe only person who won the halfway silver and the the race.
 PalmerOne of the troopers.
BillPeteThe musher who shot the dogs.
EmmettPetersOne of the mushers who helped Mike train his dogs.
SusanPilchOne of the mushers.
RodPollittOne of the mushers.
JoeRedingtonVeteran musher.
LibbyRiddlesThe first woman to win the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.
James RyanVeterinarian. One of the mushers. Aka: Jim.
DaleSchullerOne of the mushers.
SteveSmithThe twenty-first musher.
MikeSolomonAthabaskan musher from Kaftag.
JosephStalinGeneral Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
JulesTalburgenThe Swedish musher who caught Kline's dogs after her line broke.
JanThompsonJessie's friend.
BillTurnerThe musher who found Koptak.
AliceYupanukJessie's Eskimo friend.
Jon VanZyleThe official artist of the Iditarod for nearly thirty years.
Betsy One of Schuller's dogs.
Black Jack One of Cranshaw's dogs.
Bones One of Kline's dogs.
Brandy One of Cranshaw's dogs.
Bunker The one who taught Caswell to fly.
Chops One of Jessie's dogs.
Chuck Laboratory staff in Ophir.
Chunk One of Smith's dogs.
Comet Schuller's lead dog.
Cruiser One of Jessie's dogs.
Dave Laboratory staff.
Frank One of the race followers.
Harv One of the checkers.
Hike One of Jessie's dogs.
Hobo Jim A regular in the Nome Iditarod celebration.
Jake One of Smith's dogs.
John One of the mushers.
Jose One of Cranshaw's dogs.
Junkie Cranshaw's lead dog.
Kahl ú a Lou One of Cranshaw's dogs.
Linda Caswell's wife.
Mary Jane One of Cranshaw's dogs.
Mitsie Smith's smallest dog,
Pepper One of Schuller's dogs.
Rabbit One of Smith's largest dogs.
Rambo One of Kline's dogs.
Sadie One of Jessie's dogs.
Sally Alex Jensen's late fiancée.
Sally One of Kline's dogs.
Snow One of Cranshaw's dogs.
Speed One of Cranshaw's dogs.
Spook One of Smith's dogs.
Stout One of Cranshaw's dogs.
Tank Jessie's lead dog.