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Remy Hale
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Pro  Spring 1825 The Grange Harlem, New York
 AlexanderHamiltonOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
 JamesMonroe5th president of U.S.
 GeorgeWashington1st president of U.S.
 JohnAdams2nd president of U.S.
 ThomasJefferson3rd president of U.S.
 JamesMadison4th president of U.S.
 NapoleonBonaparteA French military leader.
   Part One - A War For Independence
1  October 17, 1777 The Pastures Albany, New York
 JohnBurgoyneA British general.
 ElizabethSchuylerGeneral's daughter. Alexander Hamilton's wife. aka: Betsy or Eliza.
 Angelica One of Betsy's sisters.
 Peggy One of Betsy's sisters.
 HoratioGatesA leading American general during the early Revolutionary Wars.
 JohnAndreThe Secret Service head in America during the Revolutionary War.
 Jenny A maid.
 PhilipSchuylerAmerican General in the Revolutionary War.
 JackCarterA commissary supplier.
 Cornelia Betsy's baby sister.
 John B.SchuylerOne of Betsy's brothers. aka: Johnny.
 Jeremiah One of Betsy's brothers.
 Rensselaer One of Betsy's brothers.
 Frederika C.RiedeselKnown as Baroness Riedesel was a German writer.
 Dinah A cook.
 Prince A butler.
2  February 19, 1778 Albany
 Gilbertdu MotierMarquis de Lafayette was a French aristocrat and military officer.
 BenedictArnoldAmerican military officer who served during the Revolutionary War.
 JamesThacherAmerican physician.
 Dr.FranklinGeneral Gates' acquaintance.
 Louis XIV King of France.
3WilliamAlexanderKnown as Lord Stirling was a Scottish-American major.
 JohnLaurensAmerican soldier during the American Revolutionary War.
 Johannde KalbKnown as Baron de Kalb was a Franconian-French military officer.
 ThomasConwayServed as a major general in the American Continental Army.
4MajorCarletonNephew of the Canadian governor.
 Jean-JacquesRousseauA philosopher.
5  June 1778 Albany
 Stephen VanRensselaer IIIA militia officer.
6  February 1780 Morristown, New Jersey
 KittyLivingstonBetsy's cousin and childhood friend.
 WilliamLivingstonThe New Jersey governor.
 Gertrude Betsy's aunt.
 Dr.CochranGeorge Washington's personal physician.
 TenchTilghmanOfficer in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
 MarthaWashingtonGeorge Washington's wife.
 JamesMcHenryScottish-Irish American military surgeon.
 ThomasHarrisonMajor general sided with Parliament in the English civil war.
 Friedrich W.von SteubenServed as inspector general of the Continental Army.
 Manius CuriusDentatusA three-time consul and plebeian hero of the Roman Republic.
 ArthurSt. ClaireFormer President of the Continental Congress.
9  December 1, 1780 Albany
 Peggy S.ArnoldBenedict Arnold's wife.
 Charles W.PealeAmerican painter, soldier and politician.
10Rochambeau A French general and nobleman.
 Portia Plutarch's wife.
 WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright.
 Plutarch Greek philosopher.
 Robert H.HarrisonAmerican Army officer and lawyer.
 DavidHumphreysAmerican painter.
11  February 16, 1781
 CaptainMollyThe wife of a cannoneer.
12  April 1781 The Peyster's Point, New York
 RobertMorrisAppointed as superintendent of finance.
13  August 1781 Albany
 CharlesCornwallisKnown as 1st Marques Cornwallis was a British Army general.
 JamesArmisteadAn enslaved African-American served the Continental Army.
   October 18, 1781 Albany
 AaronBurr Jr.Served as the 3rd vice-president of the United States.
 PhilipHamiltonAlexander Hamilton and Eliza's son.
 Friedrich W.FranklinFounding Father of the United States.
 Theodosia B.BurrAmerican Revolution Patriot. Aaron Burr Jr.'s wife.
   Part Two - The War For Peace
14  February 1783 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Patsy Thomas Jefferson's daughter.
   June 1783 Albany
 SamuelFrauncesAmerican restaurateur and owner of the Fraunces Tavern.
 NathanaelGreeneAmerican general in the American Revolutionary War
 HenryKnoxContinental Army and US Army general. US Secretary of War.
15  August 1784 New York City
 Anastasie One of Lafayette's children.
 Georges One of Lafayette's children.
 Virginie One of Lafayette's children.
 BillClinton42nd President of the United States.
 Cranston The fishmonger.
 HerculesMulliganTailor and spy during the American Revolutionary War.
 ElizabethKortrightDaughter of a loyalist merchant and became James Monroe's wife.
16  September 25, 1784 New York City
 Catherine Eliza's mother.
 AngelicaHamiltonAlexander and Eliza's daughter. aka: Ana.
 ChristinaWynkoopDaughter of a Pennsylvania congressman.
   June 1785 New York City
 John BarkerChurchTrue name of Angelica's husband. aka: John Carter.
 SarahLivingstonKitty Livingston's sister.
 JohnJaySarah's husband.
17  December 1786 New York City
 Alex One of Eliza's son.
 Fanny Alexander and Eliza's adoptive daughter.
   July 3, 1787 New York City
 JamesReynoldsA journalist.
   October 1787 En Route to New York City
 Stephen 1 Peggy's dead son.
 GouverneurMorrisAmerican statesman.
 WilliamDuerRevolutionary War colonel, an entrepreneur.
 JamesHamiltonOne of Eliza's son.
18  March 1789 New York City
 Mrs.AdamsJohn Adam's wife.
 Stephen 2 Peggy's son.
19  May 7, 1789 New York City
 LucyKnoxHenry Knox's wife.
 RobertLivingstonFounding Father of the United States known as The Chancellor.
21  November 1790 Philadelphia
 Dolley PayneToddHamilton's new neighbor.
22  September 1791 Philadelphia
 JohnHamiltonOne of Eliza's son. aka: Johnny.
   December 12, 1792 Philadelphia
 WilliamShortServed as Thomas Jefferson's private secretary.
 MariaReynoldsJames Reynolds' wife , and Alexander Hamilton's mistress.
23ElizabethMonroeJames Monroe's wife.
   April 1793 Philadelphia
 Polly Jefferson's youngest daughter.
 AbigailAdamsJohn Adams' wife.
24  August 1793 Philadelphia
 Dr.StevensHamilton's physician.
 Dr.RushThe city's foremost physician.
   Part Three - The War of Words
25  September 1794 Philadelphia
 Mr.MoreauA bookstore owner.
 Vicomtede NoaillesBrother-in-law of the marquis de Lafayette.
 Madamele GrandEliza's acquaintance.
26  Summer 1795 New York City
 Theodosia B.AlstonAaron Burr's daughter.
 RobertTroupContinental Army soldier during the American Revolutionary War.
 NicholasFishAmerican Revolutionary War First Adjutant General.
 EdwardLivingstonAmerican jurist and statesman.
 JohnLivingstonKitty's cousin and fiancĂ©.
27  October 1795 New York City
 Monsieurde ColombeFrench composer and viol player.
 NathanielPendletonAmerican judge. Hamilton's law partner.
28  May 1797 New York City
 Flip Eliza's nephew.
 Sarah Angelica's lady's maid.
 JamesCallenderA newspaperman.
 John J.BeckleyServed as the first librarian of Congress.
29  August 1797 Albany
 William One of Eliza's sons.
 ColonelBradstreetPhilip Schuyler's commander.
31  Autumn 1799 Harlem, New York
 Steven Peggy's son.
 Lysbet Eliza's little daughter.
   December 1799 New York City
 Mrs.RhinelanderEliza's acquaintance.
 JonathanEdwardsOne of the great New England theologians.
   Part Four - The War for History
32  Spring 1801 Harlem
  MooreA bishop.
 GeorgeEackerA lawyer who shot and killed Philip Hamilton.
 Mrs.PendletonNathaniel Pendleton's wife.
33  June 1802 Harlem
 Mr.GentiHamilton's cook.
 Mrs.GentiHamilton's housekeeper.
 ReverendMasonThe Federalist pastor.
34  September 1802 Harlem
 SallyHemingsA multiracial woman enslaved by President Thomas Jefferson.
 MorganLewisAmerican lawyer, politician, and military commander.
   May 1804 Harlem
 JeromeBonafarteA naval officer. Napoleon's brother.
 ElizabethPattersonJerome Bonafarte's wife.
 Phil One of Eliza's sons.
 JohnTrumbullAmerican artist of the early independence period.
35  July 11, 1804 Harlem
 JamesBayardAmerican lawyer and politician. A member of the Federalist Party.
36  July 14, 1804 New York City
 WilliamVan NessAmerican attorney and judge from Missouri.
37  August 1804 Albany
 Caty Eliza's youngest sister.
   March 1805 New York City
 WidowGrahamEliza's acquaintance.
 JoannaBethuneWidow Graham's daughter.
 Mrs.DonohueEliza's acquaintance.
38  March 1810 Baltimore, Maryland
 Payne Dolley's son.
 Margaret B.SmithAmerican author and political commentator.
39  October 1810 New York City
 May James Hamilton's sweetheart.
   March 1814 New York City
 William HenryHarrisonAmerican general and politician. 9th President of the United States.
 Mr. A.ArnotAssumed name for Burr.
 CharlesFoxA prominent British Whig statesman.
41  September 1824 New York City
 Adrienne Lafayette's wife.
42FannyWrightAn advocate for women's rights and abolitionist school reformer.
 SidneyHollyA custom inspector. Lysbet's husband.
Epi  March 1837 On The Ohio River
 DanielWebsterAmerican politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Florida.
 NeilCampbellBritish Army officer who fought during the Napoleonic Wars.
   Washington City July 4, 1848
 James K.PolkThe 11th president of the United States.
 SarahPolkAmerican first lady, wife of James K. Polk.
 AbrahamLincolnFormer congressman. Served as 16th president of the U. S.
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