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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1ClaireBellamyA nurse.
 Ray A pulmonary physician.
 Jennie The ICU ward clerk.
2AbrahamVergheseAn infectious disease physician and a writer. Aka: Abe.
 GeorgeVergheseAbraham's father.
 MiriamAbrahamGeorge's wife.
 Thomas Miriam's uncle.
 Terese Miriam's aunt.
 HaileSelassieFormer Emperor of Ethiopia.
 BenitoMussoliniFormer Prime Minister of Italy.
 LataMangeshkarAn Indian playback singer and music director.
 Mukesh An Indian playback singer.
 Mohammed RafiAn Indian playback singer.
 ZachariahMathenAbraham's fellow intern.
 AmitabhBachchanAn Indian film actor.
 DimpleKapadiaAn Indian actress.
 RajaniChackoAn account executive working for a leading advertising agency.
 LouiseTiptonDr. Patel's patient.
 Dr.PatelA cardiologist.
 EssieVinesA laboratory technician.
 Gordon Essie's brother.
 J. D. A part time security guard.
 Lakshmi The goddess of wealth.
 TomStarzlA surgeon.
 SteveBerkAn infectious diseases specialist.
 WilliamMcCabeThe Chief of Infectious Diseases at Boston City Hospital.
 Osler The dean of American medicine.
 TonyCappellucciAbraham Verghese's first gay patient.
 Luc AntoineMontagnierA French Virologist.
 Robert CharlesGalloAmerican physician-scientist.
3Steven Abraham's son.
 Allen Abraham's close friend.
 Claudia Allen's wife.
 DanielBooneAmerican pioneer, explorer, woodsman, and frontiersman.
 Harry M.CaudillAmerican author, historian, lawyer, legislator, and environmentalist.
 JohnSevierAmerican soldier, frontiersman, and politician.
 PatrickFergusonScottish officer in the British Army.
 V. S.NaipaulTrinidad and Tobago-born British writer of works of fiction.
 Gus Allen's acquaintance.
 Dr.AzizAbraham Verghese's second-year resident as an intern.
4EloiseStokesA baby sitter.
 SallyJamesonA 16th year-old girl who was diagnosed with leukemia.
 JeffVinerA former biker who had been paraplegic.
 VirginiaLongtreeA retired school nurse.
 TraceyOliverA cheerleader.
 OliviaSellsThe director of the local Red Cross.
 JerryFalwell Jr.American attorney, former academic administrator.
 James A patient with AIDS.
 Madhu Abraham's friend.
 Trevor Abraham's acquaintance.
 Raleigh Trevor's friend.
 RonaldReagan40th U.S. President.
 NeilMillerAmerican journalist and nonfiction writer.
 DavidCrockettThe district attorney.
5Clara The nursing supervisor.
 RockHudsonAmerican actor.
 Sabatha One of Essie's daughters.
 Joy One of Essie's daughters.
 Dr.BellAn internist.
 Mary One of the nurses at Johnson City Medical Center.
 Eleanor One of the nurses at Johnson City Medical Center.
 EltonJohnAn English singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer.
 Robert Lee One of Essie's brothers.
 Herman One of Essie's brothers.
 Matthew Essie's uncle.
 FrankieValliAmerican singer.
 John 1 A flight attendant.
 Trudie A cocker spaniel.
 BrianClarkGordon's new name.
 Bruce Gordon's friend.
 A. C.McCaffeyA geography teacher.
 RubyPresnellSabatha's classmate.
 RodneyTesterDr. K's patient.
6Mrs.T.Abraham's patient.
 Carol A nurse.
 EdMaupinOne of Abraham's patients.
 BobbyKellerOne of Abraham's patients.
 MilanKunderaA Czech writer.
 JonathanWintersAmerican comedian, actor, author, television host, and artist.
 DaleCarnegieAmerican writer and lecturer.
 WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright, poet, and actor.
 FredGoodsonOne of Abraham Verghese's patients.
 OtisJacksonOne of Abraham Verghese's patients.
 RobertMapplethorpeAmerican photographer.
7VickieMcCrayAbraham's acquaintance.
 Clyde Odum McCrayVickie's husband.
 Dr.WAn astute neurologist.
 Clyde Junior Vickie's son.
 Danielle Vickie's daughter.
 Jewell A family friend of Clyde's folks.
 Jack Essie's friend.
 Grace One of Vickie's cousins.
 Andrew Grace's husband.
8A. J. JonesOwner of a funeral home. Aka: Doochie.
 GeorgeWisemanEssie's acquaintance.
9ScottyDawsAbraham's patient.
 Dr.H.The neurosurgeon,
 Desmond Scotty's lover.
 BettyFranzusAbraham's research technician.
 LudwigTraubeA German physician and co-founder of the experimental pathology.
 Alfredde MussetA French dramatist, poet, and novelist.
 Mr.McGregorA patient in bed one.
 Maggie A buxom nurse.
 ArthurSimpsonThe first veteran with AIDS.
 SethBarkerThe second veteran with AIDS.
 Mr.TrivettA patient with chronic lung disease.
 John DoeAn old man with a stroke, diabetes and pneumonia.
 Doyle A third-year medical student.
 Karen One of the infection control nurses.
 Bud One of the infection control nurses.
 CindyJohnsonA girl with cystic fibrosis.
 Earl Abraham's friend.
 BryantGumbelThe young schoolteacher.
 Dr.DunkelbergerAn obstetrician.
 Solomon The drummer.
 Jacob George VergheseAbraham and Rajani's second son.
10Mahatma GandhiAn Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist.
 ElaineShumanCoordinator of a group of medical students and psychologists.
 Bettie LeeFred's sister.
 Dale Abraham's acquaintance.
 Gaëtan DugasCanadian flight attendant and a relatively early HIV patient.
 RandyShiltsAmerican journalist and author.
 TroyPerryA Pentecostal minister.
11Brij Abraham's friend.
12MichaelJacksonAmerican singer-songwriter.
13NormanRockwellAmerican painter and illustrator.
 O'Dwyer A physician who invented the intubation.
15SarahPresnellA general internist.
 WilliamJohnsonA mining engineer. Aka: Will.
 BessJohnsonWill's wife.
 ChuckHooverWill's best friend.
 MatthewElliotOne of Will's friends.
 Lee Ann Bess' daughter.
 JimmySwaggartAmerican Pentecostal evangelist..
 JimBakkerAmerican televangelist, entrepreneur, and convicted fraudster.
 SigmundFreudAustrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis.
16B. J.HiltonA manager at a well-known restaurant.
 Mr.HiltonB.J.'s father.
 Mrs.TAbraham's patient.
 ThomasMannGerman novelist, short story writer.
 Joyce Abraham's secretary at the VA.
17Nero The fifth Roman emperor.
 StuartLevitzAbraham's friend and former tennis buddy.
 PetieGrangerAbraham's new patient.
 Mrs.GrangerPetie's mother.
 MaxEssexA Professor of Health Sciences in the Dept. of Immunology at Harvard.
 FriedrichNietzscheGerman philosopher, essayist, and cultural critic.
 SorenKierkegaardDanish philosopher, theologian, poet, social critic and author.
 KittyHawkOne of Fred's friends.
 StonewallJacksonA professor in physics.
 DavidDurackThe Chief of Infectious Diseases at Duke University.
18FelixSarubbiA staff doctors in infectious disease.
 Dr.J.A dentist.
 EthanNidifferDr. J.'s patient.
 Darryl A motorcycle mechanic.
19Earl Abraham's tennis buddy.
 Jacko One of Abraham's patients.
 BrianSmithA pulmonary physician.
 Anand Abraham's oncologist friend.
 JimmyRoachOne of Abraham's patients. Aka: J.R.
20LillianPaezA socialite. Abraham's acquaintance.
 SueMcCoyAbraham's surgical counterpart.
 CameronTolliverOne of Abraham's patients.
 Lorraine DayA US author, former orthopedic trauma surgeon.
21NormanSangerAbraham's patient with hemophilia and AIDS.
 Claire Norman's fiancé.
 SharonPhillipsAn occupational health nurse.
22ErnestTubbAmerican singer-songwriter.
 MinniePearlAmerican country comedian.
24Will Jr. Will Sr. and Bess' son.
 Rebecca Will Jr.'s wife.
 WilliamBlakeAn English poet, painter, and printmaker.
 John 2 Lee Ann's husband.
25ElisabethKübler-RossAmerican-Swiss psychiatrist.
 Claire Norman's wife.
 Larry Sharon's husband.
 Donny One of the rescue squad people.
26Luther HinesOne of Abraham's patients.
 Reji Abraham's brother.
27RaquelWelchAmerican actress and singer.
28CarolynSligerWorked at the Health Department.
 HobartCarterAbraham's acquaintance.
 Mr.CarterHobart's father.
 Mrs.CarterHobart's mother.
 Jake Hobart's brother.
 MerleSandeAn internationally known AIDS expert.
30Charles LeitheadA professor of medicine at the Princess Tsahai Hospital.
 Tom Abraham's fellow students.
 Arsalon Abraham's fellow students.
 Woizero AlmazLeithead's patient.
 BillMulrooneyOne of Abraham's acquaintances.
 EdwardHarlessOne of Abraham's acquaintances,
 Red One of Abraham's acquaintances.
 Mr.TobiasA man who had a heart attack.
 WilliamWitheringThe discoverer of digitalis.
31JayMehtaAbraham's friend.
 Meena Jay's wife.
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