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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1TracyCrosswhiteSarah's sister. Protagonist. Aka: Mercaptan, Professor.
 VicFazzioTracy's colleague. A detective.
 Kins Tracy's colleague. A detective.
 DelmoCastiglianoTracy's colleague. A detective.
 BillyWilliamsA detective sergeant for A-Team.
2Sarah LynnCrosswhiteTracy's sister. Murdered.
 JamesCrosswhiteSarah and Tracy's father. Aka: Doc.
 Ben Tracy's former husband.
3RoyCallowayThe Cedar Grove sheriff.
 VanceClarkThe prosecutor.
 FinlayArmstrongRoy's sheriff.
 ToddYarrowThe man who found a human bone.
 BillyRichmondTodd's colleague.
 Hercules Todd's dog.
4KellyRosaA forensic anthropologist.
 DanO'LearyTracy's friend. A lawyer.
 SunnieWitherspoonTracy's friend.
 Mr.HutchinsThe theater owner.
 FredDigasparroA barbershop owner.
5BertStanleyA volunteer from Washington's State Patrol Crime Scene Response Team.
 AnnaColesA volunteer from Washington's State Patrol Crime Scene Response Team.
8HarleyHoltA car mechanic.
9ChristianMattioliThe Cedar Grove mining company owner.
 JackFratesThe boy that Tracy kissed.
 AbbyCrosswhiteSarah and Tracy's mother.
11RickCerraboneTracy's colleague.
 AndrewLaubTracy's lieutenant.
12Vern The mountain expert. Roy's acquaintance.
 EdmundHouseSarah's alleged killer. A rapist.
13ParkerHouseEddie's uncle.
15Mr.KaufmanTracy's neighbor.
 PeterKaufmanMr. Kaufman's son. Sarah's classmate.
16ArthurThorensonThe funeral owner.
 DarrenThorensonArthur's son.
 AbbyBeckerDarren's wife.
 MarybethFergusonOne of Sarah's best friends.
 PeterLyonThe minister.
 Gary Sunnie's husband.
 TonySwansonTracy's former schoolmate.
17JohnWatersThe first National's President.
18RyanHagenThe witness on Sarah's case.
21Sherlock One of Dan's dogs.
 Ex-lax One of Dan's dogs.
 Rex One of Dan's dogs.
 Mrs.AllenDan and Tracy's former teacher.
22DeAngeloFinnEdmund House's defense attorney.
 SeanLawrenceThe judge on Sarah's case.
 MillieFinnDeAngelo's wife.
23Sullivan A judge.
24MargaretGiesaThe detective in charge of Sarah's case.
29JohnnyNolascoThe chief of investigations.
 FloydHattieTracy's former partner.
 MariaVanpeltAn investigative reporter.
 JerryButtermanThe Cedar Grove's principal.
30BennettLeeThe public information officer.
31CarolHoltCarol and Greg's son.
32Roger Tracy's cat.
35GeorgeBovineAnnabelle's father.
 AnnabelleBovineThe girl that Edmund raped.
   Part 2
37BurleighMeyersThe judge that Dan met.
42ErikGiesaMargaret's husband.
43BobFitzsimmonsThe managing partner of the company that constructed hydroelectric dams.
 VernDownieThe man who led Sarah's search.
48HarrisonScottOne of Dan's witnesses.
 WilliamBlackstoneA Jurist.
52PhilRonkowskiA firemen.
54Dirk Ronkowski's colleague.
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