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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
 CarlSandburgAn American poet.
 AnnaFitzgeraldProtagonist. Aka: Anna, Jane Doe.
 JesseFitzgeraldAnna's older borther.
 Sedona The new girl in Anna's school.
 KatherineFitzgeraldAnna's dying sister. Anna's siamese twin. Aka: Kate.
 CampbellAlexanderThe lawyer Anna asked help from.
 KerriDonatelliCampbell's secretary.
 DylanJeromeCampbell's former client.
 SaraFitzgeraldAnna's mother.
 BrianFitzgeraldSara's husband. Anna's father.
 SuzanneCroftonSara's sister. Aka: Zanne.
 Dr.WayneKate's doctor.
 Dr.FarquadOne of Kate's doctors.
 DonThurmanBrian's former classmate.
 LucyThurmanDon's wife.
   Part 2
 Paulie Brian's workmate.
 Caesar Brian's workmate.
 Red Brian's workmate.
 Dr. HarrisonChanceOne of Kate's doctors. The oncologist.
 Mrs.TooheyAnna's teacher.
   Part 3
 Judge Campbell's dog.
 Ophelia A waitress Campbell's flirting with.
 VernStackhouseThe sheriff.
 JudgeDeSalvoThe Judge at Anna's trial.
 DenaDeSalvoJudge DeSalvo's daughter. Deceased.
 Mr.OllincottAnna's social studies teacher.
 KyleMcfeeAnna's friend.
 DuracellDanA homeless man. A vietnam veteran.
 Dr.NguyenOne of Kate's doctors.
   Part 4
 NadyaCarterA news reporter.
 Donna An oncology nurse.
 JuliaRomanoAnna's guard ad litem. Campbell's lover. Aka: Jewel.
 IsobelRomanoJulia's sister. Aka: Izzy.
 Sylvia Julia's oven.
 Smilia Julia's fridge.
 Janet Izzy's ex-lover.
 Trixie A polar bear at the zoo.
 Norton A polar bear at the zoo.
 Kobe Trixie's cub.
 ErnieFishkillerCampbell's client.
 TommyBoudreauxAn ice hockey player at Detroit Redwings.
   Part 5
 JimmyStredboeAnna's schoolmate.
 OrphanAnnieJimmy's rat.
 Seven The bartender Julia met.
   Part 6
 Hercules Kate's goldfish.
 Ethan Anna's friend.
 Mittie Mallory's mother.
 Mallory Anna's friend.
 MarthaStewartAn American executive.
   Part 7
 EldieBriggsAn 87-year-old woman that Brian rescued.
 Dr. PeterBergenChairman of the medical ethics board at Providence Hospital.
 LuigiRavioliJulia's uncle.
 JudgeNewbellA judge. Owner of the car that Jesse stole.
 Bruce The prosecutor.
   Part 8
 Mr.HumeAnna's science teacher.
 Anthony Julia's brother.
 Alejandro The infant who survives the longest fall.
 RoySullivanA man who survived the 7 lightning strike.
 Mrs.ZegnaOwner of the burned house.
 MadameAgnesThe Fitzgeralds's neighbor with cataract eyes.
   Part 9
 Steph The nurse who gave Kate her first induction of arsenic.
 SarahTentingThe ice hockey goalie on team USA.
 CoachUlrichtThe ice hockey coach.
   Part 10
 TaylorAmbroseKate's fellow cancer patient.
 JennaAmbroseTaylor's mother.
   Part 11
 Dr.Beata-NeauxA child psychiatrist.
   Part 12
 StephenScarpinioAnna's classmate.
 Mrs.CuthbertAnna's teacher.
 DarrenHongAnna's classmate.
 OrianaBertheimAnna's classmate.
   Part 13
 ArethaFranklinA cabinet member.