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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
 KathyH.The long-time carer. Protagonist.
 Ruth The donor that Kathy H chose. Kathy's childhood friend.
 Tommy Kathy's childhood friend.
 JennyB.One of Kathy's classmates.
 Laura One of Kathy's friends.
 Hannah One of Kathy's classmates.
 Graham One of Kathy's classmates.
 MissJodyOne of the teachers.
2Trisha The nurse. Aka: Crow Face.
 Mr.ChristopherOne of the guardians.
 ReggieD.One of the students.
 Christy The girl who's good in Poetry.
 PeterB.One of the students.
 MissGeraldineThe art teacher. Kathy's favorite teacher.
 MissEmilyThe head guardian.
 Mr.RobertOne of the guardians.
 ArthurH.One of Tommy's enemies.
 Alexander J.One of Tommy's friends.
 PeterN.One of Tommy's friends.
 MissLucyThe most sporting of the guardians at Hailsham. Aka: Lucy Wainright.
 Matilda Kathy's friend.
3AmandaC.Kathy's former classmate.
 Mr.RogerKathy's teacher.
 Madame A Hailsham benefactor. Aka: Marie-Claude.
 Mr.FrankThe spelling teacher.
4Roy One of the students.
 SylvieC.The student who gets caught by Miss Emily.
 Thunder Ruth's horse.
 Bramble One of Ruth's horses.
5MissEileenThe guardian that Kathy disliked.
 MargeK.The student that Kathy punished.
 Mr.GeorgeThe poetry teacher.
 MoiraB.Kathy's dorm mate.
 Christopher C.One of the monitors.
6Midge Ruth's classmate.
7Peter J.One of Miss Lucy's students.
 GaryB.The student who has an unbelievable appetite.
8PatriciaC.Kathy's schoolmate.
 JennyC.Rob D's girlfriend.
 RobD.Jenny C's boyfriend.
 Mr.JackThe teacher who caught Jenny and Rob having sex.
 AnnetteB.One of the students.
 Mr.ChristopherThe guardian that Annette likes.
 SharonD.Harry's ex-girlfriend.
9CynthiaE.Kathy's art classmate.
   Part 2
10Keffers The caretaker of the Cottage.
 Chrissie A veteran who lives in the cottage.
 Rodney Chrissie's boyfriend. A veteran. Aka: Rod.
11  Dave's Stump - The tree stump outside the black barn.
 Steve The boy in the cottage who has a porn collection.
 Charley A student who lives in the cottage.
12JamesJoyceAn Irish novelist.
 Ruth's possible Ruth's alleged clone. The woman who works at an open-plan office in Norfolk.
13Fiona One of the veterans.
 Martin A carer in Norfolk. Chrissie and Rodney's friend.
15JudyBridgewaterA musical artist.
 Hughie The student with whom Kathy has a one-night stand.
16GordonC.The student of Hailsham who lives at the Cottage.
 Lenny Kathy's ex-boyfriend.
   Part 3
21George The big Nigerian man.
 JamesMorningdaleThe scientist.
23SussanaC.The sales monitoring agent.