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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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 JeffersonKyle KiddProtagonist. aka: Kep-Dun, Captain Kidd.
 BrittJohnsonCaptain Kidd's agent.
 PaintCrawfordBritt's crew.
 DennisCuretonBritt's crew. aka: Dennis Crawford.
 JamesMaxwellBritish physicist.
 JohannaLeonbergerA kiowa captive. aka: Chohenna.
 AgentHammondMan who ransomed Johanna.
 WilhelmLeonbergerJohanna's uncle.
 AnnaLeonbergerJohanna's aunt.
 Jan Johanna's father. Deceased.
 Greta Johanna's mother. Deceased.
3RandallThompsonCaptain Kidd's captain during years in the military. Deceased.
 ShermanFosterCaptain Kidd's co-soldier.
 HezekiahPittThe soldier who replaced Thompson as Captain.
   Tackies - Little Florida horses.
 PresidentTylerThe President who started the 2nd world war with Mexico.
  BranholmeLawyer in Main Plaza.
 Maria LuisaBetancort Y RealCaptain Kidd's wife.
 Policarpio Maria Luisa's milkman. aka: Poli.
 CaptainWalkerCaptain of Texas Rangers.
 Taylor The man who made Captain Kidd a captain.
 Jose MarianoPolitician. Aka: Jose Mariano Martin Buenaventura Ignacio.
4Pasha Captain Kidd's packhorse.
6SimonBoudlinThe fiddler.
 DorisDillonThe woman who accompanied Johanna. Simon's friend.
  EveretsonIll lady.
7Mrs.GannetMr. Gannet's widow.
 Mr.GannetA soldier who died in war.
 Mrs.CamahanMrs. Gannet's friend.
8Thurber Owner of a news and printing establishment.
9Billy The clerk.
 Olympia Captain Kidd's duaghter.
 Elizabeth Captain Kidd's daughter.
 Mason Olympia's husband.Deceased.
 Emory Elizabeth's husband. aka: One-Hand man.
 Henri H.Betancort GorazMaria Luisa's father.
10GovernorDavisSouthern Democrat leader.
 Almay The blond man who wanted Johanna to buy her a drink.
13CynthiaParkerWoman who starved herself to death.
14SamuelHammondIndian agent.
15J.D.AllanThe proprietor or guns.
 JohnCalleySeventeen-year-old boy Captain Kidd met at Durand.
 Penelope John's hen/
 JohnWilkesFarmer who owns penelope and camilla.
16Mrs.BeckerCaptain Kidd's acquaintance.
17MerritHorrellTom's brother.
 Tom HorrellMerrit's brother.
 MartHorrellTom and Merrit's brother.
 BenjaminHorrellTom and Merrit's brother.
 SamHorrellTom and Merrit's brother.
18BiancaBabbGilr who was brought to the Indian Territory by his grandfather.
 Alphonse An asteroid named Lydia and the earl of rosse.
 Borelly An asteroid named Lydia and the earl of rosse.
20Adolph The messenger.
21Senorde LaraAn expert in Spanish colonial. Captain Kidd's friend.
 Kontah Johanna's grandfather.
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