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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1MariaPerezElisa's sister.
 ElisaPerezOne of the narrators. Daughter of a Sugar Baron.
 IsabelPerezElisa's eldest sister.
 Alberto Isabel's fiancĂ©.
 BeatrizPerezElisa's sister.
 MagdaVillarealThe Perez Girl's nanny.
 FidelCastroThe Cuban communist revolutionary.
 EmilioPerezA wealthy and powerful man in Cuba. Perez Girl's father.
 FulgencioBatistaThe current Cuba President.
 ChristopherColombusAn Italian explorer and navigator.
 MarisolFerreraOne of the Narrator. Elisa's granddaughter.
 DanielaFerreraMarisol's sister.
 LuciaFerreraMarisol's sister.
 AnaRodriguezElisa's best friend.
2LuisRodriguezAna's grandson. Marisol's lover.
 CheGuevarraA Cuban Revolutionary. Pablo's friend. Aka: Ernesto Guevarra.
3BennyMoreA Cuban singer.
 PabloGarciaElisa's lover. Marisol's biological grandfather.
 Guillermo The host of the party. Elisa's acquaintance.
5JoseMartiA Cuban poet.
 CeliaCruzA singer.
 CaridadRodriguezLuis's mother. Ana's daughter-in-law.
 CristinaRodriguezLuis's wife.
6  Organizacion Autentica - An ill-fated group of guerilla fighters.
   Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil - A group of the students in the University of Havana.
 AlejandroPerezElisa's brother.
7  DRE - Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil.
8ArturoAcostaA Mexican general.
10Hugo ChavezFormer President of Venezuela.
 RaulCastroFirst Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba.
 JoseMartiThe father of Cuban Independence.
   Havana Hilton - Fidel Castro's former headquarters and home.
12Andres RiveroAgueroBatista's candidate for president who wins mysteriously.
20GerardoMachadoGeneral of the Cuban war of Independence.
 Dr. ManuelU. LleoA lawyer that Fidel named as the provisional president.
26El Vaquerito Pablo's revolutionary leader. Aka: Roberto Rodriguez Fernandez.
 Blas RocaCalderioHead of the pre-1959 revolution communist party of Cuba.
29Jose MiroCardonaFormer Prime Minister of Cuba.
31Diana Beatriz's longtime housekeeper.
 JuanFerreraMarisol's grandfather. Elisa's husband.
 MiguelFerreraJuan and Elisa's son.
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