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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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Pro  Birnekau - The Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
 FrancoisMauriacA French writer and Nobel Laureate.
 JeromeLindonThe legendary head of Editions de Munit.
 EliezerWieselNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Ellie.
 Koch The notorious sadistic monster of Buchenwald.
 MarionWieselEllie's wife.
1Moishe C.BerkowitzJack of all trades. Aka: Moishe The Beadle.
   Shibtl - The Jews of Sighet.
3Maimonides A Jewish philosopher.
 HildaWieselEllie's sister.
 BeaWieselEllie's sister.
 TziporaWieselEllie's youngest sister.
6Maika The young girl who lay dying for three years.
 Tobie The tailor who begged to die before his sons were killed.
 AdolfHitlerThe leader of Nazi Group.
 MiklosHorthyThe regent.
11EzraMalikOwner of the garden where Ellie studied Talmudic treatise.
13BatiaReichEllie's relative who lives in their house.
19Mendel Ellie's uncle.
 Maria Ellie's former maid.
22Mrs.SchachterEllie's co-prisoner.
 SSOfficerThe commanding officer in Birnekau.
31Dr. JosefMengeleA physician in Birnekau.
   SS - German Schutzstaffel.
34BelaKatzThe son of the merchant in Ellie's town.
 MeirKatzShlomo's friend.
 Yehiel The sigheter rebbe's brother.
36Stern Ellie's co-prisoner.
42Stein Ellie's relative that they met at Birnekau.
 Reizel Niece of Ellie's mother.
44AkibaDrummerA singer at Buna.
45  Buna - The Monowitz Concentration Camp. Ellie's new camp.
50Juliek Ellie's neighbor at Buna. A musician.
 Louis Ellie's neighbor at Buna. A musician.
 Hans Ellie's neighbor at Buna.
 Franek Ellie's neighbor at Buna.
 Yossi Ellie's groupmate at Buna.
 Tibi Ellie's groupmate at Buna.
51Alphonse Ellie's leader.
52Idek Ellie's Kapo at Buna.
85Zalman A prisoner from Poland who was marching beside Ellie.
89RabbiEliahuThe head of a small congregation at Poland. Ellie's co-prisoner.
101ShlomoWeislerEllie's father.
113Gustav The Blockalteste.