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Characters By Chapters
Ry Smith
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1   Jack   Reacher   Army Major. Medal winner. Main guy.
    General   Garber   Reacher's boss.
    Casey   Waterman   FBI.
    John   White   CIA.
    Alfred   Ratcliffe   National Security Advisor.
2   Dr. Marian   Sinclair   Senior Deputy to Ratcliffe.
3   Frances   Neagley   Sergeant. Works for Reacher.
5       Landry   Waterman's guy (FBI).
        Vanderbilt   White's guy (CIA).
8       Griezman   Hamburg Chief of Detectives.
9   Colonel   Bartley   Infantry commander.
11   Helmut   Klopp   Man in bar who saw key meeting. Hamburg Supervisor.
15   Manuel   Orozco   Special investigator friend of Reacher. Formerly with US 110th.
18   Rob   Bishop   CIA Head of Station at Hamburg Consulate.
23       Dremmler   Owner or shoe importing firm. Right wing leader.
        Muller   Policeman in traffic division. Right wing member.
28       Coleman   Wiley's boss in the Army.
30   Wolfgang   Schlupp   Coordinates fake driver's licenses. Right wing member.
31   Arnold Peter   Mason   Sergeant friend of Wiley in 1955.
33   Wilson T.   Helmsworth   1st Lieutenant with explosives knowledge.