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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Hedvig VolkbeinA Viennese woman of great strenght and military beauty.
 Felix Hedvig's only son.
 Guido IVolkbeinHedvig's husband.
 Louis XIV King of France.
 QueenVictoriaFormer Queen of the United Kingdom.
 Madamede SevigreA French writer.
 PrincessNadjaA Princess of the Kingdom of Liones.
 FrauMannDuchess of Broadback.
 OnatorioAltamonteA Count.
 MatthewO'ConnorAn Irishman from Barbary Coast. A doctor.
 Nikka A nigger who used to fight a bear in Cirque de Paris.
 Prince ArthurTudorSon of King Henry VII.
 NoraFloodAn Education Director for the James Walton Fund.
 Rutebeuf A French poet.
 Mussulman Hired a silly woman to reduce the hour to its minimum.
 Luther A brillant but emotionally impulsive detective.
 Leo X Second son of Lorenzo the Magnificent. A cardinal.
 Queen Anne Queen of Great Britain.
 Mademoiselle BasquetteA girl without legs.
2RobinVoteThe one who Felix proposed to.
 FrancisJosephAn Emperor of Austria.
 Charles I A monarch of England.
 Louisede la ValliereA mistress of Louis XIV of France.
3Llewellyn Nora's great-uncle.
4JennyPetherbridgeWidow. Middle-aged woman married four times.
 Judy Jenny's acquaintance.
 Marchesade SpadaA very old rheumatic woman.
 Sylvia An English girl.
5Gurus An Indian teacher.
 JohnChrysostomoAn Archbishop of Constantinople.
 Montaigne A significant philosopher of the French Renaissance.
 JohnDonneAn English poet and cleric in the church of England.
 RobertSchumannA German composer and an influential music critic.
 BenvenutoCelliniAn Italian goldsmith.
 Cibber An English actor-manager.
 Periander Second Tyrant of Cypselid dynasty that ruled over Corinth.
 Melissa Periander's wife.
 Poniatovsky A Polish leader who became a Marshal of the French Empire.
6DukeAlexanderA dynast of the Russian Empire.
7Octavius A Roman politician.
 Guido II Felix's son.
 Madamede StaelA French woman of letters of Swiss origin.
 Tuppeny An old-time girl.
 Don Anticolo A young tenor from Beirut.
 Catherinethe GreatEmpress of Russia.