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Christina Hale
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   Part One
 AlexandraCormierA superior court judge. Josie's mother.
 JosephineCormierAlex's daughter. Peter's former close friend.
 MatthewRoystonJosie's boyfriend. Aka: Matt.
 MadeleineShawCourtney's sidekick. One of Peter's victims. Aka: Maddie.
 DrewGirardMatt's friend.
 TreyMcKenzieMatt's friend.
 JohnEberhardMatt's friend.
 PatrickDucharmeThe sole detective of Sterling Police.
 EddieOdenkirkPatrick's workmate.
 TaraFrostNina's daughter. Patrick's goddaughter.
 NinaFrostTara's mother. Patrick's bestfriend.
 BradyPryceA football player. Josie's friend.
 HaleyWeaverBrady's girlfriend. Homecoming queen in Sterling High.
 EdwardMcCabePeter's math teacher. One of Peter's victims. Aka: Ed.
 JudgeWagnerAlex's colleague.
 JudgeGerhardtAlex's colleague.
 Mr.O'ReillyThe defendant who flirted with Alex.
 LacyHoughtonAlex's midwife and friend. Peter's mother.
 Janine Lacy's patient.
 PeterHoughtonLacy's son. The school shooter who killed 10 students.
 NatalieZlenkoOne of Peter's victims. The President of Glaad Club.
 CourtneyIgnatioAlpha female at Sterling High. One of Peter's victims.
 AngelaPhlugNatalie's friend. The weird girl who was bullied.
 FionaKierlandFreshman at Sterling High.
 MichaelBeachFreshman at Sterling High.
 JustinFriedmanMichael's friend. One of Peter's victims.
 DustySpearsA basketball coach at Sterling High.
 LewisHoughtonLacy's husband. Peter's father.
 ZoePattersonMr. McCabe's student. One of Peter's victims.
 ChiefO'RourkePatrick's superior.
 LoomisBronchettiAlex's former client.
 LoganRourkeJosie's father. Alex's trial advocacy professor and lover.
 ElaineChaoThe head of the Department of Labor.
 NadyaSaranoffOne of Alex's former clients.
 Jarvis Patrick's colleague.
 DianaLevenAn assistant attorney general in Boston.
 WhitakerObermeyerOne of Peter's victims.
 KaitlynHarveyOne of Peter's victims.
 EmmaAlexisOne of Peter's victims. A beautiful girl in Sterling High.
 MinHorukaOne of Peter's victims. Exchange student from Tokyo.
 GuntherFrankensteinA state medical examiner. Patrick's friend.
 ArthurMcCallisterThe school principal at Sterling High.
 TopherMcPheeOne of Peter's victims. The school's pot dealer.
 GraceMurtaughOne of Peter's victims. Daughter of a local minister.
 JordanMcAfeePeter's lawyer.
 SelenaMcAfeeJordan's wife.
 ThomasMcAfeeJordan's son on his first marriage.
 SamMcafeeJordan and Selena's baby.
 JosephHoughtonPeter's brother. Deceased. Aka: Joey.
 LinusFroomAlex's client.
 WhitHobartAlex's former boss in the public defender's office.
 Teddy Alex's former client.
 JeanneShaheenA young democratic governor.
 Ishmael Clerk in Alex's office.
 JoanMcCabeEd's sister.
 ErvinPeabodyCollege Psychiatry professor.
 MissRitolliJosie's former teacher. One of Peter's victim's.
 SelmaAbernathyPatrick's favorite technician.
 MeredithVieraA news anchor.
 AnnCurryA news reporter.
 RavenNapalmLead singer of the band "Death Wish".
 RomanNelsonThe senator in South Dakota.
 Mrs.EdgarOne of the teachers in Sterling High.
 CharlesAlbertThe judge in Peter's case.
 Liz The groundskeeper. Alex's friend.
 YvetteHarveyKaitlyn's mother.
 Mr.RoystonMatt's father.
 Carnivore Peter's cellmate.
 HughMacQuarieThe chairman of the Econ Department.
 Orestes Peter's friend.
 AustinProkiovOne of Peter's victims.
 Mrs.McDonaldPeter's art teacher.
 Mrs.RasmussinPeter's former teacher.
 KellyGamboniA victim of gang-rape. Lacy's patient.
 DerekMarkowitzPeter's friend. A computer wizard.
 Mr.YarbrowskiPeter's soccer coach.
 DoloresKeatingPeter's former classmate.
 MarkIgnatioCourtney's father.
 PhilipO'SheaEd's gay partner.
 Eleanor Alex's clerk.
 DavidIannucciOne of the judges in Peter's case.
 Dozer Lacy's dog.
 MarciaClarkThe vet's assistant.
 Mrs.AracortA teacher-adviser to the cheerleaders.
 ArlissUndergrootA sheetrock installer.
 RodneyEakesA bank teller.
 Mr.CargrewPeter and Josie's boss. Owner of a xerox shop.
 JoeUrquhardtA Canadian banker.
 Mrs.SandringhamPeter's English teacher.
 Kurt Gay. Someone Peter met at a Gay Bar.
 Rico A bartender at the Gay Bar.
 Mrs.WahlThe librarian at Sterling High.
 JanetIsinghoffLacy's patient who doesn't want her as midwife.
 ElenaBattistaA girl who was doing research about bullying.
 KatieRiccobonoA wife who had plunged a knife to her husband's chest.
 KingWahA specialist in Battered Woman Syndrome.
 JoeRiccobonoKatie's abusive husband. Deceased.
 Dee DeeMarkowitzDerek's mother.
 Mr.WeatherballPeter's neighbor. A retired cop.
   Part Two
 Mr.AlstropAn architect. Potential juror in Peter's case.
 Mrs.WhyteThe school's gym secretary.
 CurtisUppergateA forencsic psychiatrist.
 LawrenceGhertzNeuropsychiatrist who examined Peter. Dr. King's colleague.