Characters - Alphabetical
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CharleyAsaubonMonkey's friend. Aka: Charles Albert Catch.
GeorgeBalehamAn agricultural worker. One of the witnesses on Bridget's case.
Arnold CharlesBishopMrs. Foster's neighbor. The mysterious man who wrote to Wexford.
RaymondBishopArnold's son.
RubyBranchMonkey's lover.
JeanBurdenMike's 1st wife.
JohnBurdenMike's son.
MikeBurdenThe police inspector. Reg's associate.
PatBurdenMike's daughter.
JanetCrantockJulian's mother.
JulianCrantockJohn's friend.
Mr.CrantockJulian's father.
Dr.CrockerThe police doctor.
PollyDaviesA policewoman.
GaryDeanJohn's friend.
Mrs.DeanGary's mother.
GregoryDevauxFriend of Genma's parents.
Ada MargaretFattenThe witness on Bridget's case.
MargaretFennMiss William's assistant.
Mrs.FinchMike's neighbor.
AugustineForbesWestmorland coroner.
Mrs.FosterOne of Lomax's patients.
Bernard VarneyFrenshamIvor's friend.
MissGarrettOne of Lomax's patients.
WalterHillThe man who offered Stella a lift.
GenmaLawrenceThe missing boy's mother.
JohnLawrenceThe missing boy.
MatthewLawrenceJohn's father.
Dr.LomaxA doctor in Chiltern Avenue.
MonkeyMatthewsAn ex-con.
IanMcDowellStewart's twin. One of John's playmates.
StewartMcDowellIan's twin.
Mrs.MitchellThe woman who gave information to the police.
LillianPottsThe Scott's chambermaid.
PeterRiversStella's father.
StellaRiversOne of the missing persons.
Mrs.RossOne of Lomax's patients.
AndrewRushworthOne of John's playmates.
EileenRushworthAndrew's mother.
LindaRushworthEileen and Bob's daughter.
PaulRushworthAndrew's brother.
RobertRushworthAndrew's father. Aka: Bob.
Bridgett MelindaScottMurdered.
EnaScottBridgett's mother.
RalphScottBridgett's father.
Ivor LionelSwanStella's stepfather.
Percival SwanIvor's uncle.
RodneySwanIvor Swan's father. A general.
RosalindSwanStella's mother.
Mrs.ThetfordMrs. Dean's cleaning lady.
ThomasThetfordWilliam's brother.
WilliamThetfordThe man who walked to the police station.
AdelaideTurnerFrensham's former fiancé.
LeonieWestA ballet dancer. Matthew's former lover.
SheilaWexfordWexford's daughter.
RegWexfrodThe police chief inspector.
HarryWildThe chief reporter of the Kingsmarksham courier.
MissWilliamsThe woman who runs Stella's school.
GraceWoodvilleJenny's sister.
Blain A dog breeder.
Camb The station sergeant.
Elsie Charley's niece.
Gates The station sergeant.
Griswold The chief constable.
Loring One of Wexford's associates.
Martin The station sergeant.
Peach One of Wexford's associates.