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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1 Fumio Miyota Protagonist.
Zachary Whitlock Fumio's best friend.
Kimiko Miyota Fumio's sister.
Flyer Fumio's dog.
2 Yasuo Miyota Fumio's father.
Sachiko Miyota Fumio's mother.
Mr. Petric The owner of Feed and Seed shop.
Mr. Sherman Mr. Petric's supplier.
3 Harold Harvey The Miyota's neighbor.
Suzey Belle Kimiko's doll.
Trixie Jean Kimiko's doll.
4 Robert Whitlock Zachary's father.
Doris Whitlock Zachary's mother.
Miss Lassiter Fumio and Zachary's teacher.
5 Mrs. Miyamoto Mr. Miyamoto's wife.
6 Dr. Valke A veterinarian.
7 Jacob Whitlock Zachary's old brother.
9 Kito Miyota Fumio's grandfather. Aka: Ojiisan.
11 Mr. Miyamoto One of Miyota's neighbors.
13 Joey Kato Fumio's classmate and neighbor.
Reyna Torres Fumio's new classmate.
14 Dirk Brown The boy who bullied Fumio.
15 Maizie The sheep.
17 Daishin Sachiko's brother.
Roosevelt The current U.S. President.
Etsu Kato Joey's older sister.
Mr. Kato Joey and Etsu's father. The President of the strawberry growers.
23 Tom Mix One of the great cowboys.
Gene Autry One of the great cowboys.
Roy Rogers One of the great cowboys.
Lee Powell An American actor.
Stanley One of the soldiers.
Dub One of the soldiers.
25 Margaret Stone The captain. The nurse supervisor of Owens Valley reception.
26 Ed Driscoll Mr. Harvey's cousin. Aka: Driz.
Verna Fay Driscoll Driscoll's wife.
27 Charlie Summers A contractor.
Hoppy The carpenter that Fumio befriended. Aka: Dusty.
Sam Joey's cousin.
30 Mr. Torres Reyna's father. Whitlock's helper.
31 Toyo Miyatake The man that Fumio met.
Romeo Wilder The farm owner.
Hajime Toyo's nephew.
34 Grandfather George New hired helpers of Zachary's family.
G New hired helpers of Zachary's family.
36 Mrs. Torres Reyna's mother.
38 Anna Montero Mr. Montero's niece.
Mr. Montero Anna's uncle.
39 Mr. Miller The principal.
40 Mr. Chihara The block manager.
Mr. Griffith Dusty's boss.
Mr. Matsumoto The superintendent of the orphanage.
Mrs. Matsumoto Mr. Matsumoto's wife.
42 Miss McCarren The camp's teacher.
Amabe Hajime's master of Taiko Dojo.
Masato One of Amabe's students.
43 Mr Seiki A Bainbridge Island neighbor.
44 Yushi Kato Joey's younger brother.
47 Jiichan Ryono An esteemed elder of the terminal island community.
54 Peter The boy that Fumio met.
Okes The boy that Fumio met.
Oshiro Wakatsami's assistant.
Wakatsami The dojo master.
Haruo Sawada A junior at Dojo Minidoka.
59 Takujo Otani Mrs. Otani's husband. Aka: Tak.
Mrs. Otani Fumio's employer.
Paul Mrs. Otani's neighbor.
63 Lincoln The man that Flyer met. Aka: Link.
64 Ralph One of the workers.
Mr. Shizuko The shop supervisor.
65 Mr. Bevington The man who accompanied Flyer at the train.
Charlie Mr. Bevington's friend.
Rex Mr. Bevington's friend.
Louie Mr. Bevington's friend.
Miss Cora The woman that Flyer met at the river.
Wes Cora's companion.
66 Apple The horse.
67 Katsuya Katsumoto Kito's former colleague. Aka: Kats.
68 Earl The driver.
70 Beauregard The boy Flyer took shelter from in the middle of the storm. Aka: Bo.
Florence Bo's aunt.
Beauregard McCallum Sr. Bo's father.
Mrs. McCallum Bo's mother.
Mr. James McCallum's employer.
Goldie Mr. James's horse.
Pete Finn The editor of the paper.
Theodore Nikomura The farmer that Flyer met. Aka: Ted.
71 Beatrice Ted's dog.
72 Calvin Mr. Driz's friend.
75 Ken The photographer.
Gilbert Yohei The foreman.
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