Characters - Alphabetical
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LewisBentLiam's former student.
BundyBraithwaiteLiam's friend. A teacher.
IshmaelCopeOne of Dr. Morrow's patients. A billionaire.
EuniceDunsteadMr. Cope's assistant.
SamuelDunsteadEunice's father.
JaniceElmerLiam's acquaintance.
BobHunstlerThe man who called 911 during Liam's accident.
EstherJoBard's lover.
ChickenLittleDeirdre's boyfriend.
BrianMedleyThe newly-hired teacher.
BuddyMorrowLiam's former student.
Dr.MorrowBuddy's father.
DamianO'DonovanKitty's boyfriend. A drug addict.
BardPennywellLiam's father.
JuliaPennywellLiam's sister.
KittyPennywellLiam's daughter. Damian's daughter.
LiamPennywellThe teacher who lost his job. Protagonist.
LouisePennywellBarbara and Liam's daughter.
MilliePennywellLiam's 1st wife. Deceased.
XanthePennywellLiam's oldest daughter.
Dr.RodriguezLiam's doctor.
NormanSimmonsEunice's husband.
BootsieTwillLamont's mother.
Lamont EdwardTwillThe guy who attacked Liam.
BrucieWinstonThe student who got caught for selling drugs. Liam's former student.
Dr.WoodThe hospitalist.
Barbara Liam's ex-wife.
Deb One of Liam's neighbors.
Debbie The waitress.
Deirdre Jonah's babysitter.
Dougall Louise's husband.
Eddie A grocery store owner.
Howie Liam's hound dog.
Jonah Louise and Dougall's son. Liam's grandson.
Leonard Liam and Julia's uncle.
Madigan Barbara's 2nd husband. Deceased.
McPherson The hiring and firing in charge at Cope's company.
Melanie Dr. Morrow's cashier.
Naomi Bundy's former fiancé.
Verity Dr. Morrow's receptionist.