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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Emily E.DickinsonProtagonist. aka: Miss Nobody.
 LaviniaDickinsonEmily Dickinson's pretty sister. aka: Vinnie.
 Emily'sGrandfatherOne of the Founders of Amherst College.
 EdwardDickinsonEmily and Vinnie Dickinson's father.
 Mr.NobodyA handsome stranger that Emily Dickinson met.
2Mrs.DickinsonEmily's mother.
 Mr. HiriamCosleyOwner of area where one of the slaves got bitten by a mad dog.
 Mr.BanburyEmily Dickinson's neighbor.
 Jasper Edward Dickinson's horse.
 Dr.GridleyDickinson's Family Physician.
 Mr.MageeThe Blacksmith.
 Mr.RipleyMr. Edward Dickinson's clerk.
3AbiahRootEmily Elizabeth Dickinson's neighbor.
 Mrs.ChildA Book Author.
 MaryKatherineDickinson's Maid.
 Colton The Reverend in First Congregational Church.
4Chapman A Police Constable.
 Mrs.ElmstreeA woman whose cow got stolen.
5AustinDickinsonEmily Elizabeth Dickinson's older brother.
6Mr.CutlerOwner of a Clothing Store.
 Mr. SamuelWentworthA Beekeeper.
7Ralph WaldoEmersonA Poet.
 HenryLangstonViolet Langston's son / Samuel Wentworth's nephew.
9JeremiahWentworthSamuel Wentworth's brother / Deceased.
 VioletW. LangstonJeremiah Wentworth's sister / Ursula Langston's mother.
 JamesWentworthJames Wentworth's son.
10UrsulaLangstonEmily Elizabeth Dickinson's classmate in Amherst Academy.
 Stanley Emily Elizabeth Dickinson's cousin.
11CharlesLangstonViolet Langston's husband.
 HoraceGoodmanOwner of Mr. Nobody's clothes.
12Mrs.HitchcockThe Amherst College President's wife.
 Mrs.GilbertA Bank Owner's wife.
15JaneGridleyLavinia Dickinson's friend.
19Bridget Mary Katherine's sister.