Characters - Alphabetical
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EdwardAbbeyAmerican author and essayist.
WilliamAlexanderGerman painter and television host. aka: Bill Alexander.
HadjiAliEgyptian regurgitation performer.
SameerAliOne of Linda's friends.
TomAndersonA full-time electrician.
Roger WardBabsonA financial oracle.
MoninaBakerFormer employee of Empire.
JeffBezosCEO of Amazon.
HarrodBlankA Berkeley filmmaker.
DonnaBonnettOne of CamperForce prospective employees.
PaulBowlesAmerican composer, writer, translator.
PeterBradyAn economist of the Investment Company Institute.
Mr.BrownLinda May's acquaintance.
TaraBurnsA sex worker in a '98 Chevy Astro.
KellyCalmesAn administrator for the program in Campbellsville.
DaleCarnegieAmerican writer and lecturer.
KarrenChamberlenA former bus driver.
CharlieChaplinBritish comic actor and filmmaker.
LindaChesserFormer Washington State University academic adviser.
AlChristensenA former advertising art director.
AaronConstableA factory's maintenance foreman.
JoyceCooleyOne of CamperForce prospective employees.
PhilipCushmanThe president of the local chamber of commerce.
TrooperDanOne of the nomads.
KimyaDawsonAmerican musician.
RobinDe PealPhil's wife.
SilvianneDelmarsLinda's friend.
PhilDePealA forty-eight-year-old Desert Storm veteran.
JenDergeOne of Linda's friends.
KyndalDimonA cosmetologist
PattiDiPinoA CamperForce worker.
LaVonneEllisA sixty-seven-year-old writer.
GretchenErbOne of the workers at American Crystal Sugar.
ChrisFarleyAmerican actor and comedian.
William C.FooteThe Gypsum CEO.
PeterFoxA former driver in San Francisco.
Ida MaeFullerA retired legal secretary in Vermont.
AntoniGaudiSpanish architect.
TeresaGhilarducciAn economist and professor at the New School in New York City.
KhalilGibranLebanese-American writer, poet, and painter.
IrisGoldenbergAn Amazon CamperForce worker.
BrianGoreOne of the workers at American Crystal Sugar.
AlanGrahamThe founder of the organization.
LauraGrahamA CamperForce member who worked as a picker.
GrumpyGringoOwned a taco stand in Quartzsite.
BrianGubbDirector of Operational Solutions .
JoaquinGuzmanA drug lord. aka: El Chapo.
AshHaagOne of Linda's friends.
Jacob S.HackerYale political scientist.
KennyHarperA former employee of CamperForce.
TrishHayA fifty-nine-years-old living in a Nissan Sentra.
William LeastHeat-MoonAmerican writer.
John C.Heil IIIA press officer of The Forest Service.
ErnestHemingwayAmerican author and journalist.
LoriHicksLinda's acquaintance.
BeckyHillAn Isaiah 58 Project volunteer.
LindaHobbyMike's wife.
MikeHobbyA biker turned pastor.
AlJazeeraQatari television broadcaster.
JoannaJohnsonOne of a workampers.
HelenKellerAmerican author.
CarolKelleyAn eighty-year-old widow who ran a food pantry.
KenKeseyAmerican novelist, essayist, and counter cultural figure.
JonKrakauerAmerican writer and journalist.
AnneLaBastilleAmerican author and ecologist.
DonLaughlinOwner of the Riverside Casino.
CyndiLauperAmerican recording artist; singer, songwriter, actress and activist.
GeorgeLehrerOne of the nomads. aka: Tioga George.
JayLenoAmerican comedian.
ScottLindgrenA managing partner with temporary staffing firm.
ToniaLynchA factory supervisor.
DaleMaharidgeAmerican author, journalist.
Anna MarieMarksAn employee in the factory lab testing Sheetrock.
EricMartPresident of California Land Management.
ArmisteadMaupinAmerican writer.
LindaMayA campground host.
JimMelvinA former Lowe's appliance salesman.
WarrenMeyerPresident of Recreation Resource Management.
LoisMiddletonA sixty-two-year-old camper.
DanMoranA former supply chain manager.
MoniqueMorrisseyAn economist at Economic Policy Institute.
VincentMosemannSwankie's friend.
BrianNelsonOne of CamperForce prospective employees.
GeorgeNelsonOne of CamperForce prospective employees.
LesaNeSmithOne of the vandwellers.
OfficerNunezLaVonne's friend.
WilliamOslerA physician.
BillyOutlawOne of the campers.
HeleneOutlawOne of the campers.
ThomasPaineEnglish-born American political activist, and philosopher.
GaryPardekooperThe park's human resource director.
Peter JonesPerryA dachshund.
SharenPetersonOne of the nomads. aka: Chere.
CarolPettyOne of CamperForce prospective employees.
Mr.PicoOne of Linda's friends.
AtliPommerA former transit bus driver.
JohnPrineAmerican country singer/songwriter.
RonaldReagan40th president of the United States and actor.
RustyReedA military veteran.
MalvinaReynoldsAmerican folk singer.
MichaelReynoldsAmerican architect based in New Mexico.
MichaelReynoldsA New Mexico architect.
DavidRoderickA seventy-year old workamper.
SusanRogersA retired math teacher from Georgia.
Franklin D.Roosevelt32nd President of the United States.
JamesRortyAmerican radical writer and poet.
BertrandRussellFounding figure in the analytic movement in Anglo-American philosophy.
CalvinRyleThe quality control supervisor.
SharonScofieldOne of CamperForce prospective employees.
LeonardScottA former gas station owner.
Dr.SeussAmerican children's writer and illustrator.
AlanSimpsonFormer U.S. Senator from Wyoming.
RebeccaSolnitAuthor and essayist from United States.
MikeSpihlmanA gypsum plant's manager.
Lee WellingSquierA pension advocate.
JohnSteinbeckAmerican writer.
ChuckStoutA former employee at McDonalds Corporation.
CherylStrayedAmerican memoirist, novelist, essayist and podcast host.
MarthaSummerhayesA memoirist.
CharleneSwankieA sevety-year-old vandwelling guru. aka: Swankie Wheels.
DavidSwansonA former professional potter.
MarkThiermanA Reno attorney.
Henry DavidThoreauAmerican poet, essayist, naturalist, and abolitionist.
David A.ThornburgA writer.
J. R. R.TolkienBritish philologist and author of classic high fantasy works.
FrancisTownsendA California physician.
AnthonyTrollopeEnglish novelist and civil servant of the Victorian era.
ShihTzuA dog.
RobertUribeOne who opened a coffee shop in Douglas.
KatValentinoOne of the vandwellers.
MikeValentinoOne of the vandwellers.
BobVilaAmerican home improvement television host.
CathyVillalobosOne of the campground hosts from California Land Management.
GregVillalobosOne of the campground hosts from California Land Management.
RandyViningA writer.
Ottovon BismarckGerman statesman and Chancellor.
KurtVonnegutAmerican writer.
SamWaltonAn avid bird hunter.
DennisWeaverAmerican actor and former president of the Screen Actors Guild.
BobWellsA former Safeway shelf stocker from Alaska.
DonWheelerA former jet-setting software executive.
PaulWinerA bookstore owner.
Alex Kat and Mike's son.
Alice Dan's wife.
Anita Bob's wife.
Audra Linda's daughter.
Barb A music teacher.
Barbara Chuck's wife.
Bob An accountant for a timber products firm.
Bro Tara's dog.
Carl Linda's CamperForce's neighbor.
Charlie A former mechanic for a copper mining concern.
Chica A Chihuahua.
Coco One of Linda's dogs.
Collin Audra's husband.
Dale Riverside Casino's general manager.
Dan A former Walmart truck driver.
David Tioga George's son.
Donovan Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist.
Doodle One of Linda's dogs.
Ed A former motorcycle cop.
Gabbi Linda's granddaughter.
Gary One of Linda's fellow camp host partner.
Gizmo A Chihuahua.
Halen Name of the van.
Jordan Linda May's granddaughter.
Julian Linda's grandson.
Julio David's dog.
Kasper An African Grey parrot.
Kaylee Lori's dog.
Keith A minister with ten children.
Layla Silvianne's cat.
Lonnie Owner of Nalley's Pit Shop
Lonnie Jr. Lonnie's son.
Madison A Shih Tzu.
Pancho A lovebird.
Patricia Ed's wife. A former mail carrier.
Rizzo Don Wheeler's Jack Russell terrier.
Ron Iris' acquaintance.
Ronnie Alex's pet.
Rudy A handyman.
Russell Lori's son.
Sammy Patti's Chihuahua.
Scout A puppy.
Skittles A dog.
Timber Rusty's dog.
Valerie Linda May's younger daughter.
Wayne A painter.
Wendy One of the nomads.