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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  January 2011
 MarianneSheridanConnell Waldron's friend.
 ConnellWaldronA centre forward in football.
 Lorraine Connell's mother.
 PaulaNearyEconomics' teacher.
 Mr.LyonsA teacher.
2  Three Weeks Later February 2011
 Alan Marianne's brother.
 Karen Marianne's acquaintance.
 MissKeaneyA coach.
 AidanKennedyOne of the players.
 Mr.KerriganA history teacher.
 Eric One of Connell's friends.
 RobHegartyOne of Connell's friends.
4  Six Weeks Later April 2011
 Lisa One of the girls from the fundraising committee.
 RachelMoranThe most popular girl in school.
 Jack HynesEric's friend.
 KanyeWest American rapper.
 CurtisMayfieldAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Pat Eric's friend.
5  Two Days Later April 2011
 DeclanBreeAn Irish independent politician.
 Dr.O'MalleyA physician.
 DeniseSheridanMarianne's mother.
6  Four Months Later August 2011
 AnnieKearneyAn actress.
7  Three Months Later November 2011
 Gareth Connell's acquaintance.
 Niall Connell's roommate.
 Sinead Barry Kenny's sister.
 BarryKennyA Corporate Communications Manager.
8  Three Months Later February 2012
 RonaldReagan40th U.S. President.
 Peggy One of Marianne's friends.
 Joanna One of Marianne's friends.
 JamesConnollyA Scottish-born Irish republican and socialist leader.
 Teresa One of Marianne's friends.
 VanMorrison Singer-songwriter.
 Jamie One of Mariane's friends.
9  Two Months Later April 2012
 SophieWhelanConnell's friend.
11  Six Weeks Later September 2012
 Lorcan Teresa's boyfriend.
 CaoimhĂ­nKelleherAn Irish professional footballer.
  McGowanAn artist.
12  Four Months Later January 2013
 Helen BrophyA medical student.
13  Six Months Later July 2013
 Elaine Connell's acquaintance.
 Helen  Connell's girlfriend.
 EdwardSnowden American journalist.
 JamesSalterAmerican novelist.
 Frank O'HaraAmerican writer.
 Johannes VermeerDutch painter.
 Rory Helen's ex-boyfriend.
 DenisO'BrienAn Irish billionaire businessman.
14  Five Months Later December 2013
 Lukas Marianne's friend. An artist.
 Evelyn Joanna's girlfriend.
15  Three Months Later March 2014
 Yvonne A University counselor.
 Eileen Rob's mother.
 Val Rob's father.
 Sadie DarcyO'SheaEditor of the College Literary Journal.
16  Four Months Later July 2014
 StevenGerrardAn English professional football manager.
 NiamhKeenanThe girl at the bar.
17  Five Minutes Later July 2014
 IsaGleesonConnell's ex-girlfriend.
 ConorMcCreadyConnell's pseudonym.
18  Seven Months Later February 2015
 Jack Lisa's friend.
 CiaraHeffernanA senior analyst.