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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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 HarveyWensteinAn American Film Producer who was a sexual abuser.
 Aubrey HirschThe Author of the Essay.
 James Friend of the rape victim.
 Daniel The rapist in the first story.
 TheHeroA man who had sex with a drunk girl.
 Jordana Woman who invented a new kind of Rape-Prevention Underwear.
 Marc A man who walks from office to home everyday.
 Gina A woman who walks the same time with Marc.
 Carla A girl who is editing her online dating profile.
   Slaughter Island
 Kurt A Frat Guy with a Porsche who raped Jill Christman.
 Jill ChristmanThe Author of the Essay. aka: Carcass.
 GeorgeMichaelA famous singer.
 Jeff Jill's dorm friend.
 D Jill Christman's best girlfriend.
   & Truth is, I have no story.
 ClaireSchwartzThe Author of the Essay.
 TerrenceHayesAn American Poet and Educator.
 AudreLordeAn African-American Poet who died of breast cancer.
 JuneJordanAn African-American Poet who died of breast cancer.
 PatParkerAn African-American Poet who died of breast cancer
 JudithButlerAn American Philosopher.
 M Claire Schwartz's lesbian girlfriend.
 Anisha Claire Schwartz's friend.
 H Claire Schwartz's therapist.
   The Luckiest MILF in Brooklyn
 LynnMelnickThe Author of the Essay.
 BrandonTaylorThe Author of the Essay.
 W The Rapist.
 Arleane Brandon Taylor's Aunt.
   The Sun
 EmmaSmith-StevenThe Author of the Essay.
 A Man that Emma Smith-Steven asked if he wanted to have sex.
 B A's friend who had sex with Emma Smith-Steven.
   Sixty-Three Days
 A.JMcKennaThe Author of the Essay.
 JustineChangA man who talked about rape in lesbian communities.
 ArmandKayeA man who talked about rape in lesbian communities.
   Only the Lonely
 LisaMechamThe Author of the Essay.
   What I Myself
 VanessaMartirThe Author of the Essay.
 Millie Vanessa Martir's mother.
 Val Millie's uncle.
 VasiaMartirVanessa Martir's daughter.
 AllySheedyThe Author of the Essay.
 CharlotteSheedyAlly Sheedy's mother.
 Kai A young actress who played Lady Macbeth.
 Layla A young actress who played Lago in a scene from Othello.
 Michelle A young actress who played Lady Anne in Richard III.
   The Ways We Are Taught To Be A Girl
 xTx The Author of the Essay.
 Uncle****Friend of xTx's father.
 Mike Boyfriend of xTx's bestfriend.
 SoMayerThe Author of the Essay.
 UrsulaK. Le GuinAn American Novelist.
   The Life Ruiner
 NoraSalemThe Author of the Essay.
 The LifeRuinerAn 18yr old guy who sexually abused Nora Salem.
 MahmoudGarwishA Palestinian Poet.
 MaryRuefleAn American Poet.
 MaggieNelsonAn American Writer.
   PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
   All The Angry Women
 Lyz LenzThe Author of the Essay.
 Becky Lyz Lenz's sister.
 Cathy Lyz Lenz's sister.
 Sandy Lyz Lenz's acquaintance who was sexually abused.
   Good Girls
 Amy JoBurnsThe Author of the Essay.
   Utmost Resistance
 V.LSeekThe Author of the Essay.
   Bodies Against Borders
 MichelleChenThe Author of the Essay.
 ElviraGordilloA Human Rights Owner.
 Aziza A Migrant.
 AlisonGerardA Senior Lecturer in Justice studied.
 Raquel A Former Detainee from Central America.
 DonaldTrumpThe U.S President.
 KatieThomasA Psychologist.
   Wiping The Stain Clean
 GabrielleUnionThe Author of the Essay / Dwayne Wade's wife.
 NateParkerA Writer and a Director / Gabrielle Union's friend.
   What We Didn't Say
 LizRosemaThe Author of the Essay.
   I Said Yes
 AnthonyFrameThe Author of the Essay. aka: Tony.
 Josh High school Classmate of Anthony Frame.
 Stephen The smallest freshman on Anthony Frame's cross-country team.
 Fred Anthony Frame's friend.
 Matt Anthony Frame's friend.
 Aaron Anthony Frame's friend.
 Kate Josh's girlfriend.
   Knowing Better
 SamhitaMukhopadhyayThe Author of the Essay / A Feminist Activist.
   Not That Loud
 Miriam ZoilaPerezThe Author of the Essay.
 Adrienne MareeBrownAn Activist and a Writer that Miriam Zoila Perez interviewed.
   Why I Stopped
 ZoeMedeirosThe Author of the Essay.
 InigoMontoyaA man who kills the man who murdered his father.
   Picture Perfect
 SharisseTraceyThe Author of the Essay.
 CliffHuxtableA Fictional Character on the NBC Sitcom.
 Tate Child Pornographer in Pasadena.
 Robin Sharisse Tracey's friend.
 Andy Sharisse Tracey's next door neighbor.
 Bryant Sharisse Tracey's husband.
   To Get Out From Under It
 Stacey MayFowlesThe Author of the Essay.
 Nawal ElSaadawiA Feminist Writer.
   Reaping What Rape Culture Shows
 Elisabeth Fairfield-StokesThe Author of the Essay.
 SylviaWebbA Ficitonal Character who was raped and died.
 MichaelLandonAn American Actor.
   Invisible Light
 MeredithTalusanThe Author of the Essay.
 Paul A man Meredtih Talusan likes.
   Getting Home
 NicoleBoyceThe Author of the Essay.
   Why I Didn't Say No
 Elisa BassistThe Author of the Essay.
 AynRandElisa Bassist's favorite author.
 EmmaBovaryA Romantic Comedian.
 LauraMulveyA Film Theorist.
 SusanSontagAn American Writer.
 AnneCarsonA Canadian Poet.