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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   Deborah   Bell   A bride client.
    Louna   Barrett   Protagonist. Wedding planner. aka: Lulu
    William       Natalie's business partner, best friend and bride whisperer.
    Elijah   Bell   Deborah's father. The reverend.
    Lucas   Washington   Deborah's groom.
    Natalie   Barrett   Louna's mother. Wedding planner extraordinaire.
    Louis       Louna's father.
    Jilly   Baker   Louna's best friend.
    Malika       One of Deborah's bridesmaids. aka: Malina.
2   Crawford   Baker   Jilly's 10-year-old brother.
    Bean   Baker   Jilly's baby sister.
    Beatrice   Little   Eve's daughter. Ambrose's sister. A bride client.
    Eve   Little   A bride client.
    Ambrose   Little   Eve's son. Bee's brother.
3   Ethan   Caruso   Louna's first love.
    Margy   Love   A bride client.
    Miss   May   William's mother.
    Josef   Caruso   Margy's groom. Ethan's father. aka: Joe.
    Penny       Josef's deceased mother.
4   Kaitlyn   Baker   Jilly's twin 8-year-old sister. aka: Kitty.
    Katherine   Baker   Jilly's twin 8-year-old sister. aka: Kat.
    Steve   Baroff   A classmate.
    Demi       The girl Ambrose was talking to at his mother's.
    Kevin   Yu   Bee's fiancé.
    Phone   Lady   Girl who is always at Jump Java.
5   Eric       The boy Jilly introduced to Louna. aka: Jeff/Jughead.
    Grace       Tall, red-headed girl with freckles.
6   Didi       Ethan's aunt.
7   Charlotte   McDonald   A bride client.
    Milly       Ambrose crashed on her couch.
    Mrs.   Kirby   Owner of Kirby's, the flower shop.
    Ira       The dog Ambrose stole.
    Annika       Another one of Ambrose's redheads.
9   Ira (2)       Ring bearer at the Charlotte McDonald wedding.
    Julie       Maid of Honor at Charlotte McDonald wedding.
    Mr.   Bobkin   William's ex-boyfriend. Elinor Bobkin's father.
    Elinor   Bobkin   Louna's classmate in middle school.
    Elinor   Lin   A bride client.
10   Auden       Random girl at Midnight Shop.
    Lexi   Navigator   Pop singer.
    Sam       Ethan's friend.
    Nana       Ethan's grandmother.
11   Hajar       The girl Ambrose left with.
    Martin (1)       The boy who liked pinball machines and model trains.
    Emily       Owns the Stationery Store.
    Florence       Owns the Stationery Store. Julian's aunt.
    Devon       Mock UN guy Jilly met at the student government.
    Tyler       Devon's friend. Jilly set Louna up with him for dinner.
    Jenna       Basket girl.
12   Leo       Cashier at Jump Java. Writer. aka: Lumberjack.
14   Marlo   Wagner   A bride client.
    Liza       Nail technician.
15   Matt       Meat guy at Spice & Thyme.
    Jack       Guy from Turbo Taco.
    McCallum   McClatchy   Leo's professor. A writer.
    Melissa       Girl at Jack's party.
    Lauren       Leo's best friend.
    Patrick       Lauren's ex-boyfriend and best friend.
17   Michael   Salem   The guy Jilly met at a party.
    Mrs.   Lin   Eleanor Lin's mother.
    Ben   Reed   Louna's former classmate. Amy's former boyfriend, now ex.
    Amy   Tellman   Ben's longtime girlfriend, now ex.
    Albert   Lin   Elinor Lin's brother who played tennis with Ben.
    Mark       Elinor Lin's fiancé.
    Mr.   Partone   World Civics teacher.
18   Melissa   Scott   Daybreak USA host.
    Rachel   Quaker   A bride client.
    Drew   Tate   Daybreak USA meteorologist.
    Patrick   Williams   Daybreak USA reporter. Covered Brownwood Shooting.
    (Senior)   Richards   Spanish teacher.
    Ms.   Dimarcello   Art History Teacher.
19   Dr.   Kerr   A parent of a bride client.
20   Dan   Jersey   Daybreak USA News Anchor.
    Julian       A guy Louna went on a date with. Florence's nephew.
    Martin (2)       Food truck kid Louna went out with. Eloise's ex.
    Eloise       Martin's (2) ex.
    Maya       Lauren's cousin. Roger's fiancé.
    Roger       Maya's fiancé.
22   Delia       A caterer.
    John   Sheldon   A former CEO and author. Natalie met on the plane.
23   Steve       Brought pizza at Maya's wedding.
    Andrew       The friend who officiated Maya and Roger's wedding.
24   Amber   Dashood   A bride client.