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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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PRBobbyColeFrank's neighbor. Was killed on the railroad tracks.
1JakeDrumFrank's brother. aka: Howdy Doody.
 CleveBlakePolice officer.
 FrankDrumNarrator. Protagonist.
 Gus Mr. Drum's brother-like friend.
 Lizzie Frank's family car. A 1995 Packard Clipper car. Frank's favorite.
 Zelda Frank's family car. A studebaker.
 LittleLuluFrank's family car. A pontiac star.
 NathanDrumFrank's father. Minister.
 MorrisEngdahlPrisoner. Frank's acquaintance.
 Doyle Police officer.
 JimGantFirst deputy officer to respond on Cole's incident.
 Ariel LouiseDrumFrank and Steve's sister.
2RuthDrumFrank's mother.
 AvisSweeneyEdna's husband. A neighbor of the Drums.
 EdnaSweeneyAvis's wife. The woman Frank was spying on.
 Mrs.ColeBobby's mother.
3Mr.HaldersonDrugstore owner.
 BonTonBarber shop owner.
4Gregor County sheriff.
 Van derWaalFuneral home owner. Mortician.
 KarlBrandtAriel's boyfriend.
5AmeliaKlementChurch choir member. An alto.
 PeterKlementAmelia's son.
 ThaddeusPorterTown banker.
 TravisKlementAmelia's husband.
 EmilBrandtAriel's song teacher. Ruth's former fiance.
6AxelBrandtKarl's father. Emil's brother.
 JuliaBrandtKarl's mother.
 DannyO'KeefeFrank's friend. Indian.
7LiseBrandtEmil's deaf sister.
 AaronCoplandEmil's hollywood friend.
 ScottFitzgeraldEmil's famous author friend.
 JudyGarlandEmil's friend.
 FrancesGummEmil's friend.
8Elizabeth Frank's grandfather's secretary.
 Liz Frank's grandmother.
 EdFlorineMail man. A member of Mr. Nathan Drum's Congregation.
 JerryStoweNathan's friend. Couple Counselling Consultant.
9WarrenRedstoneDanny's great uncle. A troublemaker.
10AlbertGriswoldTown councilman. Deacon.
 LorraineGriswoldAlbert's wife. Choir organist.
12LeeKellyFrank's playmate. The kid who has bad breath.
14PeterDriscollNathan's companion. aka: Father Peter, Pete.
15Kaczamarek Owns a large farm.
 LorrieDiedrichFrank's first kiss.
16BobHartwigWeekly New Bremen Courier editor.
17CindyWestroomThe girl who won $25 in the essay writing contest.
18ZoleeHauptmannPolice officer.
 HansHoyleMorris's enemy.
19HectorPadillaCalled Mr. Frank for the meeting for the Migrant Workers Shelter.
 GladysRheingoldRuth's friend.
 JudyKleinschimidtMorris's girlfriend.
22ConradStephensThe Methodist district superintendent.
 Oscar Frank's grandfather.
23CordeliaLundgrenAriel's friend. Halderson's Drug cashier.
24BudSorensonLay reader.
27SimonGeigerThe Brandts's servant.
28Petrov Groundskeeper.
 Ivan Petrov's son. Frank's schoolmate.
 GingerFrenchGus's girlfriend.
32CoachMortensonMr. Baake's client.
 Dave Mr. Baake's client.
33LloydArvinGrave digger.
 MartySchoenfeldtOne of the kids playing baseball.
EPSam Axel and Julia's adopted child.