Characters - Alphabetical
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BerthaBabcockKayley's boss.
BobBergeesJim's brother.
MargaretBergeesBob's 2nd wife.
PamBergeesBob's 1st wife.
SusanBergeesBob's twin sister.
CharleneBibberFergus's ex-lover.
MarleneBonneyOlive's friend.
HelenBurgeesJim's wife.
JimBurgeesHelen's husband.
BrendaCallaghanKayley's elder sister.
EdCallaghanBrenda's husband.
KayleyCallaghanAn eighth grader girl. Bertha's cleaning lady.
CindyCoombsOlive's former student.
TomCoombsCindy's husband.
ElaineCroftJack's former lover.
AmyDaignaultIsabelle's daughter.
FishEyesThe policeman.
UncleGeorgeOlive's uncle.
BernieGreenThe Larkins's lawyer.
BernieGreenHenry's old acquaintance.
TomGrogerBetsy's ex-lover.
BetsyKennisonJack's dead wife.
CassieKennisonJack's daughter.
JackKennisonBetsy's husband. Olive's fiance.
AnnabelleKitteridgeChristopher's wife. Aka: Ann.
ChristopherKitteridgeOlive's son.
HenryKitteridgeOlive's dead husband.
HenryKitteridge Jr.Ann and Christopher's son. Olive's grandson. Aka: Little Henry.
ChristineLabbeMrs. Ringrose's classmate.
DoyleLarkinSuzanne's brother.
LouiseLarkinSuzanne's mother. Olive's neighbor.
RogerLarkinSuzanne's father.
SuzanneLarkinLouise's daughter.
MarieLevesqueDenny's lover.
AndreaL'RieuxThe poet laureate in United States.
EthelMacPhersonFergus's wife.
FergusMacPhersonEthel's husband.
LaurieMacPhersonThe MacPherson's daughter.
MissMinnieKayley's friend in the nursing home.
DoriePaigeThe girl Denny falls in love with.
MousyPantsThe woman from Shirley Falls. Aka: Isabelle Daignault.
BarbaraPaznikOlive's acquaintance.
DennyPelletierOlive's neighbor.
Dr.RabolinskiOlive's doctor.
PhilRingroseMrs. Ringrose's husband.
JerrySkylerThe former principal at Olive's school.
BuzzyStevensEdith's husband.
GaryTaylorElaine's companion.
Anita Cindy's sister-in-law.
Annabelle Ann's daughter.
Ashley Marlene's daughter's friend. The pregnant girl.
Betty The nurse's aide.
Doris Kayley's teacher.
Edith Olive's friend.
Ernie Jim and Helen's grandson.
Halima One of the nurse's aides. Aka: Butterfly.
Jane One of the nurse's aides.
Jeff The nurse that Olive met.
Natalie Ann's daughter.
Ringrose Kayley's teacher.
Schroeder A dean.
Teddy The MacPherson's dog.
Teddy Laurie's son.
Theodore Ann's son.
Zach Susan's son.