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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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PHHenryKitteridgePharmacist. Olive's husband.
 Mrs.MerrimanHenry's customer.
 CliffMottHenry's customer.
 RachelJonesHenry's customer.
 Mrs.GrangerHenry's pharmacy saleswoman.
 OliveKitteridgeProtagonist. Henry's wife. aka: Ollie.
 ChristopherKitteridgeHenry and Olive's son. Podiatrist.
 DeniseThibodeauHenry's new pharmacy saleswoman.
 HenryThibodeauDenise's husband. Plumber.
 JerryMcCarthyPharmaceuticals delivery boy.
   Village Pharmacy - The pharmacy Henry owned.
 JimO'CaseyOlive's former co-teacher. Christopher's teacher.
 Paul Obese high school student.
 DaisyFosterHenry's old friend.
 TonyKuzioHenry's best friend since he was 5.
ITKevinCoulsonPatty's childhood friend. Olive's former math student.
 PattyHoweKevin's childhood friend. Olive's old acquaintance.
 Dr.GoldsteinKevin's doctor. MD-PhD.
 ClaraPilkingtonA woman Kevin was attracted to.
PPAngelO'Meara50-year-old piano player at Warehouse Bar & Grill. aka: Angie.
 MalcolmMoodySelectman that Angie's in love with.
 Joe Bartender.
 Betty Waitress.
 WalterDaltonAlcoholic man that goes to the bar every day. Angie's fan.
 Simon Angie's ex-boyfriend. Real estate lawyer.
 BobBeaneAngie's acquaintance.
LBSuzanne B.KitteridgeChristopher's first wife. Doctor. Aka: Dr. Sue.
 JaniceBernsteinSuzanne's mother.
 MissLampleyChristopher's former teacher.
STHarmon Hardware store owner. Has an affair with Daisy Foster.
 KathleenBurnhamTimothy's aunt.
 Bonnie Harmon's wife.
 Derrick Bonnie and Harmon's son.
 CopperFosterDaisy's dead husband.
 Kevin Bonnie and Harmon's son.
 Martha Kevin's wife.
 Mrs.KettleworthDaisy's neighbor.
 TimothyBurnhamNina's white boyfriend. Kathleen's nephew. aka: Tim.
 NinaWhiteTimothy's girlfriend.
 GregMartsonHarmon's customer.
 MarleneBonneyHarmon's customer. Olive's old student. Ed's wife.
 MuffinLukeA boy with heart problems.
 LesWashburnTimothy's landlord.
 CandyConnellyHarmon's crush back in 4th grade.
 Victoria Nina's friend.
 HarryCoombsA man with stiff neck.
 BessieDavisOld maid.
DRCynthiaBibberAndrea's mother.
 AndreaBibberCynthia's daughter.
 PaulineKitteridgeOlive's mother-in-law. Henry's mother.
 BillNewtonBunny's husband. Kitteridge's friend.
 BunnyNewtonBill's wife. Kitteridge's friend.
 KarenNewtonBill and Bunny's daughter. Cheated on Eddie.
 Eddie Karen's husband.
 PigFaceA man who barged in the hospital hoping to get drugs.
 BlueMaskPig face's accomplice.
WCJaneHoultonBob's wife. aka: Janie.
 BobHoultonJane's husband.
 AlanGrangerDonna's husband.
 DonnaGrangerAlan's wife.
 LydiaGrangerAlan and Donna's daughter.
 PattyGrangerAlan and Donna's daughter.
 BeckyHoultonJane and Bob's daughter.
 Tracy Patty's acquaintance.
 Scott Bob's old friend.
 Mary Bob's old friend.
TRogerLarkinBanker. Louise's husband.
 LouiseLarkinGuidance counselor in Olive's school. Roger's wife.
 MaryBlackwellX-Ray technician in Portland.
 CecilGreenBrought coffee and doughnuts to the reporters.
 EmilyBuckOlive's friend. Works in the postal office.
 DoyleLarkinRoger and Louise's son.
 BettySimmsOlive's friend. A woman with five kids.
BTMollyCollinsOlive and Marlene's friend.
 EddieBonneyEd and Marlene's son. aka: Eddie Junior.
 KerryMonroeOne of Marlene's cousins. Has an affair with Ed.
 Lee AnnBonneyEd and Marlene's daughter. Nursing student.
 CherylBonneyEd and Marlene's daughter. Graduating student.
 EdBonneyMarlene's dead husband.
 SusieBradfordMarlene's friend.
 MattGrearsonMan in Ed's funeral.
 DonnyMadenWoman in Ed's funeral.
 Dr.StanleyEd's doctor.
SBAnitaHarwoodJulie and Winnie's mother. Hospital cashier. aka: Tater Tits.
 Julie Anita's daughter from her first marriage. Olive's former student.
 WinnifredHarwoodAnita's younger daughter. aka: Winnie.
 Kyle Winnie's uncle.
 Ted Anita's first husband. Carpenter.
 Bruce Julie's fiance.
 JimmyHarwoodAnita's husband. Winnie's father.
 BethMardenJulie's former boss.
SAnnKitteridgeChristopher's second wife.
 Theodre Ann's son from her first marriage.
 Cindy Olive's nurse.
 Annabelle Ann's son from an unknown man.
 Ora Olive's aunt.
 SeanO'CaseyGuy with a religious parrot. Tenant.
 RoseO'CaseyJim's wife.
 AndreaO'CaseyJim's daughter.
 Arthur Therapist.
 DogFaceChristopher's dog.
CRebeccaBrownWoman with klepto. Olive's former student.
 David Rebecca's boyfriend.
 TylerCaskeyRebecca's grandfather.
 Katherine Rebecca's aunt.
 CarletonBrownRebecca's father.
 Charllotte C.BrownRebecca's lost mother.
 JaceBurkePiano player. Rebecca's high school love.
RJackKennisonHarvard graduate. Someone Olive met.
 Mrs.KennisonJack's wife.