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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
1Mrs.MurrayBrianna's black teacher.
 KatriciaBordeauxBrianna's hip-hop aunt. Aka: Pooh.
 D.JHypeA famous D.J. The Announcer in Jimmy's boxing ring.
 JaydaJacksonBrianna's mother. Aka: Jay.
 Jackson E.TaylorBrianna's bestfriend. Aka: Sonny.
 Malik Brianna's bestfriend. Aka: Malik X.
 Brianna MarieJacksonProtagonist. Aka: Bri, Lil Law, Lil Bit, Princess, Bookie.
 Ms.CollinsThe school counselor.
   Jimmy's Boxing Ring - The underground rap battle arena.
 Lawrence M.Jackson IIIBrianna's older brother. Aka: Trey.
 Long The school's security guard.
 Tate The school's security guard.
 Norma Jay's aunt.
2Lena Pooh's girlfriend.
 Reggie One of the bouncers in Jimmy's ring.
 Frank One of the bouncers in Jimmy's ring.
 Dee-nice One of the famous rappers in Jimmy's ring.
 M-dot One of the rappesr in Jimmy's ring.
 Ms.TiqueOne of the rappers in Jimmy's ring. Trey's girlfriend. Aka: Kayla.
 Cz The Undefeated ring champion.
 Mr.JimmyOwner of Jimmy's Boxing Ring.
 Milez Bri's first opponent in the rap battle. Supreme's son.
 Supreme Bri's manager of her father. Aka: Clarence.
3The CrownThe largest King Lord in East Side. Aka: Kane.
 BigPunThe Rapper on Youtube.
4Mr.WatsonThe bus driver.
 ShanaKincaidBri's schoolmate. Malik's girlfriend.
 Deon Bri's school busmate. A music club member.
 Zane Bri's school busmate who has a nose ring.
 CurtisBrinkleyBri's schoolmate who likes her.
 Keandre Bri's friend.
 Chelle Malik's mother. Jay's bestfriend.
 Dr.RhodesThe school principal.
 Ms.ClarkDr. Rhodes's secretary.
 Mrs.BurnsBri's fiction teacher.
 Mr.ItoBri's theatre elective teacher.
6Jojo Pooh's neighbor.
 Scrap Pooh's homeboy.
 Tony Pooh's drug client.
7DenzelWashingtonAn American actor.
8Mr.DarylA former drug addict. Jay's friend.
 Ms.PatJay's friend.
 Ms.SonjaJay's friend.
 GinaTaylorJay's best friend. Sonny's mother.
 Doc Pooh's friend. A producer.
9DeaconTurnerThe deacon at the church.
 Lawrence O.Jackson Sr.Bri's grandfather.
 LouisseJacksonBri's grandmother.
 SisterDanielsLouisse's church friend. Curtis's grandmother.
 Eldridge The church's pastor.
 SisterGrantOne of the church members.
11BigSalOwner of Sal's Pizza Shop.
13MichaelJacksonBri's favorite artist. Aka: Mike.
 Edward Jay's great-uncle.
   Part Two
14Ms.LewisThe Landlord of Bri's apartment.
16Rakim The king of hiphop.
17MeganSullivanThe news reporter.
18Mr.BarryOwner of the restaurant called "The Fish Hut".
19Ms.GladysJay's neighbor.
 EmilyTaylorA random stranger who was complaining on Bri's song.
20Mrs.CarsonAn old neighbor of Bri.
21Rapid Sonny's online friend.
   Part Three
24DavidRodriguezThe President in Midtown; parent-teacher association.
 Cook A Police Superintendent in Midtown.
 KarenPittmanOne of the mothers whose a child is student in Midtown.
30JamesIrvingThe CEO of Vine Records.
 Liz James's assistant. The head of A&R Dept.