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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1JosephMorelliStephanie's childhood friend and neighbor. Aka: Joe.
 Old ManMorelliJoe's father.
 StephaniePlumNarrator and Protagonist.
 Mary LouMolnarStephanie's best friend.
 PaulSimonAn American singer.
 LennyGrubberStephanie's high school classmate.
 Mrs.MarkowitzStephanie's next-door neighbor.
 GrandmaMazurStephanie's maternal grandmother.
 GrandpaMazurStephanie's maternal grandfather.
 GrandpaPlumStephanie's paternal grandfather.
 JoyceBarndhardtMistress of Stephanie's father.
 LorettaBuzickStephanie's acquaintance.
 RonaldBuzickLoretta's son. A butcher.
 E.EMartinStephanie's boss.
 VincentPlumStephanie's cousin. Aka: Vinnie.
 Rex Stephanie's hamster.
 ConnieRossoliTina's mother.
 TinaRossoliStephanie's former classmate. Connie's daughter.
 MortyBuyersVinnie's agent.
2MoochMorelliJoe's cousin.
 Ricardo C.ManosoOne of Vinnie's agents. Aka: Ranger.
 ZiggyKuleszaThe guy Joe murdered.
 CarmenSanchezThe girl Joe was supposed to meet.
 BenitoRamirezZiggy's boss. A boxer.
 FrankPlumStephanie's father.
 Mrs.MorelliJoe's mother.
 Francie Stephanie's cousin.
 EddieGazarraA Trenton Cop.
4ValeriePlumStephanie's sister.
 BernieKuntzThe guy Stephanie was supposed to date.
 HelenPlumStephanie's mother.
 Maura The woman who works at the Hair Palace.
 Sunny Stephanie's friend.
 JohnKuzackCarmen's neighbor.
 Sal Owner of a butcher shop.
5ClarenceSampsonOne of the criminals in Vinnie's wanted list.
 CarlCostanzaStephanie's friend.
6GusDembrowskiThe police in charge of the Kulesza Case.
7ShirleyGalloMooch's wife.
 JimmyAlphaBenito Ramirez's manager.
 DillonRuddickStephanie's friend.
 Lula Carmen's friend.
 Jackie Carmen's friend.
8LonnieDoddAn Auto thief.
 Mrs.SantiagoCarmen's neighbor.
9Sophie Stephanie's aunt.
10Dorsey The policeman in charge of Lulu's case.
11TommyClarkA boxer. Benito's opponent.
12WilliamEarlingAn Exhibitionist.
13Louis A distributor in Philly.