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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Kristin McGeeA reporter. Aka: Kris.
 Scott  Works in a technology company.
 Aubrey Nicole McGeeKristin's daughter.
 Finn  Aubrey's brother.
 Heather  Kristin's best friend.
2Danielle  Aubrey's godmother. Kristin's close friend. Aka: Danni.
 Nicole  An interior designer. Aka: Nic.
 Eli WalshHeather's boyfriend.
 Matt  Heather's ex-husband.
3Erica  Editor-in-chief. Kristin's boss.
 Pam  Erica's secretary.
 Randy  Eli's brother.
4Joseph Noah BowmanAn actor. Aka: Noah Frazier.
 Jillian CrugerScott's assistant. Aka: Jill.
 Brody  Heather's friend.
 Shaun  One of the members of the Four Blocks Down.
 PJ  One of the members of the Four Blocks Down.
5Peter  Scott's only friend. Danielle's husband.
 Jim  Heather's friend.
 Jack  One of Jim's friends.
 Johnny  One of Jim's friends.
 Stephanie  Heather's sister.
6Tanya  Noah's high school girlfriend.
16Paul SkaggsNoah's director.
 Sommer  A realtor.
17Clarissa  Kristin's lawyer.
 Mr. SheridanScott's lawyer.
 Eddie  Danielle's ex-husband.
 Mrs. YoderA retired teacher.
 Mr. FinkA Physics teacher.
21Nina  Kristin's aunt.
 Jackson  Owned a security company. Kristin's cousin.
 Catherine  Jackson's wife. Aka: Cat.
 Brendan  Kristin's uncle.
 Reagan  Kristin's cousin.
 Erin  Jackson's daughter.
 Danielle  Kristin's father.
23Federico  A cop.
27Joseph  Noah's father.
28Sebastian  Noah's agent.
30Tristan  Noah's publicist.
33Leighanne  A flight attendant.
 Elisa  Noah's partner in the movie.