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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Bronwyn RojasA bright girl. The most responsible in class.
 Simon KelleherDeceased for choking in class. The one with the gossip app.
 Reggie CrawleyA perpetual stoner.
 Evan  Cute mathlete.
 Mr. AveryBronwyn's Lab Professor.
 Nate MacauleyA notorious supplier of weed. Scapegoat.
 Cooper ClayBronwyn's classmate. An athlete.
2Addy PrentissBronwyn's classmate. Simon and Keely's best friend.
 Luis  Cooper's friend.
 Mr. GraysonTeacher.
 Mr. ContosTeacher.
 Jake RiordanAddy's boyfriend. An athlete. Alleged killer.
 Keely  Cooper's girlfriend. Addy's best friend. Prettiest girl in school.
 Ashton  Addy's older sister.
 Justin CallowayAddy's friend.
3Yumiko  Bronwyn's friend.
 Maeve RojasBronwyn's sister.
 Mrs. ParkTeacher.
 Principal GuptaThe school Principal.
 Kate  Bronwyn's friend.
 Mr. O'FarellThe Guidance Counselor.
 Evan NeimanBronwyn's schoolmate. Dated Bronwyn - things didn't work out.
 Dr. ResnickCounselor.
 Mr. CaminoChemistry teacher.
 Hank BudapestBayview's Police Officer.
 Lucas ClayCooper's brother.
4Glenn  Jake's teammate.
 Janae  Simon's goth friend.
 TJ ForresterFormerly the New Kid. Hooked up with Addy.
 Stan MacauleyNate's brother.
 Amber  A girl Nate met at a party.
 Chad PosnerThe 'not so close' friend of Nate.
5Charlie (1)  Addy's childhood sweetheart.
 Josh LangleyFootball team scout.
 Nonny  Cooper's grandmother.
 Leah JacksonA girl featured in Simon's gossip app. Attempted suicide.
 (Officer) LopezPolice officer invested on Nate's weed case.
7Laura WheelerDetective and Main Investigator.
 Lorna ShaloubFamily Liaison on Bayview's HS District.
 (Det.) ChangDetective and Investigator of Cooper.
8(Det.) MendozaDetective and Investigator of Bronwyn.
 Officer Buzz CutDetective and Investigator of Nate.
 Javier RojasBronwyn's father.
9Charlie (2)  Ashton's husband.
 (Mrs.) RiordanFormerly Hotshot's Advertising Executive.
10Robin StaffordBronwyn's highly successful criminal defense Attorney.
 Vanessa  Louis's sidechick. Has a crush on Jake.
 Olivia KendrickSassy student and rich girl. Addy's former friend.
 Kris  Someone Cooper secretly hooked up with. USCO model.
 Coach RuffaloFootball coach.
12Aiden WuBayview transferee was featured in Simon's gossip app.
14Rowan FlahertyAddy's best friend.
16Eli Klein FelterHost of Until Proven - the TV show.
18Liz RosenChannel 7 News Reporter.
19Mallory  Drunk girl. Nate's acquaintance.
 Brianna  Nate's old acquaintance.
22Mary  Cooper's lawyer.
24Mikhail  Host of Mikhail Powers.
25Lisa JacobyReporter.
 Top  Cooper's football teammate.
27Mrs. MacauleyNate's mother.
 Sam BarronThe kid who Simon paid to fake a car accident.