Characters - Alphabetical
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HarryAmesMay Dodd's live-in-partner.
AbbottAnthonyA Benedictine's anchorite.
MarthaAtwoodMay Dodd's good friend.
MonsieurAudubonAn American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter.
LouisBaptisteFrenchman who owned trading post. Aka: Big Nose Little Man.
Mr.BentonA recruiter.
MarieBlancheMay's acquaintance.
John G.BourkeCaptain, Third Cavalry, USA.
MadameBouvierMay's childhood tutor.
CoronelBradleyThe senior Army officer.
LydiaBradleyCaptain Bourke's fiance.
AmosChapmanAn interpreter.
WesleyChestnutFormer husband of Daisy Lovelace.
W.P.ClarkeLieutenant who prepared the pamphlet for signed language.
GeorgeCrookA US Army General.
 CrowleyA nurse.
GeneralCusterAn Army officer-in-charge of the expedition.
May DoddFormerly a patient in the Lake Forest Lunatic Asylum.
WillDoddWilliam's grandson.
JulesEscoffeyThe proprietor of a trading post at Camp Robinson.
GretchenFathauerMay's friend.
Helen ElizabethFlightMay's acquaintance.
JuliaGrantFormer First Lady of the United States.
Ulysses S. Grant18th U.S. President.
AnnHallMay's companion and collaborator.
Reverend HareA corpulent Episcopal missionary.
CaptainHenelyU.S. Naval officer.
LieutenantJamesA military officer.
Sara 1JohnstoneOne of May's acquaintances.
SidneyKaiserThe hospital's chief physician.
MargaretKellyOne of May's acquaintances. Aka: Meggie.
SusanKellyMargaret's twin sister. Aka: Susie.
FernLouiseDaisy's dog.
DaisyLovelaceOne of May's acquaintances.
Ranald S.MackenzieUnited States Army officer and general in the Union Army.
Mrs.MalloryOwner of a boarding house.
GertieMcCartneyReal name of Jimmy. Aka: a Dirty Gertie.
CyrusMcCormickInvented the reaper.
JeannetteParkerA professional seamstress.
LeviRobinsonA lieutenant who was ambushed and murdered.
JulesSeminoleA man married to the chief's niece.
WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor.
GeneralSheridanU.S. Army officer.
CoronelSmithA military officer.
Robert E. StrahornAmerican journalist.
AdaWareOne of May's acquaintances.
EuphemiaWashingtonMay's new friend. Aka: Phemie.
NarcissaWhiteAn evangelist.
MissWilliamsA dance teacher.
WalterWoodsA banker.
Abigail Lieutenant James' wife.
Alights on the Clouds A prominent Chief of the southern Cheyennes.
Antelope Bowes Moving An old medicine man.
Appleton An agent.
Bad Horse Reverend Hare's acquainance.
Bear Sings Woman Bad Horse's wife.
Black Coyote A brash young warrior.
Black Man One who choses Phemie.
Blackbird Gerlie's boyfriend.
Bloody Foot Daisy's husband.
Bridge Girl Dog Woman's apprentice.
Bruyere A camp interpreter.
Buffalo Calf Road Woman Phemie's new friend.
Carter An agent.
Crazy Horse One of Sioux's leaders.
Crazy Mule One of the heads of the state.
Crooked Nose An old tipi crone.
Dodd Christian name of Martha's son.
Dog Woman Reverend Hare's tent mate.
Dull Knife One of the heads of the state.
Feather on Head Chief Little Wolf's second wife.
Franz A hospital attendant.
Harold Wild Plums Grandson of May Dodd Little Wolf.
Hog A famous Cheyenne warrior who chooses  Helen.
Horse Boy The boy who tends to May's horse.
Hortense 1 One of May Dodd's children.
Hortense 2 May Dodd's older sister.
Howling Woman Jules Seminole's wife.
Hump The Sioux's chief.
Jimmy May's new friend.
Last Bull Kit Fox's leader.
Little Wolf The Chief of the Northern Cheyenne.
LittleBat An interpreter.
May Swallow Wild Plums Harold's granddaughter.
No Brain Gretchen's husband.
One Bear Runs from Crow's younger brother
Pretty Walker The Chief's daughter.
Quiet One The Chief's first wife.
Red Cloud The owner of the Red Cloud's agency.
Runs from Crow Marie Blanche's husband.
Sara 2 Gretchen's daughter.
Sitting Bull One of Sioux's leaders.
Soldier May's horse.
Stares at Sun Black Coyote's rival.
Tangle Hair A distinguished warrior who chooses Martha.
Tangle Hair Jr. Martha's son.
Turkey Legs One who chooses Narcissa White.
Walking Whirlwind White Bull's acquaintance.
Watkins The inspector of the Indian Bureau.
Wesley Daisy's son.
Whipple A bishop.
Whistling Elk Ada Ware's husband. Aka: Stinking Flesh.
White Bull A medicine man.
Wild Plums Feather on Head's second husband.
William One of May Dodd's children. Aka: Willie.
Willie Feather on Head's son.
Woman who moves against the Wind  Little Wolf's adviser.
Wren May's daughter.
Yellow Wolf One who chooses Sara 1.