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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1   Gideon G.   Cross   Owner of Cross Industries. Eva's husband.
    Eva Lauren   Cross   Gideon's wife.
    Raul       One of Gideon's bodyguards.
    Angus   McLeod   Gideon's bodyguard. Loved by Gideon as a father.
    Lyle   Petersen   Eva and Gideon's Psychologist.
    Monica   Stanton   Eva's mother.
    Nathan   Barker   Eva's stepbrother. Deceased.
    Richard   Stanton   Lawyer. Monica's husband.
    Corinne   Girioux   Gideon's ex-girlfriend.
    Megumi   Kaba   Receptionist at Waters Field & Leaman (WFL). Eva's friend.
    Scott       Gideon's secretary.
    Mark   Garrity   Eva's boss and friend at WFL.
    Ryan   Landon   Owner of LanCorp.
    Steven   Ellison   Mark Garrity's fiancĂ©. Eva's friend.
    Shawna   Ellison   Steven's sister. Eva's friend.
    Victor   Reyes   Eva's father. Cop in Oceanside, California.
    Will   Granger   Eva's colleague.
    Cary   Taylor   Eva's best friend. Successful model. Bisexual.
    Trey       Cary's boyfriend.
    Benjamin   Clancy   Richard Stanton's head of security.
2   Arash   Madani   Gideon's lead attorney and friend.
    Arnoldo   Ricci   Celebrity Chef. Gideon's friend.
    Martin   Stanton   Richard Stanton's nephew.
    Lacey       Martin's girlfriend. Megumi's roommate.
    Hugh       Gideon's Psychologist when he was young.
3   Chad       Receptionist at Eva's apartment building.
    Tatiana   Cherlin   aka: Tat. Model.
    Geoffrey   Cross   Gideon's father. Deceased.
    Anne Leslie   Lucas   Hugh's sister. Psychologist. aka: Dr. Aris Matevosian.
    Terrence   Lucas   Pediatrician. Anne's husband.
5   Mario       Hairstylist.
    Blaire   Ash   Interior designer.
    Kristin   Washington   Wedding planner.
    Cindy   Bello   CEO of Crossroads Foundation.
    Lynn   Feng   VP of Operations of Crossroads Foundation.
    Angela   Landon   Ryan Landon's wife.
    Magdalene   Perez   Gideon's longtime friend.
    Elizabeth   Vidal   Gideon's mother.
6   Parker   Smith   Eva's trainer.
    Ireland   Vidal   Gideon's stepsister.
    Christopher   Vidal, Sr.   Gideon's stepfather. aka: Chris.
    Lucky       Beagle. Gift from Eva to Gideon.
    Kevin       Gideon's friend when he was young.
7   Shelley   Graves   Detective. Homicide Division.
    Richard   Michna   Detective. Homicide Division.
        Pena   Detective. Investigating suit filed by Anne.
        Williams   Detective. Investigating suit filed by Anne.
8   Deanna   Johnson   Freelance journalist.
    James   Cho   Owner of James Cho's Studio.
    Harrison   Tramell   Jackson Tramell's father.
    Leah   Tramell   Jackson Tramell's mother.
    Jackson   Tramell   Lauren Kittrie's husband.
    Lauren   Kittrie   Jackson Tramell's wife.
9   Manuel   Alcoa   Gideon's friend.
11       Travis   Former Psychiatrist of Cary and Eva.
    Brett   Kline   Eva's ex-boyfriend.
    Doug       Shawna's boyfriend.
    Jean-Francois   Giroux   Corinne's husband.
12   Leo   Aigner   Project manager working for Gideon.
13   Gage   Flynn   Artist. Magdalene's boyfriend.
    Glen       Head sexual abuse organization.
    Rick       Ireland's boyfriend.
14   Roland Tyler   Hall   Gideon's stalker. Anne's patient.
15   Kristine       Arranged vow renewal of Gideon and Eva.
    Tony   Reyes   Eva's uncle.
16   Katherine   Kittrie   Lauren's twin sister. aka: Kathy.