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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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PR   Edmund   Kirsch   Scientist; specialist in Game Theory and programming.
    Antonio   Valdespino   Spainish Bishop close to the King.
    Yehuda   Koves   Rabbi.
            Allamah - an Islamic honorary title.
    Syed   Al-Fadl   Islamic scholar.
1   Robert   Langdon   Harvard professor. Attended Princeton. Symbologist.
            Sherwani - a knee-length coat.
            Wiffenpoofs - Yale singing group.
            Semiotics - study of signs and symbols.
2   Luis   Avila   Former Spanish Navy Admiral.
3   Winston       A very advanced computer.
8           Prognosticator - to forecast or predict.
            Quatrain - a stanza of 4 lines.
14   Ambra   Vidal   Director, Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao.
19   Hamid   Al-Ghazali   Muslim scholar.
            Guardia Real - armed forces unit to protect the King.
21   Rafa   Diaz   Guardia Real agent.
22   Prince   Julian   Future King.
23   Fonseca       Guardia Real agent.
30   Diego   Garza   Guardia Real leader.
33   Monica   Martin   Palace public relations coordinator.
36   Marco       Rehab trainer for Avila.
38   Josh   Siegel   A pilot.
45   Suresh   Bhalla   Palace security agent.
51   Hector   Marcano   Blogger for
55   Paloma   Calvo   Edmund's mother.
65   Father   Bena   La Basilica construction leader.
83   John   Conway   British mathematician. Taught at Princeton.
92   Constance   Gerhard   Stanford Biochemist.
    Jeremy   England   MIT Professor in Quantum Biology.
    Alexander   Grosberg   NYU Physicist.
            Entropy - gradual decline into disorder.
    Edward J.   Larson   Historian.
    Carl   Frank   Cornell physicist.
98           Taxonomic - classification of organisms.
105   Mateo   Valero   Director, Barcelona Supercomputing Center.
Origin suggested by Michael Bell