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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1EmmaHasselbacherWormold's friend and doctor.
 JimWormoldA vacuum cleaner salesman. Spy. Protagonist. Aka: Senor Vomell.
 MillyWormoldMr. Wormold's daughter. Aka: Seraphina.
 FatherMendezThe Priest.
 Lopez Mr. Wormold's assistant.
2Thomas EarlParkmanThe boy that Milly set on fire.
 ReverendMotherThe school's headmistress.
 SenorPerezMilly's acquaintance.
 CaptainSeguraThe chief of police in Vedado. The man Milly falls in love with. Aka: The Red Vulture.
3Mrs.AshworthThe bank teller.
 Mr.HumpelnickerOne of Wormold's customers.
 Mary Mr. Wormold's ex-wife.
 Hawthorne A British Secret Intelligence.
 LordRutherfordThe New Zealand physicist.
 Cetewayo The King of Zulus.
4LordCalvertOne of Dr. Hasselbacher's patients.
 MissJenkinsonThe Chief's acquaintance.
 Angelica One of Miss Jenkinson's workers.
 BeatriceSevernMr. Wormold's half-French secretary. Also an encoder.
   Part 2
1CharlesLambAn essayist.
 JamesFrazerThe Scottish anthropologist.
 LuisSanchezA professor.
 Cifuentes An engineer.
 VincentParkmanA political figure. Thomas's father.
 HenryLeadbetterA civilian researcher.
2Mark Mr. Wormold's nephew.
 Alice Milly's aunt.
 Edward Milly's uncle.
   Part 3
1Hans A young pilot.
2Teresa A night club dancer.
 Marie A French girl at the convent.
 Rudy Mr. Wormold's assistant accountant.
3ChiefEngineerThe chief engineer of the Juan Belmonte.
 Peter Beatrice's husband.
   Part 4
1SoyTeresaTeresa's sister.
 Maria One of Professor's lovers.
   Part 5
1Miguel The beggar.
 Henry One of the spy agents.
2Dr.BraunThe European Traders Association President.
 Carter One of the nucleaners.
3Mr.MacDougallThe man that Mr. Wormold met.
 Mr.SvensonThe Scottish man that Mr. Wormold met.