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Remy Hale
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Opening Bally Palisades
Edward Stopka A concessionaire at Palisades Park. aka: Eddie; Ten Foot.
Jack 1 Stopka Eddie's father.
Jesse Haines A right-handed pitcher in for the Cincinnati Reds.
Ivey Wingo An American baseball player and manager.
Babe Ruth An American professional baseball player.
Ty Cobb An American Major League Baseball center fielder.
Viola Eddie's sister. aka: Vi.
Bob Meusel A baseball outfielder and third baseman.
Rose Eddie's mother.
Happy A lifeguard.
Lillian Eddie's grandmother. aka: Lil.
Marie DeVere One of a sideshow performers.
Habib One of a sideshow performers.
Population Charlie One of a sideshow performers.
Lentini One of a sideshow performers.
Carl One of a sideshow performers.
1 Atlanta
Guy Lombardo A Canadian-American violinist.
John Green-wald The Palisades park manager.
Harold Goldgraben The assistant park manager.
Joe Cleary Manager at the Big Scenic Railway.
John Wrinkler Assistant manager at the Big Scenic Railway.
Roscoe Schwarz One who managed the Funhouse.
Frank Borrell Police chief in Cliffside Park.
Philip Basile A barbershop owner.
Patsy Chief Borrell's cousin.
John DeNoia One of the lifeguards at Palisades Park. aka: Johnny Duke.
John Carafa John DeNoia's given name.
Dick Bennett Chief Borrell's business partner at the park. aka: Lightning.
Lew One of the concession agents.
Jackie Bloom A veteran grind man.
August Berni An old-timer who ran the Penny Arcade.
Phil Mazzocchi Berni's colleague.
Plato Guimes Operated the shooting galleries and soda stands at the park.
Harry Dyer Co-owner of many park restaurants.
Yuan Chen Ran the chop suey place.
Adele Worth One of a concession agents. Eddie's wife.
Lois One of a concession agents.
2 Fort Lee
Greta Garbo A Swedish-American actress.
John Gilbert American actor
Harpo Marx American comedian
Franklin Worth Adele's father.
Agent Crais Special agent from the U.S. Secret Service.
Marie Adele's mother.
Herbert Hoover 31st U.S. President.
Lefty Gomez An American baseball player.
Amanda Siebert A sideshow performer. Aka: Jolly Irene.
George Amanda's husband.
Adolph Schwartz The sideshow manager at Palisades.
Vilma Banky A Hungarian-American film actress.
Charlotte Vogers One of a performers. aka: Susie Lee Elephant Skin Girl.
Julius Charlotte's manager.
Erna Keuhnel A magician.
Lena One of a performers. aka: The Leopard Girl.
Sergei Eddie's stepfather.
Douglas Fairbanks An American actor and filmmaker.
Blanche Sweet American film actress.
Arthur Holden A high diver champion. aka: Art.
Phil Smith A pool manager at Palisades.
Thomas Edison An American inventor and businessman.
Perry Charles A park's publicist.
Antoinette Stopka Eddie and Adele's daughter. aka: Toni.
Hazel Roscoe's wife.
Dorothy Roscoe's daughter.
Laurent Roscoe's son.
3 Palisades
Nicholas M. Schenck A Russian-American film studio executive and businessman.
Jack Rosenthal A concert violinist.
Irving Rosenthal Jack Rosenthal's brother. A dentist.
Louis Jack and Irving's uncle.
Al McKee An amusement veteran served as gen. superintendent at the park.
Joseph McKee Al's brother. Supervise the operation of the park's ride. aka: Joe.
Bert Nevins A PR man.
Anna Halpin Rosenthal's niece. Manager of park's operation.
Jack 2 Stopka Antoinette's brother. aka: Jackie.
Jimmy Cagney American actor.
Florence Art Holden's wife.
Fred Strengel A police officer of Fort Lee.
Wolfgang A. Mozart A composer of the Classical period.
Canada Lee American professional boxer.
Tony Canzoneri American professional boxer.
Lou Ambers American World Lightweight boxing champion.
George A. Hamid Jr. A man who made a contribution to America's outdoor amusement.
Captain McDermott A chief fireman.
Ventura Tenario American professional wrestler. aka: Chief Little Wolf.
Clem White A ballroom manager.
Louis Daniel Armstrong An American trumpeter. aka: Satchmo.
Lillian Hardin Armstrong An American jazz pianist. Second wife of Louis Armstrong.
Paul Jackson Pollock An American painter.
George Clarke An English architect.
Harold Viola's husband. aka: Hal.
4 Palisades
Joe Rinaldi Managed the Water Scooter rides at Palisades.
Edward Kennedy Ellington American jazz pianist
Cabell Calloway American singer-songwriter and bandleader. aka: Cal.
Kate Dick Bennett's wife.
Miss Kaplan A first-grade teacher.
Guy Toni's classmate.
Doris One of Toni's friends.
Johnny One of Toni's friends.
Lamarr One of Toni's friends.
Dave Toni's next-door neighbor.
Charles Lindbergh American aviator.
Paul Jones An English singer
Minette Dobson Adele's friend.
Georgiana Frances Minette's sister. aka: Frannie.
Curly Clifford One of a concessionaires.
Helen Cuny One of a concessionaires.
Gus Lesnevich A lifeguard.
Harry Shepherd A bar manager.
John Hill Hubschman A coach swimmer. aka: Bunty.
5 Dale Bunty's friend.
Johnny Weissmuller American Olympic swimmer.
Charles E. Dobson Minette's grandfather.
Minnie Wallace Charles Dobson's wife.
Jay Minette's boss.
Sol Solomon A diver.
Max Schmeling A German boxer.
Frank Vita A Palisades Park's medic.
Cooper A nurse.
Gertrude C. Ederle An American competition swimmer. aka: Trudy.
Amelia Gade Corson A Danish-born American long-distance swimmer. aka: Millie.
6 Edgewater
Glenn Miller American conductor.
Edward R. Murrow American broadcaster.
Gabriel Heatter American commentator.
Adolf Hitler Austrian-born German politician who was the dictator of Germany.
Franklin D. Roosevelt The 32nd president of the United States.
Joe Gans An Office staff at Palisades Park.
Guarino Moretti A notorious underboss of the Genovese crime family. aka: Willie.
Salvatore Moretti Willie Moretti's brother.
William J. Brady An American soldier
Tommy Lucchese Italian-American gangster. Founding member of the Mafia in U.S.
Albert Anastacia An Italian-American mobster
Tami Mauriello American professional boxer and actor of Italian descent.
Helen Swift A vaudeville dancer.
Mae Swift A vaudeville dancer. Helen's sister.
Ginger Rogers American actress
Milton Berle American actor and comedian.
Beatrice Kyle A world famous American high diver. aka: Bee Kyle.
Will Bee's husband.
Harold L. Ickes Former U.S. Secretary of Interior.
7 Ward Lloyd Cuff American football player.
Alphonse Emil Leemans American professional football player. aka: Tuffy.
Frank Manning Kinard Sr. American football player
John Charles Daly A newsman.
Bob Hope American comedian
Jack Benny An American entertainer.
Paul Whiteman American bandleader
Benito Mussolini An Italian dictator and journalist.
Hideki Tojo A Japanese prime minister and general
George M. Cohan An American entertainer
Mike Corrado Palisades Park's head gardener.
Opal A fortune teller.
Jackie Morris A British writer and illustrator.
Charles Doc Morris The author of The War of Two Worlds.
Hugh McKenna A chief lifeguard at the pool
Jimmy Hannan A variety show host
Bill Gomez Managed the Casino Bar.
Roscoe Schwarz Jr. One of Roscoe Sr.' son.
Heinrich Himmler Leader of the German SS and main architect of the Holocaust.
Jack Pitkof Served as a local Air Raid Warden.
Dwight D. Eisenhower American military officer served as the 34th president of the U.S.
George S. Patton A United States Army General.
8 Honolulu
Sal One of Eddie's new acquaintances.
Ernie One of Eddie's new acquaintances.
Lucy Ernie's girl.
Jenny Sal's girl.
Koma Komatsu A Japanese person who operated the string game at Palisades.
Oscar A tour guide.
Kamehameha I King of Hawaii.
Waltah Clarke A manager of the bar.
Dorothy Lamour An American actress and singer.
9 Edgewater
Charlie McCarthy A singer.
James One of Adele's brothers.
Ralph One of Adele's brothers.
Thomas DeCecio Franklin's physician.
Jim Lubbock Adele's helper at Palisades.
Slim Welker One of a softball team's regular player.
Walter Clarence Thornton An American model and modeling agent.
Douglas MacArthur United States Army general in WWI
Hirohito Emperor of Japan from 1926 to 1989.
Peejay Ringens A German Acrobat air cyclist diver.
Eddie Mannix Franklin's acquaintance.
10 Wilkowski A machinist.
Edgar Bergen An American ventriloquist
Jerry Colonna American musician
11 Palisades
Goldie Adele's new helper.
Daisy Ralph's wife.
Renie Ringens' wife.
Anne Ringens' adopted daughter.
Swan Ringens Peejay's first wife.
John Albanese An operator of a waffle stand.
George Kellinger A man who maintained the pool's machinery.
Agnes Toni's new acquaintance.
Lon Chaney An American author and makeup artist.
12 Carole King An American singer
Joan Kenley A radio talk show host
Vicky Vaughn A woman who had a vintage fashion brand.
Emmett Kelly An American circus performer
Joseph Dunninger A professional magician and mentalist.
Harry Blackstone Sr. A famed stage magician and illusionist.
Lorenzo Marquess A magnificent magician.
Inez Lorenzo's wife.
Flo Lyons A Grandview Restaurant's manager.
13 Maria DeCastro Slim's girl friend.
Mary Livingstone An American radio comedienne and actress.
Dennis Day An American actor
Margie Cadien Bobsled manager's wife.
Bernard Goldschein Lorenzo's agent.
Bill Holahan Eddie's old boss.
William Sach An American film director/producer and writer. aka: Bill
Prince Samara A magician.
Jack Gwynne An American illusionist
Paul Rosini One of those rare magicians.
Ed Worth Fake name of Eddie.
Great Rudolpho One of the magicians.
Ron LeRon One of the magicians.
14 Joseph Doto An Italian-American mobster. aka: Joe Adonis.
Frank Erickson An American mobster and bookmaker.
Sarah Minette's mother.
Ruth Elizabeth Davis An American actress. aka: Bette.
Jane Holly A model.
Alex Raymond An American comic strip artist and creator of Flash Gordon.
Miss Carleton A history teacher.
Celia Dolinski Toni's classmate.
Mr. Bandino An English teacher.
Bridget Cullen One of Toni's classmates.
Arlene bratton One of Toni's classmates.
Frank Sinatra An American singer and actor.
Vaughn Monroe American baritone singer
15 Palisades
Tommy Dorsey An American big band leader and musician.
Theodore S. Williams An American professional baseball player and manager. aka: Ted.
George Henry Stirnweiss An American professional baseball second baseman. aka: Snuffy.
Spurgeon F. Chandler An American professional baseball player. aka: Spud.
Harry Robert Owens An American composer
Edward G. Robinson A Romanian-American actor of stage and screen.
Loretta Young An American actress.
George Orson Welles An American director
Hugh O'Neill One of the lifeguards.
Al Soyaty One of the lifeguards.
Melba Valle One of the customer at Palisades.
16 James Robinson A member of an organization called The CORE.
Mahatma Gandhi An Indian nationalist leader and nonviolence advocate.
Arthur Bruns A patrolman of Fort Lee.
Chester Zaneski Special patrolman of Clifford Park.
Jim Peck A park's guard.
Marion One of the protesters.
Vivien Roodenko One of the protesters.
Valentine C. Franke A Cliffside Park judge.
Albert Morris A photographer.
17 St. Petersburgh
Ella Carver A world-class lady high-diver.
Vicki Draves A Filipino-American competitive diver.
Zoe Ann Olsen Jensen An American diver.
Sonora Ella's sister-in-law.
Lorena Doc Carver's daughter.
Lewis Ella's son.
Fred Grabbe Ella's first husband.
18 Largo
Arlan A former sideshow strongman.
W. Moser Managed the Central States Shows. aka: Scobey.
Cliff Bowles A cannonballer.
Phil Cliff's assistant.
Victoria Zacchini A human cannonball. Worked for the Ringling Bros. Barnum Circus.
Hank Dubois Cliff's acquaintance.
Wilno One of the best cannonballers.
Harry S. Truman The 33rd president of the United States.
Jack Kirby An American comic book artist
Gus Edson An American cartoonist.
19 John Cameron An American film producer
Michael Egidi A cottage owner.
Mary Egidi Michael's wife.
Granville Abbott Owner of the hula mugs and other Hawaiian tableware.
James Robert Russo A bank employee.
Johnny Lamar Jack's friend from grade school.
Rick DeJulio Jack's high school buddy.
Estes Kefauver An American politician from Tennessee.
Frank Costello An Italian-American crime boss of the Luciano crime family.
Victor Bergeron Trader Vic's owner.
Tom Li A young Chinese-American cook.
Dorothy Schwarz One of Eddie's close friends.
20 Toby Gilcrist Toni's outside talker.
Sharon A waitress.
Lehua Concepcion A musician at Eddie's Polynesia.
Mary Concepcion One of Lehua's daughters.
Virginia Concepcion One of Lehua's daughters. aka: Ginny.
Mortimer Snerd Cliff's dummy. aka: Mort.
Dominguez Eddie's buddy.
Gladys Shelley Rosenthal's wife.
Debussy Rosenthal's dog.
21 Palisades
John Rinaldi Joe Rinaldi's son.
Sadie Harris An old concessionaire.
Norma Helen Cuny's daughter.
Peter Santanello Norma's husband.
Jay Jr. Son of Minette's ex-boyfriend.
Bob Paulson A park's announcer.
Grace Jimmy Russo's sister.
Father Manz A priest.
Nat King Cole An American singer
Bob Haymes An American singer
22 Lou Thesz An American professional wrestler.
Farmer Don Marlin A wrestler.
Hamhock Hill Jack's colleague.
Leonard Bernstein American conductor
Tim Jimmy's brother.
23 Palisades
Sol Abrams A Palisades publicist.
Freddy Cannon An American rock and roll singer.
Chuck Barris An American game show creator
Murray Kaufman A former New York disk jockey. aka: "Murray the K".
Bruce Morrow An American DJ.
Bobby Rydell An American singer and teen idol.
Fabian Forte An American singer and actor.
Bill Haley An American rock and roll music pioneer.
Frankie Avalon An American actor and singer.
Lesley Gore An American recording artist
Clay Cole A juvenile stage and radio actor then a TV host and producer.
Chubby Checker American singer who became the nation's leading dance specialist
Frankie Valli An American singer.
Brian Hyland An American pop singer.
Neil Sedaka An American singer-songwriter and pianist.
Dawn Toni's daughter.
Jeffrey Toni's son. aka: Jeff.
Fred Cook Anna Halpin's husband.
Jackie Kennedy Former First Lady of the United States.
Miriam Jack Pitkof's niece.
Rachel Pitkof's wife.
Kamal An elderly Jewish shopkeeper.
Tommy Meyers A lifeguard at Palisades.
Barbara Ann Mack A young singer.
24 Palisades
Steve Clayton A vocalist and songwriter.
Billy Outten A last one who dive in a flaming tank.
Maie McAskill Managed the Freak Animal show.
Arch Maie's husband.
Closing Bally Hazard's Dock
Betty John Hubschman's cousin.
Mary Minette's sister.
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