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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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  Rev. OlaminaLauren's father. Baptist minister.
 LaurenOlaminaNarrator. Protagonist.
  Rev. RobinsonRev. Olamina's friend.
 SilviaDunnLauren's friend.
 Keith Lauren's brother.
 Marcus Lauren's brother.
 HectorQuintanillaLauren's boyfriend.
 CurtisTalcottLauren's boyfriend.
 DrewBalterThe Baptist kid.
 CoryOlaminaLauren's stepmother.
 Mrs.YannisLauren's neighbor.
 Mr.YannisDentist. Deceased.
 ChristopherMorpeth DonnerPresidential candidate.
 Alicia CatalinaGodinez LealA chemist who spends her life heading for Mars.
 MarjorieSimsA church member who shot herself. Deceased.
 William TurnerSmithThe current President.
 AmyDunnThe girl who started a fire. Tracy's daughter. Cory's student.
 RobinBalterThe boy who saw the fire.
 EdwinDunnOne of Lauren's neighbors.
 Derek Amy's uncle. Rapist.
 TracyDunnAmy's mother.
 WardellParrishMrs. Sims's relative.
 RosaleePayneMrs. Sims's relative.
 JoanneGarfieldLauren's friend.
 Harold Joanne's cousin.
 HarryBalterJoanne's boyfriend.
 MichaelTalcottCurtis's brother.
 AuraMossLauren's friend.
 ZarahMossLauren's friend.
 PeterMossLauren's brother.
 JayGarfieldJoanne's father.
 Karen One of the wives of Richard Moss.
 Natalie One of the wives of Richard Moss.
 Zahra One of the wives of Richard Moss.
 RichardMossPeter and Aura's father.
 PhillidaGarfieldJoanne's mother.
 Mrs.BalterA needlework teacher.
 RobertHsuAstronomy teacher.
 Mr.IbarraWood-carving class teacher.
 AlejandroMontoyaOne of the watchers.
 JuliaLincolnOne of the watchers.
 BiancaMontoyaOne of Lauren's neighbors.
 JorgeIturbeBianca's lover.
 YolandaIbarraJorge's brother.
 CraigDunnSiti's lover.
 SitiMossRichard's eldest daughter.
 CeliaIturbe CruzJorge's sister.
 AllisonDunnMarie's twin.
 MarieDunnAllison's twin.
 GregoryOlaminaLauren's stepbrother.
 BennettOlaminaLauren's stepbrother.
 DoroteaCruzOne of Cory's best friends.
 RubinQuintanillaDorotea's brother.
 Hector Dorotea's brother.
 CarolineBalterHarold's mother.
 RusselDoryJoanne and Harry's grandfather.
 LaylaYannisShani's oldest daughter.
 LaticiaHsuThe woman who was stabbed 40 times.
 Travis CharlesDouglasOne of the refugees. Natividad's husband.
 Natividad Travis's wife.
 Dominic Travis and Natividad's son.
 Taylor FranklinBankoleHarry's companion. Lauren's lover.
 Allison Lauren's new companion. A prostitute.
 JillianGilchristLauren's new companion. A prostitute.
 JustinRohrThe boy Lauren's group helped.
 Richard WalterRohrJustin's father.
 Sharon Bankole's wife. Deceased.
 Alexandra Bankole's sister.
 Don Casey Alexandra's husband.
 Emery TanakaSolisLauren's new companion.
 ToriSolisEmery's daughter.
 GraysonMoraOne of the members of Lauren's group.
 DoeMoraGrayson's daughter.
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