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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Margaret HyeSun - KimJude's Deceased Best friend. Aka: Maggie Kim.
 Joey Maggie Kim and Jude's friend.
 Danielle Jude's cousin. aka: Dani.
 Jude Protagonist and Narrator / Maggie Kim's bestfriend.
 SandraDeeAn American Actress.
2Mr.KimMaggie and Parker Kim's father.
 Violetta Home Health Aide of Kim's Family.
 ParkerKimMaggie Kim's brother.
 DavidAustinA Rose Breeder.
3Mrs.FeldenkraisJude's mother's friend.
 RoyceTremaineJude's mother's boyfriend. aka: Roy.
 KeithDunfeeMaggie Kim's ex-boyfriend.
 ScottDunfeeKeith Dunfee's brother / Maggie Kim's lover.
4DaneHanoverClose Friend of Jude's Family.
 Tallulah Dane Hanover's girlfriend. aka: Tally.
 Hank Jude's hippie surfer friend.
 Eppie Hank's Girlfriend.
 EdinaRodriguezMaggie Kim's best friend. aka: Eddie.
 LukeLiuJude's Chinese friend. In love with Maggie Kim. Aka: Lukey Loo.
 Mike Eppie's Father / An old hippie.
 Shasta A tarrot card reader / Mike's Girlfriend.
 Chico A young valet guy.
5Mrs.KimMaggie and Parker Kim's mother.
 Ganesh An Indian elephant-headed god.
6Dr. TheresaBilanjianJude's Psychiatrist. aka: Dr. B.
 AmandaLiuLuke Liu's younger sister.
 Mr.LiuLuke and Amanda's father.
 Shelstein Amanada Liu's history teacher.
9MarkDraperA man who did a cannonball / A Footballer.
11Bruce The Caterer in Sunset CafĂ©.
14Han Jade's Uncle.
17Marilyn MonroeFamous actress.