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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Clay
 HelenLandJeremiah's wife.
 JeremiahLandA school janitor.
 ReubenLandHelen and Jeremiah's son. Aka: Rube.
 AnimasNokesLand's family doctor.
 Davy Reuben's older brother.
 Swede Reuben's younger sister.
2  His separate Shadow
 AugustShultzJeremiah's lifelong friend.
 Dolly Davy's girlfriend.
 IsraelFinchOne of the boys who bullied Davy.
 TommyBascaOne of the boys who bullied Davy. aka: Bubby.
 Birdie Augusts' wife.
 Doot Augusts' horse.
 Henry A horse.
3  Beauteous Are My Cakes Indeed
  HeintzA football coach.
 Robert Coach Heintz's son.
 Christine Dolly's friend.
 MissNelsonSwede's teacher.
 JamesReachThe Methodist preacher.
 Eunice Pastor Reach's wife.
 JohnnyLattA reverend.
 BethanyOrchardReuben's friend.
 JeffSwansonReuben's acquaintance.
 GerardLaytonA member of the Methodist Church.
 Joe One of the members of the church.
4  Your Toughened Heart
 JohnMiltonAn English poet.
 TedPulletA town cop.
 FrankO'RourkeA former Irish Fianna Fáil politician.
 Mr.HaplinA literate bachelor.
 ZaneGreyAn American author.
 TinLurvyA traveling salesman.
 JohnCalvinA French theologian, pastor and reformer in Geneva.
 Draper A man who ran a few independent Jersey cows.
 Ivar A proficient biologist.
5  Peeking at Eternity
 JohnDonneAn English poet, scholar, and soldier.
 HermanMelvilleAn American novelist, short story writer, and poet.
 OwenWisterAn American writer and historian.
 Robert Louis StevensonA Scottish novelist, poet and travel writer.
 MarianneEvansJeremiah's acquaintance.
 HaroldBarkusThe gas and oil man.
 LeroyBierstenThe principal of the school.
 OscarLarsonJeremiah's acquaintance.
 GarySweetThe butcher.
 RonSimonsonJeremiah's acquaintance.
 ClarkKentlikeA reporter.
 WaltStockardOne of the deputies.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor.
 Mrs.WillisA teacher.
 JuliusCaesarFormer Roman consul.
  RasterA judge.
 ThomasDeCuellarDavy's deense attorney.
 ChesterHolgrenThe superintendent of the school.
 Mr.RingmanA janitor.
 JackBenedickA pipe-and-furnace man in Montrose.
 RogerCappsA man who die from falling out of a helicopter.
 Mrs.NokesDr. Nokes' wife.
6  When Sorrows Like Sea Billows Roll
 MargeryBascaTommy Basca's aunt.
 StanleyBascaTommy Basca's father.
 KarenBascaTommy Basca's mother.
 MightyStinsonDavy's fellow inmate.
 Mrs.DeCuellarMr. DeCuellar's wife.
 HaroldGodwinsonKing of England.
 Mrs.BushkaA bakery owner.
 PeterEmersonReuben's acquaintance.
 MissKarlenA school teacher.
 Mr.HydeJeremiah's acquaintance.
 Mrs.BuelahA nurse.
7  Late in the Night When The Fires Are Out
 Elvis The prosecuting attorney.
 DanielWebsterAn American lawyer and statesman.
 Mr.FinchIsrael Finch's grandfather.
 ValentinoVailReuben's acquaintance.
 C. S.LewisA British writer and lay theologian.
 GrahamGreeneAn English writer and journalist.
 CharlesDickensAn English writer and social critic.
 Robert Louis StevensonA Scottish novelist, poet and travel writer.
 FrancisDrakeAn English naval officer.
8  A Boy on a Horse
 CharliePymA sheriff.
 StubeRangeWalt Stockard's colleague.
 MickeySpillaneAn American crime novelist.
 NelsonSvedvigA farmer.
 Aaron W.GroapA columnist.
 ChetHuntleyOne of the state cops.
 David BrinkleyOne of the state cops.
 JesseJamesAn American outlaw.
9  By The Grace of Lurvy
 AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. President.
 LudwigBeethovenA German composer and pianist.
 Raymond Reuben's new acquaintance.
 Pugger Raymond's neighbor.
 ColeYoungerAn American Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War.
 ButchCassidyAn American criminal.
 John WesleyHardinAn American gunfighter.
 Alfred Reuben's acquaintance.
 TheodoreRoosevelt26th U.S. President. aka: Teddy.
 MartinAndreesonA federal investigator.
 James Cole's younger brother.
 Frank One of James' friends.
 Jesse One of James' friends.
 Heywood A bank teller.
  PaxtonA sheriff.
 William B.TravisA lieutenant colonel in the Texas Army.
 JeanLafitteA French pirate and privateer.
10  The Substance of Things Hoped For
 Speedy Augusts' old friend.
11  The Last Thing He Would Do
 Ricky A hound.
 EarlBatteyAn American professional baseball player.
 MarkTwainAn American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer.
 Mike A horse.
 Laurie One of the horses.
 Brit One of the horses.
 Gerald A turkey.
 Rip A dog.
12  At War With This Whole World
 MeriwetherLewisAn American explorer, soldier, politician, and public administrator.
 ThomasJefferson3rd U.S. President.
 SamBassAn American Old West train robber and outlaw.
 DavidBalfourA Scottish-Danish shipbuilder, director of Bremerholm.
 CharliePittsJames Younger's friend.
 BobYoungerCharlie Pitts' compadres.
13  Something Warm
 Muriel The chief of the North Dakota State Patrol.
 FredericRemingtonAn American painter, illustrator, sculptor and writer.
 RoxannaCawleyA woman who operates a gas station in Badland.
 Beth A goat.
 Randy The Billy goat.
14  The Skin Bag
 Mr.CawleyRoxanna's father. The theater operator.
 Mrs.CawleyRoxanna's mother.
 PanchoVillaPrevious owner of the clapboard theater.
 JohnnyWeissmullerAn Austro-Hungarian-born American competition swimmer.
 MaureenO'SullivanAn American-Irish actress.
 MarleneDietrichA German-born American actress and singer.
 DaltonTrumboAn American screenwriter and novelist.
 Lee VanCleefAn American actor.
 LexBarkerAn American actor.
 Francisco GoyaA Spanish romantic painter and printmaker.
 SonnyListonAn American professional boxer.
 HowardCawleyRoxanna's great-uncle.
15  Under The Gibbon Moon
 Voltaire A French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher.
 Rembrandt A Dutch draughtsman, painter, and printmaker.
 RayLevyAndreeson's supervisor.
16  The Throbbing Heart of News
 LonnieFordRoxanna's neighbor.
 Fry A horse.
 JapeWaltzerThe man who houses Davy in the Badland.
 Jarave A Bolivian lieutenant.
 Harry AlonzoLongabaughAn outlaw and member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch.
 Jonas R.WorkVeteran of the Great War and member of the flying corps in Leon.
 Etta Longabaugh's sweetheart.
17  The Little Man's Country
 Odysseus A legendary Greek king of Ithaca.
 Sara A young girl that Jape Waltzer is raising as a daughter.
 Williams A cook.
 Emil A pig.
19  Boy Ready
 Dr.NicklesReuben's doctor.
20  The ledger of Our Decisions
 MikeLanzThe young county sheriff.
 HarperJuvalA federal investigator.
 BenedictArnoldA military officer.
 JoaquinMurietaThe great bandito.
 Ramon Joaquin's little brother.
 Fitger Lanz's deputy.
 Robert E.LeeAn American-Confederate general.
 Billy Mr. Ford's horse.
21  The Red Farm
 Myrtle Pastor Reach great-aunt.
 Henry Peter's brother.
 Josie Peter's eldest brother.
 Hensrud A farmer.
23  The Curious Music That I Hear
 GalenMaxThe deputy.
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