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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Book 1
1Seth BuswellEditor and owner Peyton Place Times. George's only son.
 Dr. MatthewSwainSeth's best friend and his oldest crony.
2KennyStearnsThe town's handyman.
 ClaytonFrazierOne of the old villagers in Peyton Place.
 GinnyStearnsKenny's wife.
 ElsieThorntonA teacher at Peyton Place School. Allison's teacher.
 SelenaCrossAllison's best and only friend at Peyton Place School.
 RodneyHarringtonA bully student from Peyton Place School. Leslie's son.
 NormanPageA little boy Rodney bullied. Allison's close friend.
 TheodoreCarterSelena's boyfriend. Aka: Ted, Teddy.
 BettyAndersonA student in Peyton Place School. Rodney's girlfriend.
3SamuelPeytonA man who built a castle during the Civil War.
4ConstanceStandishAllison's mother. Aka: Connie.
 AllisonMacKenzie 2Allison's father.
 Elizabeth StandishConstance's mother. Allison's grandmother.
5LeslieHarringtonChairman of Peyton Place School Board. Richest person.
 CharlesPartridgeThe Town's leading attorney.
 MarionS. PartridgeCharles's wife.
 GeorgeBuswellSeth's father. The Governor of the State.
 JaredClarkeThe owner of a chain of feed-and-grain store in Peyton Place.
 DexterHumphreyThe president of the Citizen's National Bank.
 LeightonPhilbrookA sawmill owner.
 PeterDrakeA young lawyer.
6LucasCrossSelena's abusive and rapist step-father. A woodsman.
 NellieCrossLucas's wife. Selena's mother.
 PaulCrossSelena's older step-brother.
 JoeyCrossSelena's younger brother.
9AmosBeaneA man who runs a theatre.
 Mrs.PrescottA drugstore owner.
10IsobelCrosbyDr. Swain's housekeeper.
 JohnSaltmarshMarion's brother.
 ReverendSaltmarshMarion's father. A reverend at the Baptist Church.
11Francis J.FitzgeraldThe congregationalist minister.
12GlennMillerA music teacher.
14BuckMcCrackenThe town's sheriff.
 OakleighPageNorman's father. Deceased.
15Caroline PageNorman's half-sister.
 CharlottePageNorman's half-sister.
 EvelynPageNorman's mother.
 HesterGoodaleA loner woman in Peyton Place.
 AlbertCardMiss Hester's neighbor. Owner of printing business.
 MaryCardMr. Card's wife.
 Tom Miss Hester's cat.
16BenDavisJared's colleague.
 GeorgeCaswellJared's colleague.
 Mr.GoodaleMiss Hester's father.
18HenryMcCrackenBuck's father.
 AngusBromleyA drunkard.
19MaryKelleyOne of the nurses of Dr. Swain.
 LucyEllsworthOne of the nurses of Dr. Swain.
 JohnEllsworthLucy's husband. Kathy's father.
 KathyEllsworthLucy and John's daughter. Allison's new friend.
20AbnerFirthThe principal of Peyton Place School. Deceased.
 RobertaWelch-CarterTed's mother. Aka: Bobbie.
 TheodoreJanowskiA third member of the board in Peyton Place School.
 TomasMakrisThe new principal of Peyton Place School. Constance's new boyfriend.
21CoreyHydeThe owner of the largest eating place in Peyton Place.
22Mr.RhodesThe station master.
26JohnPillsburyBetty's friend.
   Book 2
1CurtisChamberlainSelena's father. Nellie's first husband.
2JohnBixbyA doctor in Whiter River.
3Mr. ShapiroTed's employer. Owner of a huge chicken farm.
4AnitaTitusConstance's next-door neighbor.
5FatherO'BrienA priest.
7HarmonCarterTed's father.
 JerroldQuimbyRoberta's former boss and former husband.
8Old ManWelchThe most drunkard in town. Roberta's father.
9MargaretB. FitzgeraldReverend Fitzgerald's wife.
 MargaretFitzgeraldReverend Fitzgerald's mother. Aka: Peggy.
12Mrs.PratteThe Harrington's cook and general housekeeper.
 Elizabeth F. HarringtonRodney's mother.
 MartyJanowskiA man Betty dated.
13JohnAndersonBetty's father.
 EstherBryantLeslie's secretary.
14Walter BarryA bank teller. A man who started the gossip about Betty.
 FrankBarryWalter's brtother.
 MissSoamesWalter's co-worker.
 PaulineBryantEsther's sister.
 LewisWellesKathy's boyfriend. Aka: Lew.
16OliverRankA man who burried Nellie's body.
18Clothilde Mrs. Card's cat.
19JesseWitcherThe carnival owner.
   Book Three
1GladysCrossPaul Cross's wife.
2EmilyGilbertDr. Swain's wife.
 AnthonyAldridgeThe judge in Selena's trial.
5EnricoAntonelliA pig farm owner.
6AlmaHayesThe town's telephone operator.
 Helen Rodney's new girlfriend.
7MarvinPotterOne of the villagers at Peyton Place.
8GeraldGageA salesperson at Boston office of the S.S. Pierce company.
9ThomasDelaneyA reporter in Boston.
 AbrahamLincolnThe founding father of the United States.
 Vi'letPeytonSamuel's wife.
 Stowe A woman who wrote a book about slaves.
11StephanieWallaceAllison's housemate. Aka: Steve.
12VirginiaVoorheesColumnist in Boston American Sunday. Aka: Stella Orbach.
13Walter WinchellA columnist.
 BradleyHolmesAllison's agent. Allison's lover.
 DavidNoyesAn Author. Allison's friend.
 BerniceHolmesBradley's wife.