Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1JulianIsherwoodOwner of Isherwood Fine Arts. Gabriel's art restorer.
 SarahBancroftIsherwood's partner.
 ValerieBerrangarThe woman Julian is supposed to meet.
 AnthonyVan DyckThe painter of "Portrait of an Unknown Woman".
 RonaldSumner-LloydJulian's attorney.
 Ella Julian's receptionist.
 OliverDimblebyA London Art dealer.
 RoddyHutchinsonA London Art dealer.
 SamuelIsakowitzAn Art dealer. Julian's father.
2FrancescoTiepoloOwner of a restoration company.
 ChiaraZolli-AllonGabriel's wife.
 UziNavotA director of the officer.
 MikhailAbramovOne of Gabriel's colleagues.
 NatalieMizrahiMikhail's wife.
 EliLavonA surveillance artist for Israeli Foreign Intelligence.
 DinaSaridArchivist of Palestinian and Islamic Terrorism.
 YossiGavishOne of Gabriel's senior staff.
 YaakovRoosmanOne of Gabriel's senior staff.
 RimonaSternGabriel's chief of collections.
 IreneAllonGabriel and Chiara's daughter.
 RaphaelAllonGabriel and Chiara's son.
 BernardoCanalThe father of Canaletto.
4GeorgesFleuryA French Artist who specialized in 17th and 18th centuries.
 CesareFerrariCommander of Art Squad.
 PhillipSomersetAn Art Investor. The man who bought the portrait of an unknown woman.
5LucaRosettiThe man from Art Squad. A spy. Aka: Alessandro Calvi, Giovanni Rinaldi.
 AnnaRolfeGabriel's friend.
7JulietteLagardeValerie's daughter.
9Mrs.AntonelliIrene and Raphael's socialist teacher.
 JacquesMenardFerrari's French counterpart.
10Jean-Luc Juliette's caretaker.
12LouiseBeroudA painter.
 Maximilien AlphonsePaupardinThe Salon Carre guard.
 PabloPicassoA Spanish painter.
 GuillaumeApollinaireA poet and writer. Pablo's friend.
 VincenzioPeruggiaThe Italian carpenter who helped build Mona Lisa's protective case.
 MauriceDurandThe professional art thief.
 GeneralCyclopsDurand's friend.
13Pierre-HenriDe ValenciennesOne of the most important landscape artists.
 Mr.DidierA collector of considerable expertise. Durand's client.
 ReneMonjeanDurand's friend.
 FrancoisGerardA painter.
14YuvalGershonThe director-general of Unit8200.
 AugustusRolfeA Swiss banker. Anna's father.
16BrunoGilbertFleury's receptionist.
18JeremyCrabbeThe head of Old Master Department of Bonhams.
 AmeliaMarchA reporter at ART news.
 Christopher Sarah's husband.
 AelbertCuypA Dutch golden age painter.
 SimonMendelhallThe chief auctioneer at Christie's.
 NickyLovegroveAn art advisor.
19AidenGallagherThe founder of Equus Analytics.
22LindsayMorgan-SomersetPhillip's wife.
 CarlBernsteinBob Woodward's partner at Washington Post.
   Part 2
29ChristopherKellerGabriel's companion. A contract killer. Aka: Benjamin Reckless.
 AntonOrsatiPatriarch of one of the island's most notorious families.
31EdmondToussaintA gallery owner and art forger. Lucien's former boss.
32FrancoiseVionnetDon Orsati's former client. The art forgoer's wife.
 MirandaAlvarezThe front woman in a rival forgery.
 LucienMarchandVionnet's husband. An Art forger.
33Chloe Vionnet's daughter.
36PeterMarloweSarah's husband.
 OliviaWatsonAn Art dealer.
 PenelopeCruzOliver's mistress.
37UmbertoContiThe greatest art restorer.
 PaoloVeroneseA painter.
 AntonioCaliariPaolo's father.
38NilesDunhamAn Old Master specialist from the national gallery.
39CordeliaBlakeOliver's long-time receptionist.
 MagdalenaNavarroThe Spanish Art forgoer.
42ArmaDel CarabinieriRosetti's employer.
43Gasparri The current count.
 Anna Gasparri's cook.
 Margherita The villa's housekeeper.
 Isabella The Swede girl who ran the equestrian center.
 Carlos The Argentinean cowboy.
   Part 3
47Hector MartinezMagdalena's lover and dealer.
 Clarissa Magdalena's personal shopper.
50ViktorFrankelGabriel's grandfather.
51KennyVaughanPhillip's colleague. A banker.
53EvelynBuchananAn award-winning reporter.
54TomBuchananEvelyn's husband.
 LeonardSilkA retired CIA. Phillip's private detective.
57SterlingDunbarA wealthy real estate broker.
 Max VanEganA reactionary industrialist.
 SimonLevinsonAn Art dealer.
 AinsleyCabotAn Art collector.
 TyleBriggsPhillip's head of security.
 SoledadRamirezPhillip's housekeeper.
 GustavoRamirezSoledad's husband.
58WarrenRidgefieldOne of Phillip's investors.
59EllisGrayHead of Art-based lending at JP Morgan.
62MartinRothSilk's old friend. Aka: Marty.
 RayBennettThe Pierre Hotel's head of security.
Portrait of an Unknown Woman suggested by Elizabeth Robinson