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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProMarissaDahlA film and TV editor.
 AmyEvansAn award winning director.
1UmaThurmanAmerican actress.
 GordonLiuChinese film actor.
 Vivica A.FoxAmerican actress.
 Nell Marissa's agent.
 LizaMayA musical artist.
 TonyReesA film director.
2JennieGarthAmerican actress.
 DedeAllenAmerican film editor.
 AgnesVardaFrench film director.
 ThelmaSchoonmakerAmerican film editor.
 JoaquinPhoenixAmerican actor.
 AnnmiekeJanssenA popular star. Tony Rees' wife.
 PaulCollinsA former editor.
 PhilCollinsAn English drummer.
 CaitlynKellyA rich girl from Philadelphia.
3IsaiahGreeningMarissa's driver.
 ManohlaDargisAmerican film critic.
 Josh Amy's boyfriend.
 TonyLeungA Hong Kong actor and singer.
 MaggieCheungA Hong Kong former actress.
4SamSheppardAmerican actor, playwright, author, screenwriter and director.
 DebraWingerAmerican actress.
 StevenSpieibergAmerican film director.
 TroyBishopAn actor.
 ShirleyMacLaineAmerican actress, singer, author, activist, and former dancer.
 BruceWillisAmerican actor.
 HarrisonFordAmerican actor.
 KlausKinskyA German actor.
 WernerHerzogA German film director.
 Georgia An elderly cashier in the terminal gift shop.
 BillyLyleThe captain of the ferry boat.
 Nick Billy's friend.
7AnjaliBhattacharyaMarissa's new acquaintance.
 ShirleyJacksonA novelist, short story writer.
 GavinDaviesA former teen idol.
8WadeMetcalfThe innkeeper of the hotel.
 NapoleonBonaparteA French military and political leader.
 DanielRadcliffeAn English actor.
 EnnioMorriconeAn Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor, and trumpeter.
 Francie Wade's wife.
9Violet The actress-wife of the hotel magnate.
 OliverStoneThe old-time photographer.
 LizaMayOne of the actresses.
 AileenFoxOne of the actresses.
 JudithAndersonAn Australian actress.
 JoanFontaineA British American actress.
 Petra An assistant camera woman.
 Carmen A make-up artist.
 Penelope Former make-up artist.
10Gary The projectionist.
 Valentina The line producer.
 Brandon One of Tony Rees' employee.
11JohnHaleMarissa and Amy's professor.
 JoeBiden46th U.S. President.
 WhoopiGoldbergAn American actress, comedian, author and television personality.
12SuzyKohOne of Gavin's acquaintances.
 GracePortilloOne of Gavin's acquaintances.
13PatrickSwayzeAn American actor, dancer, and singer.
 Tom Caitlyn's boyfriend.
 ChristopherWalkenAn American actor and comedian.
 JanetLeighAn American actress, singer, dancer, and author.
 JohnGavinAn American film actor and former Ambassador to Mexico.
 WalterMurchAn American film editor and sound designer.
14JohnCusackAn American actor, producer, and screenwriter.
 RonGoldmanAn American waiter and murder victim.
 NicoleBrownA film producer and actress.
 MichaelKellyCaitlyn's father.
15Kim The script supervisor. aka: Scripty.
 Daisuke Kim's acquaintance.
16ChuckKosinskiOne of the drivers.
 Tim One of the drivers.
 Big Bob One of the drivers.
 Little Bob One of the drivers.
 Mindy One of the drivers.
17AnneHathawayAn American actress.
 CharlizeTheronA South African and American actress and producer.
18SarahConnorA German singer.
 Jande BontA Dutch film director.
 Eddie van HalenAn American rock musician.
19RobertMuellerAn American lawyer and government official. aka: Bob.
 JamesStewartAn American actor. aka: Jimmy.
20TomHardyA British actor, screenwriter and producer.
 LaurenceOlivierA British actor, director and producer.
21 DeckerA detective.
 DetectiveHansonDecker's partner.
 RyanKassowitzTony's ex-employee.
22TerryCrewsOne of the suspected killers.
 PercyWeasleyAn English pure-blood wizard.
 MargeGundersonThe main protagonist of the critically acclaimed 1996 movie Fargo.
23JohnKeatsAn English Romantic poet.
 Greg One of the police officers.
 Quincy Suzy and Grace's friend.
24BradPittAn American actor and filmmaker.
 EstherWilliamsAn American swimmer and actress.
25ChristopherLeeAn English actor and singer.
29MelGibsonAn American actor and filmmaker.
31RobertMcKeeAn American academic specialized in seminars for screenwriters.
 LuisBuñuelA Mexican-Spanish film director.
 Kyle Anjali's acquaintance.
 Paul ThomasAndersonAn American film director, screenwriter, and producer.
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